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Its nice to see im not the only one Smiley Happy  

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None here either. Don't care for people touching me.

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@Laura14 that is funny! i have had alot of strange dreams during this pandemic!

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I have never had any of these service either.  I guess that I am too frugal! I have a skin care regimen.  I do my own nails.  I have had certain body parts after orthopedic surgery (shoulders, knee), but have never had a body massage in a salon.

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I stopped getting nail fills years ago & I give myself a manicure & enjoy it. On rare occasions I have had a facial & massage. I do miss getting pedicures but I must say I have learned (since Covid) thru practice, that my feet look great! Ha!

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I've had all of those, not on a regular basis, but the one that I miss the most, is massages.

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I have had them all BUT I was working at the time. I took pride in my appearance so I worked at it.


NOW - it's a whole different story - I was so thankful to get my hair cut after 4 months. 



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None of them. Don't need a facial, I can take care of my hands, can't stand anyone messing with my feet, and I used to give massages but never wanted one myself. I kind of think you either enjoy being pampered, or you don't. I don't.

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I used to get my nails done, but discovered I'm just too rough on them to bother.  I don't want to have to worry about my manicure when I'm doing yard work.  Never a pedicure and maybe once a facial of some sort.  The only massage I've gotten was after I hurt my leg skiing and my husband thought it might help.  Can't say that it did though.  

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I've enjoyed all of the above.    Except for the massages I've tried.  I broke my tail bone when I was a teenager (falling down the stairs) and to this day that is a very sensitive area for me.   So the few times I went, it really hurt so that's a definate no!    


I don't normally do facials anymore either though it can be quite relaxing.

I always have my natural nails done and pedicures in the summer months.  It is the one thing I spoil myself with and if you have the right techs (it should never hurt) you are golden Smiley Happy