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Re: their there they're


Grammarly is a great website! Smiley Happy






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Re: their there they're

I have a doctor, head of a teaching hospital department, who can only be reached via an online patient portal. He screwed up two of my prescriptions and, after writing back and forth for three days, he finally got it right. However, what he got wrong was his reply to me when he realized he had made a mistake. He wrote, “Your right.” I told my husband that his error in the your-you’re department was as upsetting as the Rx mistakes.

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Re: their there they're

@haddon9 wrote:

The one that I see incorrect often is using an apostrophe to pluralize a name.  This is just wrong!


An example could be a card signed by "The Smith's"  Do not use an apostrophe to pluralize a name.  It should just be "The Smiths".  If it's something like  home belonging to the family named Smith, then the apostrophe should be used after the "s"  as in "The Smiths' " to make it a plural possessive.  A singular possessive should have the apostrophe before the "s". ..."Joe Smith's home".


Just my rant!  I sell signs on Etsy and many are customized with family names.  I see too many errors used with apostrophes.   I hate to sign my name to the back of the signs when incorrect grammar is used.


 Excellent English lesson.  My 100-year old mother, a former English and Latin teacher, applauds you.  I see this error all the time.  Most recent:  received a graduation invitation last week to come celebrate with "The Smith's".  The invitation was from a teacher!

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Re: their there they're

@proudlyfromNJ wrote:

I just don’t like the fact that this thread makes it seem like your fellows posters are, to put it mildly, dopes. Personally, I just don’t think it’s nice. 

But feel free to school all of us. 

I think it is great because it helps some of us correct mistakes that do make us look like dopes!  I'm not too old or too ashamed to learn something!  Woman Wink

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Re: their there they're

@Shoesnbags wrote:

@violann wrote:

“SPELL CHECK” frequently fixes things I spell correctly. Instead of being a time saver, I wind up having to double proof read.

@violann You can turn off spell check on your device if it’s driving you crazy. 

SPELL CHECK is “a GREAT servant but a POOR master” in my world, @Shoesnbags. A necessary evil, maybe?

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Re: their there they're

This fallls into the category of regional dialects and pronunciation.  There was a grocery store in my hometown in northeast PA named Acme, yes, like in the Road Runner cartoons!   Many people added an extra "a" in the name, so it became Acame.  I have no idea why!  

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Re: their there they're

@NickNack wrote:

I thought this might be helpful to some.  I realize it just isn't important to some people, so just ignore if you feel this way.





I need this reminder. Thank you for posting!


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Re: their there they're

My dad has a PhD in English Lit, Grammar, and History.  All of us grew up learning correct grammar so I get how an incorrect spelling or pronunciation can grate.  


Not everyone had (or now has) access to the same education and training you or I had.  U.S. English is not the first language for most of the world.  A little patience and tolerance would go a long way in all parts of life.  


However, it does make a difference when writing as a professional.  I managed people most of my career and had a couple who didn't know how to write a complete sentence and spent a lot of time teaching them.  

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Re: their there they're



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Re: their there they're

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This thread is so interesting!

It is fun to read and then have a chuckle about all my oops.

Thank you for the morning smile and education.