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@Roscoe the Rascal Amy was a guest on Kim's podcast "LOL" in January. At that point she was down 85 pounds.



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I love Amy's hair and like it best when she wears it naturally with the curls.

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@JudyL wrote:

@rms1954 wrote:

Rachel went overboard with that eyeshadow stick from Kim.  Looks like the frosted shadow many of the girls wore in the early 70's when I went to high school.

@rms1954 and @San Antonio Gal  - OMG, that was so awful.  I have said to myself numerous times that Rachel should not do beauty shows.  Beauty isn't her thing, which is fine, but its so obvious she has no clue what she's doing nor is she comfortable with it.  The clincher for me was a few weeks ago when I was watching her on a beauty show and she said that you have to change out your mascara every 30 days.  Someone said to her, in her earpiece, no its every 90 days and she disagreed with them right on the air saying no it's every 30 days!  Right then I knew she had no clue what she was doing re beauty.  Now when I see she's doing a beauty show, I don't watch no matter who the vendor is.  


Amy's fake tan has got to go.  I think it looks awful and does nothing for her.  When I first saw it a few weeks ago, I thought it was a mistake but since she's still that dark, I guess not.


@JudyL  I totally agree regarding Rachel's eye makeup.  Did you hear her tell KG that she has to compensate because of her glasses?  No, no she doesn't'...not to that extent.