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In my opinion it's a waste of good money.  I do think they have done a great job of marketing to make people believe it's much better and you're worth the extra price.  If folks want to spend that on a blow dryer who cares.  I have better things to do with that kind of money.

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In my opinion it was worth the price.  Not every product is for everyone.

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Re: $400.00 hair blower???

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Its just right for some. Not for me..
I think those that buy the Dyson think their hair's needs plus the product's performance justify the cost. Why sneer at them for that choice?

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@Jannyg wrote:

My hairdresser was given one and used it on me last time I was there.  Since I have short hair, we agreed it was probably not worth it for me.  However, she said that she is now a believer.  In addition to fast drying, it also adds sheen to the hair.   When my current dryer dies, I'll probably invest in the dyson

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My post was not criticizing anyone. 'To each his own.'

I'm commenting about the product. Its a heater with a fan.

Personally, I think all Dyson products are terribly overpriced. I've had three of their vacuum's and gave them away. Hated them and kicked myself for believing the hype. My Shark works a lot better and easier to deal with.

My opinion, I could care less what others spend their money on.

I just found $400.00 for a hair dryer completely unbelievable.

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Totally agree besides time is money, I am going to give it a try and if does not work for me back it goes🌻

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Have a full thick head of hair and bought this dryer when it was a TSV. Hoping it would dry my hair faster and it does, it works and I love it.  Best dryer I've ever own. Worth every penny. For a SHOPPING site, there  are some up in the air noses when it comes to judging what people buy.

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Re: $400.00 hair blower???

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@I wrote:

I know I wouldn't.  I had a Conair that was wonderful for me and when that finally "went", I couldn't find that model anymore.  Other Conairs just didn't work for me so I was on a quest to find one just like it.  I tried soooo many blow dryers... inexpensive and expensive (up to $250.) But, I couldn't find one that I liked (not hot enough, too hot....left my hair too flat...frizzy..etc).  I finally found the Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic Professional Hair Dryer (Red).  It is perfect for my hair.  (very curly, kinky, fine and long).  Very fast drying and it leaves my hair with frizz. And so far it's been about 3 years and going strong.   Drop a zero.....$40.  I actually bought a couple of them because I am afraid it will be discontinued one day.  




@I  I have a feeling it has been discontinued.  I just looked it up because I might be interested in it if it's that good.  Amazon has a refurbished one, and all the other places that came up showed it was no longer available.  It's a good thing you bought more than one.  The Remington website no longer has it either.

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I've had mine for almost a year and I love it. 

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  If it works & makes you feel better about yourself then I’m all for it. If you feel it will help you look good then go for it!!