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My dermatologist gave me a prescription for 4% hydroquinone, retin-a and kojic and I get it filled at a compounding pharmacy.  It's not covered by insurance and I pay $35 for a tube.  Because I'm sensitive to retin-a, I mix it with a moisturizer and use all over my face, although the directions are to put on the dark spots. 

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 Mine is 7% from the derms office.  I have vetaligo and this has retinol also.  I use only at night.

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Joan Rivers used to make a hand cream and I think it contained hydroquinone.  It worked.  


I've always wondered if there's another company that has made a duplicate of this great hand cream of Joan Rivers that removed spots. 


Anyone know?  I can't use Nadia, the smell is too much for me. 


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@Sunshine Kate - I totally agree!  Joan Rivers' hand cream was The Best hand cream ever invented!  I used it consistently for years - it not only erased spots, but the skin on my hands never looked better.  It was 2% Hydroquinone, but so much more. 


I also tried Nadina and hated it. 

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ve some sun damage on my fair skin.  My derm prescribed Retin A which I order from Canada and had me buy Obagi Blender #5 which has 4 % hydroquinone. I buy it online.  I mix a pea size of each and spread it on my face PM.  Once it dries I can use any serum or moisturizer I want.  My skin looks much better.  When its really cold and dry I take a few days off from both until my skin is less dry. 

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Thank you, everyone, for your opinions and suggestions.  I'm not sure if this is the product some are mentioning and just misspelling...Nadinola.  I agree that the smell is off-putting.  Wonder why they put scent in it?  The thing I like about it is that it is 3% hydroquinone and has a chemical sunscreen in it.  I took about 6 weeks off from it and used Alpha Arbutin instead.  The spots slowly darkened until I went back on the Nadinola again.  I only use it on the sun spot areas.  I just wondered if the 4% would lighten them more than they are now.