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Lose vs Loose

If someone writes about ‘Loosing’ Weight, Karma will jinx you & 

you’ll gain back the weight you apparently ‘loosed.’ Smiley Tongue


Insta Pot or Instapot

I know that’s a brand name issue, but the mistake is becoming

more visible due to the popularity of the item on social media.

It originally started as a FB group 10-so yrs ago...the first

social media site to have an open forum...and they misspelled

Instant Pot as InstaPot..and couldn’t be corrected...

and the misspelling continues to this day. 

I’ve seen this on social media...made me giggle:


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@sidsmom   I used to think that "Insta Pot" was the brand name until I acturally wanted on and did some research!

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Relate to this discussion. My principal called me “The Grammar Police”. Poor Grammar from teachers with there, their, they’re in the  lead!  However, the teacher who sent a request for students who were roll models for her club was that  principal’s pet. Also, the one who taught about italics and pronounced it it-a-licks!  Retiring June 7 th!

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Re: their there they're

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One, won


One = the #1 OR he/she is the "one" - singular form

Won = past tense of "winning"


- Break, brake


Break = bust, broken

Brake = peddle to STOP


- Eight, ate


Eight = #8

Ate = past tense of "eaten"


In my line of work, I need to proofread often & see so many misuse of words .. just sayin'


- Road, rode


Road = street, hwy.

Rode - past tense of "riding"


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Re: their there they're

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And  please,  don't end that sentence in a preposition!!

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@mimom   I never text.  If I ever do, I'll spell out all the words--I know people far younger than I am that do this--and I don't like abbreviations in business e-mail.  My rule of thumb for e-mail at work was would I use such and such in a formal business letter that would be mailed out via USPS?


If people think these abbreviations are helpful in saving time, i.e, keystrokes, they are wrong.  I had to go look up the meaning for "LMK" and if I am the recipient of that, or worse, an outside client, how much of an imposition is that?

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Data is a plural word.

As in the data show that...


However, I make mistakes as I think we all do at one time or another.  Many of mine are not related to auto correct, however this one was!


Just yesterday my auto correct changed ‘specter’ to ‘Spector’ and I did not notice until > I posted.  Blush ☺️ 

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Re: their there they're

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This is a great post, @NickNack . I hope you don't get lectured from a few folks like I did a month or so ago who called me out for questioning the use of the word "of" instead of using "have", e.g., should have, could have, would have, instead of should of, could of and would of. I was told that I should concentrate on more important issues. Oh well....thanks for your post. 

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I just don’t like the fact that this thread makes it seem like your fellows posters are, to put it mildly, dopes. Personally, I just don’t think it’s nice. 

But feel free to school all of us.