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When checking out I got the option of 3 easy pays if I use my Q card.  Anyone else?  Is this a special?

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Yes, that was such a nice surprise.  I took advantage of that when I checked out.  HSN does a similar thing when you use their card.  

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I think it's a major improvement.  I had a Dooney bag in my cart for 5 easy pays.  I hate 5 easy pays, but there was an option there at checkout for three instead of five.  It's about time the Q did that.  It was long overdue.  

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I got the option as well, but the item I was buying was a limited price item at $14 so I just used my own cc. I had not seen this ez being promoted for using the Q Card so was surprised at the option also.

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Thanks for posting this! A NICE surprise from Q for a change!