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I hope she stops! She doesn’t look good.
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Annnnd.. We're back at it... STOP's 3/23... and you can't even move your face!
Bring back the old( er) Amy!

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She has turned herself into a Barbie doll.  I much preferred her natural look.  One night she sat there with a second host with her hair draped over her face, barely talking, obviously hiding something that hadn't healed yet.  

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@San Antonio Gal wrote:

@FiddleDeeDee wrote:

I LOVE Amy Morrison but she's doing something to her face that is now giving her the "cat-woman" kind of look. She just posted on Instagram this evening and I wasn't sure if she was using some kind of filter to give her that look or if was actually her. To me, it's the over use of cheek filler doing that "something" to her eyes and making her face look masklike in the upper face area. As long as she's happy, go Amy....just don't be surprised if people comment on it if they haven't seen you in awhile. 

These are from Instagram.  I think she looks good.


Amy Morrison 2.PNG



Amy Morrison 1.PNG

@San Antonio Gal 


OMG, look at her lips!!  Those have been injected.  I tuned in to HSN after not watching for awhile and Amy was there.  I DID NOT RECOGNIZE HER!


She is a lovely woman, and I hope she quits it.  Doesn't seem necessary to me.



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I think what we’re saying is that Amy was a pretty women before and now with all the plastic surgery she doesn’t look recognizable. I’m all for Botox, and fillers if it’s done naturally.
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Re: Amy Morrison HSN

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I actually would disagree but not entirely. I think if one is as pretty as Amy is, getting older is much harder especially in her profession as opposed to someone who was never pretty to begin with, it wouldn't matter as much. I know sounds harsh, but it's true.  Either way, I've seen too many actresses that were beautiful that had work done and now just look freakish. The latest one was Sandra Bullock in her newest movie. I almost wanted to cry wondering why she ruined her natural beauty and now looks so unnatural. She didn't have a good surgeon. As for Joan Rivers, she must have had the best plastic surgeon around, because she looked amazing until the end and yes, you could tell she had many facelifts but they were done beautifully and she always looked herself, just younger. My motto is, live and let live. If it makes you feel better and happy, then go for it. Life is too short to worry about what other people think or say. As for me, I'm 55 but am always taken for 38 which is a lot of genetics and good skin care. I would, and probably will in the near future get a lower face lift to include the neck and I already have a great surgeon lined up, seen his work on a much older woman and I never knew she had had a facelift until my MIL told me. Its a personal choice, but not one to enter into lightly. 

I don't understand why someone who looks 38 would feel the need to get a facelift in the near future.


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Yes, it looks exactly like cheek implants, filler and a lot of Botox. 


That's her industry, though. She must feel tremendous pressure in her field.