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Re: Any one use Oribe ?

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I got samples from Nordstrom, and i loved it, my hair looked great, and loved the smell. But haven't purchased yet.

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I use the regular shampoo and conditioner (do not like the smell of the gold lust for some reason).   


I also use the grandiose hair plumbing mousse (a little goes a long way), the super fine hair spray and perfume.



Love the smell, its actually hypnotic and a lot of compliments from men.



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I use the Oribe moisturizing creme every day.  It keeps my fine hair from frizzing and also a great leave-in conditioner.  It is my favorite leave in conditioner and I have tried many.  I have tried their Gold Lust line and feel it is okay and Tweak'd does a better job.  But I can't go without their moisturizing creme daily.

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@MW in Iowa 

Yes! I have salt and pepper hair and brought the Silverati shampoo and conditioner as a birthday present to myself in July .Unlike other gray shampoo that is either blue or purple this is actually silver . I got compliments the first time I used it .I found it really made my silver and dark brown hair really sparkle 

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Dermstore has 25% off , i just ordered the shampoo and Mousse. It made it less pain full.

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I love their products!  I use all of them.  Most I get discounted from gilt or Ruelala.  I use their blond shampoo, conditioner, color spray,,and their dandruff shampoo, conditioner, all their sprays, mouse, etc.  

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I use Oribe for colored hair, red bottles.   I think its great and I LOVE the smell.  I use the hairspray, and some styling products.  Only issue is I'm not sure how thorough it is on cleansing the scalp, but hair looks healthy.   I switch off with Keratase,  I feel a more healthy scalp cleansing.  A little goes a long way with both lines, but Keratase conditioner is the absolute best I've ever used....soooo shiny and silky.

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I tried it last week and my hair was so shiny! It was the first thing I noticed, My hair is healthy and not dull, but this was next level.  I actually don't like the packaging but may splurge anyway for those results. 

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Not worth the money IMO! All of their shampoos I found to be drying.

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My salon uses Oribe or Kerastase products.  Not that I stick to those brands, I use lots of different brands and have way too many hair products.  Of those two brands though, I think I prefer Oribe.  The have an anti-humidity spray that I like.  But it's been so hot and humid this summer that most times I don't bother drying my hair and it turns into a frizzy mess.  My friend calls it beach waves but really it's just dry, frizzy hair.