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Re: Advice needed on Perricone products!

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@MrsCat21   I'm not familiar with that exact product.  The one I do know about  is the Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum, which you use around your eye and is fabulous.  One of the best ever products that I've used.  It TRULY did lift my upper lid somewhat. 

Good luck getting the info you need on this one.  You can probably google reviews.  If good,  that sounds like a good deal.

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Re: Advice needed on Perricone products!

nyc1......thanks for answering my question, I did loss out on the special value price but it is only 10.00 more now and on 5 flex that is only 2.00 a month so I think I am going to give it a try......I have also ordered the gma deal for the eyes, I am starting to loss firmness on my upper eye and it is really messy looking, I might as well go all in.......thanks again for the advice