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Does it really take anyone 30 minutes to dry their hair as a few of the demonstrators try to tell us from time to time?


It takes me maybe five to seven minutes from toweling it dry after a shower to styled, and that includes plopping on some mousse and combing it through.  The actual drying and styling is five.


My hair is about chin length and in long layers.  Even when it was longer, it didn't take 30 minutes.


Of course, my hair is not super curly, just slightly wavy, so does that make a difference?

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I just can't fathom how much hair one would need to have to require 30 minutes to dry it.  Surely, they must mean drying, styling, etc.  But even at that.....30 minutes is a long time.  Of course, I have short hair with an adequate amount of natural curl.  As a takes me about 5 minutes to scrunch up my hair and blow dry it.  Guess that's why 30 minutes seems so "foreign" to me!!!!

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Until recently, it always took me an hour to do my fine but thick hair because drying took a good half-hour at least. Longer when I was a teenager. Sorry I complained about it because now my hair is thinning, and it only takes 8-10 minutes to dry or a total of 15-20 minutes to blow dry and style. 

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Re: 30 minutes to dry hair?

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If I air-dry my hair (doing it right now and I do it every summer to give a break to my hair from all heat appliances), it takes about 7 hours. It looks better the NEXT day as I put it up in rags or a pineapple at night and then brush it out the next day so its smooth but with TONS of body.


Now, I have long, thick, heavy hair with beach waves (used to be kinky curls but that's changed over the years) that is layer starting at the chin. If I blow it out - just blow it out till it's dry- it looks like it's been electrocuted. I then have to brush it out, iron it and maybe curl it (hot rollers). The blow out is about 15 minutes; the rest of the styling adds on another 30-45 minutes. 


IF I blow out my hair and STYLE it while I blow it out, I'm looking at around 45 minutes plus (more if it's humid out). That's the price I pay for having long (almost to my lower back) hair.


I take pride in it; it's glossy, healthy, thick and full of body. It really is beautiful. It is time-consuming however, when I wash it (twice a week) and then style it. 

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Well, I'm glad two of you told me this is actually the case (@SahmIam and @libbyannE ).  I envy you your ultra-thick locks.  It seems the time invested is well worth while.   

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I recently cut my hair short because I don't want to invest a ton of time blow drying it.  I have thick hair.  Even though it's much shorter, it still takes 15 minutes to get it almost dry.

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Yes here. My hair is thick and to dry and style I would need at least 30 minutes .
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If you have thick hair, yes it does & can take at least 30 minutes to blow dry. You obviously don't have thick, heavy, medium length hair. It's a lot of work.

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please tell me what you use since i've gotten older my hair is nothing like it used to be  i used to be able to style any way i wanted now since gray is coming in it's changed i do have VERY THICK CORSE HAIR TRYING TO FIND THAT MAGIC PRODUCT  IT REALLY TAKES ME ALMOST 30 TO DRY MINE, i  just want to look pulled togather, not a mess o it is somewhat dry part of it wants to frizz   help

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If I blow dry - it takes me about three minutes on the coolest.  I just scrunch and spray with hair spray . that take another minute or so.  I have short wavy hair.


If I let it air dry - about 15 or 20 minutes.  Then a minute or so to spray and scrunch.