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Another Josie Maran deal.......

After being "lured" in by the sales pitch, I purchased Josie Maran's Argan Oil Self Tanning Body Butter. Was I ever disappointed! I waited to read reviews, only none were ever published. Add to that, nothing was ever mentioned about this product again....except that it was "sold out!"

The Quality that QVC is famous for certainly missed the mark here! I spent alot money for a product that was obviously disgarded by QVC. How can you praise this product that was a complete diasaster, then completely remove it from your system?

I'lll never purchase anything like this again!!

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Re: Another Josie Maran deal.......

Glad I cancelled my order, I was afraid it might be a mess.
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Re: Another Josie Maran deal.......

Yes Josie needs to go back to the drawing board ono that product. Love her products but this was the worst ever! It definitely was the worst tanning product that I have ever used.