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Re: All Day Chemist question


I see what you mean. I just took a look at Tara and the way they have it listed there is strange and to me doesn't seem legal to have tret listed it as a retinol. I'm surprised they can get away with that tbh. They're not even the same thing!

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Re: All Day Chemist question

      Brisky,  thank you for the suggestion.  I found it!  Apparently there is a site that is named Alldayschemist which is where I was going.  I did find the right one and found what I was looking for.  

@Brisky wrote:
I also buy mine from AllDayChemist dot com. Great service. I started with 025 over 30 years ago. Obviously I am at the highest end now. Go low until your skin adjusts. Good luck and they are great if you have problems. They will even call you and they speak English
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Re: All Day Chemist question

@Brisky I just ordered the 0.025 and the 0.050 and starting on the low first of course, only doing 2 night a week right now, will move up to 3 next week, so far no irritation at all but I have always used retinol like Paula's Choice, Consult and PTR so my skin is used to "similar", just taking it slow so I can work my way up, this isn't a race  Smiley Happy