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Re: A gray hair question..........

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@San Antonio Gal I have the darker under color and add the blonde highlights (levels 7 and 9) done professionally.  No it doesn't completely hide the gray and the roots do show as your hair grows out and you have to touch up just like you would regularly.  It probably depends on the colors of your gray  and over all hair color, but my experience over the last 10 - 15 years is that the gray still shows growing out.  I need the highlights done with each trim and shape up (about every 6 - 8 weeks) and then the whole thing done about every 2 to 3 cuts.  


Btw my hair looks a lot like the pic you posted.

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Re: A gray hair question..........

I think highlights would be nice.  I am blessed to have natural highlights in my hair...I am going grey and do an all over color every few months, but there are many sections of my hair that look like I have highlighed my hair but have not. 


 I do not know what my hair would look like if I did not have the natural light sections in my hair...I might be like you @San Antonio Gal  and want to put in the highlights.  Change can be fun, and if you don't like it, just go back to your usual routine.

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Re: A gray hair question..........

@San Antonio Gal   I think it will look stunning! 🔥

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Re: A gray hair question..........

@San Antonio Gal   Go for it!  Your hair color sounds like mine. I have naturally very dark brown, but about 20-25% grey so it's kind of salt and pepper.  A while ago I decided to go have a balayage coloring and I loved it, but it's expensive to do it often since my hair is very long and thick.  It takes away from the grey and I'm happy with the color since I think the all over dark look ages me.


Right now, I just do it myself around the roots and top half of my head and it turns out pretty good since I've been doing it for so long, it's growing out and the lightened color hair is just naturally growing out with the length. 


Once in a while I go back and have them do it again, since they do it all over, and not just the top half like I do.  I actually need to touch it up again....thanks for the reminder!


Pic is not me, but my hair is about this long. balayage-hair-brown-caramel-tones-warm-hues-683x1024.jpg

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Re: A gray hair question..........

@San Antonio Gal 


How exciting! New year! New hair! New you! Please let us know what you decide and post a picture if you like.


I personally love a lot of color dimension in hair. You might want to consider balayage or highlights with root shadows, color melt or color smudging. 


Good luck and always remember what we do to our hair is temporary!



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Re: A gray hair question..........

I don't think the grey is going to give you the blonde highlight blend you're looking for. It's especially hard on brunettes to blend grey and look natural. In my opinion, it just doesn't. I would definitely not do this on my own. Highlighting should be done by a stylist.

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Re: A gray hair question..........

Go for it!  I bet you'll look terrific!

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Re: A gray hair question..........

@San Antonio Gal wrote:

I'm contemplating making a change in my hair color in the near future.  My hair is currently brown and I'm about 25-30% grey.  For the past 8 years, I've been coloring it a warm brown with Revlon Colorsilk. 


I've been very pleased with my haircolor, but instead of an overall color, I'm thinking of adding blonde highights to camoflauge the gray - and no longer doing an all over color.   My thoughts are when the gray grows in, it will mix with the blonde highlights.


I don't know if this will work or if I need to just stick with what I'm currently doing.  I thought a change would be nice though.   Here's a picture below of a highighted brunette.  


Will the gray blend in with the blonde highlights?


(ETA - I would go to a hairstylist to do this.  I would never do this on my own.)







@San Antonio Gal   While I'm sure you will look great with whatever you decide, this falls under the category for me of...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  You look gorgeous with what you are presently doing.  (As mentioned in your 3rd paragraph).  👩💟

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Re: A gray hair question..........

Try it @San Antonio Gal ! You can only tell by trying.... I tried this same strategy but maybe there were too many highlights or wrong shade becaue when my dark hair with 30% gray grew in, it didn't mask anything and looked obviously not good-

 Now I use Garnier nurisse #63, and it highlights the grays to a gold nicely- love it!  Best of luck! 

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Re: A gray hair question..........

@San Antonio Gal I've been putting a few drops of Isomers Copper P serum on my scalp daily.  I have thin and fine hair and was hoping that it would add volume.  It is doing that but my stylist is also telling me that my new hair is coming in brown and not grey.  Most of my grey is in the back so I don't look at it on a regular basis.