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Re: Alter Ego dupe for Natasha Denona Glam palette

@monicakm wrote:

Concealers...less is best.  And study if you really need it under the entire eye.  If you trouble area is the inner corner, just apply it at the inner corner and feather it.  



I try to avoid the inner corner of my eye with concealers.  I have crinkles there whenever I squint, which is quite often, and concealer tends to show up there and the more I try to blend it, the worse it gets.  

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Re: Alter Ego dupe for Natasha Denona Glam palette

I have the Alter Ego Shadow Kiss palette along with most of their other dupes for the high end. The Shadow Kiss is FABULOUS whether it's an exact dupe for the ND or not. I don't see any difference at all as far as colors. I know there may be a slight difference in "quality" for some who maybe just are high end fans and don't mind the big bucks it cost but I find the quality to be just as good. I "could" buy the ND and it's a superb palette but why "would" I when I don't need too. I used a utube reviewer's coupon code for 10% off which took care of the shipping and spent less than a 20 dollar bill. It's all in what people perfer and don't care about the cost BUT if you are lloking for quality at a great price Alter Ego is IT! P.S. and by the way it is packaged beautifully in a sturdy sleek compact far better than any lower cost palettes.Try it I think you'll like it!!!