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Wow! I am now totally glutted with Wen information from reading this board! I have learned so much and wanted to thank many of you for all your comments. I have been using Wen CC for about 9 months now and I love it. My hair dresser recommended sulfate-free products for me. I am entering peri-menopause, have color-treated hair, and swim regularly in a chlorinated pool in the summer so I was experiencing very dry hair and some damage. I tried some products she recommended and was not impressed. I did my own research and discovered Wen. I watched videos on Youtube and read reviews on the wenhaircare site which is why I decided to order from QVC. I'm now ready to place my third order.

From several of the threads here, I've learned about the Styling Cream and the Oils and I'm looking forward to trying them hoping for that extra oomph in shine and smoothness. I am also eager to try 613 and the GP CC.

I have never ordered anything from QVC but Wen. I don't watch QVC either. So I wanted to ask what TSV is. I figured out it stands for Today's Special Value. How often does this occur for Wen? Do you have to order it as AD? Is this the only way to get gallon sizes (other then going to his website)? So far I have placed two orders for the 4 piece deluxe CC set and then I always ordered an extra flavor too just to try different kinds. I love the TT and Pom and am thinking about just getting them in the 32 ounce size but would love to get them in the gallon size. And both my husband and 14 year old son use Wen occasionally too! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}