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Hey, just heard on oz that everyone should be using this. Can you tell me what products, and by whom they are made by? Thanks for any info ya'll can share.
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Just google it to find more information about AHA's. You will find some reviews as well as recommended products. I have used an Avon body product that contains AHA's.

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There is a great one at walgreens for 8.99 and they do buy one get one 50% off almost monthly. Studio 35 its their brand and it comes in a tub 4oz. Its awesome. Check out reviews on youtube.

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I'm one who will not use AHAs because I have very sensitive skin. I use BHAs instead because of that sensitivity.

But I do know that Paula's Choice has an excellent selection of AHA products -- fragrance- and irritant-free.

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Mychelle and Sunday Riley make excellent AHA products, but there are many, many more. Do some research on the various kinds of acids and what each ones benefits are. One word: TCA is now being classified as a carcinogen so I would avoid that one.