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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday however you're celebrating...🌲🎅❤️⭐️


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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

Hello friends,


I apologize for being gone so long.  My iPad has been acting up and I've been overwhelmed with volunteer work. Everyone wants a dog for Christmas!


Katte, I'm so glad your procedure went well. Take care and have a very merry Christmas!


LTT1, I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. I hope and pray you have a nice Christmas. I know how hard this is for you. Will be thinking of you and praying for you! 🙏🏻💜


Viva, I'm so glad your family is ok after that terrible accident. The only time I had an accident, I was hit by an uninsured man. Wishing you a happy Christmas!


Sleepness in SD, hello dear friend. I'm so glad your DS got his vaccination. I got an email from the hospital Maisy and I volunteer for and they said if they have enough vaccine left, they will give the shots to volunteers. Wishing you a blessed holiday season.  💕


RetRN, nice to hear from you. Do you have any special plans for Christmas?  Due to Covid we haven't had book club much. I made bookmarks for book club for Christmas. I hope in January we can have a virtual meeting. Take good care. 

Hi to JJM, Hayfield and MM and everyone else. Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and and a better and healthier new year to us all. ❤️

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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

merry Christmas everyone. it's cold and windy here and I'm tucked under an afghan for an afternoon of reading and Hallmark movies.

I'm sending big blessings to all and prayers for a safe and happy Christmas.



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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

hey all

ok my medical tests done, but have a feel all the wrong tests were run today. I gave her the paperwork my family doctor gave me, she looked at it. called me back about 10 min's later,


did the testing, even questioned her why this test was run this way when the paper said a whole nother part of my body, who am i to question when i don't do this type of work professionally.


got from from church, saw my family doctor called, left NO MESSAGE just the doc office number on my call id box. so now i have to wait and fret till monday about these test. she did not tell me anything major was wrong ,i was getting what i needed where it was suppose to go into my body.


now i wait. not sure if will go thru more testing. literally got so sick i became physically ill at this test facility and i do mean sick.


storm has moved in, raining heavier. 


ok guys later.

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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

Hi Everyone


Wishing every one a very Merry Christmas.  Our day has been quiet.  We went and picked up a hamburger for dinner.  I didn'y want to cook on Christmas Eve.  One of our neighbors gave us some fresh baked pumpkin bread and a variety of cookies which I thought was nice.  We are having ham for dinner tomorrow   Talked to my DD and DS today, sent them a picture of me in front of the Christmas tree and they sent pictures which was nice.  It's been really cold here today.  We had our propane tank filled today, so that should last us awhile.  Everyone have a pleasant evening.  

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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

[ Edited ]

my little Christmas eve giggle:

last night when I baked the pecan and pumpkin pies I made an extra pecan pie for us. this evening DH decided to have a piece and I had a bite and we both agreed it tasted terrible because I over-cooked it. it was too thick, too chewy and tasted bitter.

I said I had enough pecans left to make another pie. so I chopped the pecans, mixed up the eggs, vanilla, sugar and melted butter and then realized I didn't have any Karo syrup.

DH said "I'll just run up to the store and get some. won't take me 10 minutes"

40 minutes later he called from Kroger and said he had been to 3 stores and NO ONE has Karo syrup. he decided to go back down the aisle where it should have been and was standing there muttering out loud that he couldn't believe there was no Karo syrup. a woman was standing a few feet away and said "honey, Vowells just put out 7 cases of Karo".

he had just left Vowells, but back he went.

when he got there someone told him they were about to close. he told the guy he knew exactly where he was going and he'd be ready to leave in 2 minutes.

he did come home with TWO bottles of Karo syrup and the pies are in the oven.

and, like his Black Friday experience at Bass Pro, he said he will NEVER go to the grocery store again on Christmas Eve.

he's my Santa Claus Smiley Happy

Merry Christmas, y'all.

“All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” St. Julian of Norwich
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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

@snardy, I think it is wonderful that you are keeping busy wih your volunteer work. I am certain that Maisy puts a smile on many faces!

Hopefully, your book club will be able to resume soon. I have been keeping busy reading this holiday season. No plans due to the virus.

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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

Merry Christmas to all!!


Viva923--So sorry about DD's accident, but glad that everyone is OK.  I hope you're able to get your tests  results sooner than later!


JJM--Yes, biscotti with coffee or dessert wine, heaven!


MM--So funny, DH trying to find the Karo syrup, with success! A Christmas miracle!



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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🎅 


We got a lot of rain & wind overnight. I even heard thunder once! 

@snardy , looks like your volunteer work is keeping you busy. 

@katte  glad your procedure went well. Enjoy the ham today.


@MariotaMurielle  I stayed home from doing any grocery shopping yesterday. I have a short list for tomorrow.


Waving to @RetRN & @AuntG . 

@viva923  hope your DD is feeling better today. Waiting for test results is difficult. 

Made chocolate espresso chip cookies last night. I used espresso chips & coffee extract with some cocoa powder to make mocha cookies for Santa! 

Doing thin T bones tonight with steamed asparagus, a salad & some sliced potatoes with fresh herbs over them. 

Have a terrific day! 

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Re: “2020”~60’s Ladies & Everyone, Please Join Us!

When you said everyone wants a dog for Christmas, I had to share this @snardy. One of the gifts I opened on Christmas Eve was sent by my sister. It was a liner for a doggie bed (kind of a thin cushion). Since it was just me and my husband this year, I excitedly asked him if the two of them were working together to get me one of those small, white Alaskan dogs I adore. He assured me there was no dog. Well, when I talked to her, she asked if I liked the mattress pad. Then she added they really shrink-wrapped it tight to fit in that rectangular box.😃