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Okay so what you are saying is, it cost you $6.95 because you used the return label, plus they aren't refunding the original s/h?  Your original post reads as if you paid $10.00 just for the return shipping alone.


In the future, you should return all your items in 1 bag/box.  Then you are only charged according to the weight of the 1 package rather than $6.95 for each item.


And you could have contacted CS first and told them about the defective item so they would issue a full refund.       

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Re: 40 dollars?

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no no sympathy.  you people sure like to make stuff up in your heads lol

No thought is worth thinking.....
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I understand exactly why you are venting and what you meant by your post. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Why people feel the need to add their 2 cents on every single post is beyond me.
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The prices on QVC and the prices for shipping is why I don't shop on QVC.

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I have returned some shoes to Q that were a "no way" for my bunion.


It seems I return less with Talbots and Nordstrom.