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@riley1  actually no I think that’s so dangerous for the dog. And our dogs were never chained. We had a fenced yard where we would run around and play with him/her and they would chase birds, etc. Our dogs were also part of our family growing up, but they are animals.  My mom had a huge aversion to dog hair all over the house and on clothing, as do I. Hence, I do not own animals.  She felt if its on the furniture, its in your food and she is correct.  That’s why they spent most of the day outside. But back in the 60s and 70s, everyone in the neighborhood who had a dog kept them outside. Its just that now for some reason, animals have gained people status and I cannot understand that...but that’s just me. I would never harm any animal, but to me, there ahould be boundaries.  We all have different opinions and wouldn’t the world be so totally boring if we all thought the same.

@bmorechick, I'd like to clarify that I don't consider our Cody dog to have people status. I'm just not in that club. But we do love her dearly, and she seems to love being part of our household, in addition to running around outside and being taken for long walks.


As for the housekeeping, we actually don't allow Cody on the furniture unless my husband has 90 percent of her body on him at night watching Jeopardy. :-) She was trained not to go on furniture ***by herself. And she sleeps on a dog bed in our bedroom at night.


So basically, it takes me no time at all to sweep any dog hair off the floor. Other than that, there is, of course, the responsibility to feed and make sure that she is healthy (that's a sad topic at the moment for me, as I have posted in a separate thread).


*** We did discover early on that she helping herself to a nap on our living sofa when left her alone in the house. She just wasn't quite smart to enough to put the little pillows back where they belonged. :-) So ever since then, we spread a dog blanket on that sofa when we leave the house.

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I think the vet did that, too, right after the horn job. @Kachina624 

@SilleeMee, please don't ever say "horn job" again. Smiley Wink



That does sound kind of nasty, doesn't it?!!Woman EmbarassedWoman Very Happy

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Animals are great!


As far as smell goes, the neighbor who lives behind me hired some goats to clear his property.  I didn't even know they were there until the lady who was taking care of the dogs next door called the police.  Even then, I wasn't sure why the police were there until I went inside and was going up the stairs and saw movement out of the corner of my eye.  I really had to look to see what it was.  I'm assuming she called because the dogs were barking at them, but those dogs bark at everything.  Maybe she thought it was illegal, but even though we're in the city, the neighbor behind me is in the county.  I even walked over to talk to my neighbor after they had rounded them back up.  He told me two of them had had babies while they were there.  I was surprised that they let the very pregnant goats go on the job.  He had the babies in the cab of the truck.  

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Re: Animals on the set

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There is something about having those two live goats on the sets that is unsettling to

me.  Gary Goban was afraid they would jump on him and I am sure the models would

not like it either.  Who cleans us their "waste matter"?  Seeing those live goats just turns me off and I don't even want to hear the presentation about the products. JMHO.

They're baby goats for heavens sake!  If Gary's afraid of a baby goat, he needs to "man up."  JMHO!

The three goats that were on last night were not baby goats.  They were adults. For those that don't know, there are no baby goats right now.  Goats are born in the spring and the nannys are still pregnant.

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When they brought them on AM Style last night they said the goats were from Philadelphia and that they're " potty trained".


I grew up having dogs, always had a clean home too. A life outside is no kind of life for a dog. Makes no sense to me that anyone gets a dog if they don't want them in their house. It's thinking of yourself more than the dog, to me it is and to me that's not what pet ownership is about. 

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@Kachina624 - Just thinking, if the goats are small enough they could fit in a crate - otherwise I would guess they would be in a trailer. Their farm is several hours away (in CT) so the drive is doable.

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The goats are so clean and sweet looking but I really don't think they like the drive from upstate NY to the Westchester PA studio. 

I think they should leave the goats home in their pleasant surroundings.

I have never tried a Beekman product mainly because after the second Hi Neighbor I turn the channel. 

The holding the goat throughout the presentation and the Hi Neighbor is just too repetitious and unnecessary as far as selling the product JMO.

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@DREAMON The Beekman's do not bring goats from their farm in CT.  They use goats obtained locally.  They did this when they were on Evine, HSN and now QVC.


It's not a secret.  They admit to it everytime they are on.  


Right now, they can't hold the goats.  They are too big.  Goats will be born soon, and I am sure they will have baby goats to hold during the presentations.

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@riley1   I thought they said in the promo "we bought a farm in New York".  I guess it would be drivable

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@DREAMON wrote:

I have never tried a Beekman product mainly because after the second Hi Neighbor I turn the channel. 

The holding the goat throughout the presentation and the Hi Neighbor is just too repetitious and unnecessary as far as selling the product JMO.

The "hi neighbor" thing is too weird for me too.  They're an unusual pair, to say the least.