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4pc Philosophy Microdelivery set

Its been a LONG while since I have used  Phil products and skin care but I was in the market for a peel and a new cleanser and I see that they have this set for 70.00 right now, really good price.


I know there are reviews on the individual products but I would love to hear any feedback on these products, thinking about purchasing but would like to know your thoughts on the set.

I use Purity at night so thinking the exfoliating wash in the morning for smoother skin prior to makeup.


TIA for your input.

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Re: 4pc Philosophy Microdelivery set

I use the Microdelivery exfoilating scrub every morning in the shower and it does give you a fresh, clean and smooth surface in which to apply your morning facial products and make up.  


I have used the peel in the past.  I liked it when I first got it but I did not use it weekly and it seemed to lose some of its oomph over time.