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@Jordan2   today for Earth Day free shipping and it's either 4 or 5 travel sizes free.  Botanical Kinetics Engergizing Eye Creme.  I received a sample and it is quite nice.  Cat Very Happy

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@Shelbelle wrote:

Phil Hope in a Tube is one that I could never recommend, it is full of mineral oil and petroleum, that alone would make my eyes get puffy.

One that is quite popular now is Baebody Eye Gel, very good ingredients, reasonable price too.

Shel, have you tried this? Do you like it? If so, what do you like about it?


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Paula's Choice -- eye gel or cream for $26.40 sale price (if you go to her website and click on you will see the discounted price - 20% off).  Her products are fragrance-free, color-free, no animal testing and guaranteed for 60 days.  I've been using her products since 1995.

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Everyone is different I like to smile with my eyes and it shows, my uncle is a dermatologist and recommended Skinceuticals, it is very popular in Europe🌻Everything from La Mer is also great.

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Origins Eye Doctor.  It's been my favorite for years.  Every now and then I try something else, and I always go back to Eye Doctor.



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I completely agree about Clinique All About Eyes Rich. I notice within a few days more fine lines and puffiness when I have strayed. I recommend it highly 🐥
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@Jordan2 I've tried many of the products mentioned in this thread and they're all very good. My ONLY issue using them at NIGHT was they moved and would make my eyes burn. Either I sleep oddly, I rub my eyes....I do something but eye cream at night is a HUGE problem because of this. Doesn't matter the cost, doesn't matter how much or how little, doesn't matter how many hours before I go to bed that I apply it: I would wind up with itchy, red, burning eyes every morning. If I don't use anything, I'm fine, so I know it's the product somehow getting into my eyes.


A few years back, my MIL received some Signature Club A by Adrienne products from a friend and passed on to me the Rapid Transport C Infused Hyaluronic 1000 Tube of Gold Eye Ointment ;  WOW. First time I've been able to use ANY eye treatment at night without issue. It's $26 and often with free shipping. A tube lasts almost a year; you take half a rice size blob, rub it between your fingers and tap on under the eye and on the orbital bone.  Whatever is in it, it does NOT move once applied. It's what I've used ever since at night and only at night (don't like it during the day, lol).

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I'm looking forward to trying the M. Asam Vino Gold Eye Cream.  I ordered during an M. Asam visit but it went on extended delivery.  It finally shipped and should be here tomorrow or Wednesday. 

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Love the M. Asam Vino Gold Eye Cream.  I ordered when they had a sale a few weeks one, get one for $29!!!!  Great eye cream.  I wanted to make sure that I don't run out and decided to stock up at that crazy price..   

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I need something for puffiness. So far no luck. The Clinique All About Eyes Rich sounded promising, but I am allergic to Shea Butter.