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5-24 GMA Deals & Steals

Dream pad - pillows

Dr. Brandt

PMD - sonic cleansing device 

            Plus tools and more

Laura Gellar - many items

nugg - facial masks, alot!

Lollia by Margot Elena - 

             fragrance + products


gmadeals dot com till midnight, 3am pst.


Happy shopping! Any favorites?


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Re: 5-24 GMA Deals & Steals

I see there are many Laura Geller blushes on Sale for $14 each. My favorite is Tropic Hues. I am not buying, because I still have two tropic hues, and one pick buttercream. 


The kits are great prices.  The Classic Beauty Kit is only $29.50 and it has 6 items. If I didn't stock up on Laura Geller this January, I would defeinitely jump on it.