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Re: " How Do I Get Lawn Care ?"

I think going to Next door neighbor was a good idea. There you can find recommendations

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Re: " How Do I Get Lawn Care ?"

Do the managers of these parks really want overgrown lawns all over the place?  Talk to them and don't assume they are making a dime off a recommendation without knowing that for a fact.

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Re: " How Do I Get Lawn Care ?"

Call your local high school and ask for the guidance secretary.  Lots of students need to earn money for college.

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Re: " How Do I Get Lawn Care ?"

@KentuckyWoman wrote:

Gee I wish you lived near us.  We have pickup trucks with trailers loaded with mowers and equipment driving up and down our street all the time.  A lot of these folks are retired and have a full lawn service during the spring, summer, and fall to supplement their income and just to have something to do. 


Good luck and I am sorry you are having such a difficult time finding reliable sources to mow your lawn.



Here, for those choosing not to pay to use our HOA extra to use their landscapers, a lot of them have hired their own independent guys and we too have the trucks pulling trailers that unload (usually all zero turn mowers) and they are in and out in no time.  If you are not home they leave a bill in your door along with an envelope to mail a check.