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I watched the presentations for ALGENIST. Previously I watched the presentations for ELEMIS.

**They both have wonderful claims to reduce wrinkles--etc.

**Whichever host is doing the  presentation--they RAVE about the product! 

**They claim to use the product--BUT they seem to say that with ALL the products

they present.

** My question is --has anyone used either of these products?

** I'd like to try something different -- but confused with all the hype with each one. Thank you!

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They were also waxing poetic about Sunday Riley recently.  Re Elemis - I don't care for the line because all of the products I tried have been rather heavily scented.  The one Algenist serum I used definitely seemed cleaner, and didn't irritate my skin, but of course didn't turn me into a 20 year old supermodel either, so no sale there!

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They're both moisturizers. Most moisturizers will reduce wrinkles temporarily. Apply it and wrinkles are plumped up a bit and then it goes away.

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I have used both Algenist and Elemis.  The Algenist products I used were from Sephora and were not the TSV product, but I didn't love them and probably will never use them again.  I have used several Elemis products and LOVE the Marine Cream and the Cleansing Balm.  My litmus test is how my skin looks/feels after I stop using the product, if I don't notice a difference immediately.  I never noticed any difference with Algenist, but the Elemis Balm made a difference in the first use and the Marine Cream is subtle, but I noticed a difference when I stopped using it.  I have been using the Marine Cream for 8 years.  Elemis Marine Cream and Caudalie Premier Cru are my desert island skin products.  If you have aging skin, these are the 2 products I recommend.


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I switch back and forth between Elemis Marine Cream when they have a good deal on and M Asam products.  

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I love Elemis marine cream.  I use the night cream and my skin loves it.  Also use their eye cream which I like a lot.