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That cut is adorable....makes the white look youthful and trendy.  No "old lady" here!  If I could go short, this would be my choice.

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@Shanus Wow! looks great! Love the cut. enjoySmiley Happy

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@Shanus,    Beautiful snow white hair and love the cut!  Cat Very Happy

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@I am still oxox.   I did it years ago and the easiest way is having short, layered hair.  It will always go back if you like it longer.

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I love it!

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I spoke to my old stylist who is a great colorist, she is going to do some "gray highlithts, and low lights" which will blend my roots, I am also going to let my hair do its thing, I will get a deva cut and let my waves free. It would have to be way to short to just let the grey out, it is be a graceful tansition


@Katcat1 wrote:

@I am still oxox.   I did it years ago and the easiest way is having short, layered hair.  It will always go back if you like it longer.


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Very pretty and stylish! I really like it!

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Whoa, Foxy Lady.  You look fabulous.  Your colorist did a super great job, I had my doubts, but she proved me wrong.


Enjoy all the compliments coming your way.

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Nice hair, @Shanus!

I started to notice how really good natural gray hair may look on some women.  I also got tired of maintaining gray coverage.


So I let it grow out for about three years now. Transition was not painful at all, blond highlights blended with gray till it all grew out, and with a few hair cuts.


I liked my hair better being natural much better, and it was much healthier too. But my hair is not ALL gray yet, so I was wondering, what else can I do.


I decided to put a few semi-permanent pink highlights in! Then they pulled light pink through all of the hair, and it came out just so pretty!

Something like on the image below. I love it, my hair is not really "colored" just rinsed through, it's not boring like my old not-so-perfect gray. Actually I have fun with my hair now!


These days, with an explosion of creative hair color trends, many young women do color their hair - gray! Sometimes with a few pastel color hues.


Some young girls doing amazingly creative things with their color, and few of them, I think, are tasteful enough to be "borrowed" by women of all ages.


There is a lot of product out there now, in the salons and beauty supply stores, which lets you simply wash a creative color through, or do a few streaks, right in your shower, and wash it off.

Color intensity depends on the time you keep it on, and color washes off in a few days, or weeks. So, nothing to worry, except having fun!


By-the-way, natural gray serves as perfect base for these "experiments", and absolutely does not need to be "covered" any longer.





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@tends2dogs wrote:

@Shanus  REALLY cute!  It really is white!  So cool.  Your girl did a great job.  I was doubting you were going to get really white, but she did it. Did she recommend a shampoo to keep it white?  Depending on your water at home, sometimes that can be a challenge.  Having short hair, which is a great cut BTW, will help to keep the white fresh.


You go girl!  Enjoy it!  (what does DH think?  Did he think there was a new woman in the house?)  Smiley Happy

Hubby was a shocked at first...has had a few days to think about it. Shampoo: hairdresser is color specialist/teacher for Paul Michell. Recommended PM Blonde Shampoo/Conditioner. I also purchased her weekly deep conditioner (purple!!) that goes on in shower for 5 minutes and rinses out...keeps shine in, etc. Yep. Roots are white. She matched color to the roots, so w/ any luck, the plan is just to grow it out and cut every 4 weeks as usual. Hair grows like weeds...hence touch ups every 3 or 4 wks. when hair was dark. Hubby thought new woman under covers (😜)!!