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Re: optimum phone service is inoperable again

I don't have Optimum ..........I'm not in that area.


However, lots of phone company repair trucks on any given day.


Probably too many options/companies, and who knows if they are 'messing up' the lines while each of them are doing 'this and that'.


We cancelled our land line, and are happy with cell phones.

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Re: optimum phone service is inoperable again


i have optimum, but not the phone service. the cable and internet stop working just about every month. when it's out for 4 hours, the next day i call the  billing department to get a credit for the outage. by that i mean, 1 or 2 channels will just go blank for hours.


for the last 3 or 4 years or however long it's been since they were bought by altice (is that how you spell it?), the internet and cable have become a royal pain.


tech support claims they know nothing about mass outages. had the nerve (or stupidity)  to ask how i knew it was a mass outage. i said, because when there is a mass outage, no one at your company answers the phone. complete silence on his end at that point, 'cause he realized that i know the game that they play.


being who i am, i ask, if the company is hiring (not that i have any plans to ever work for anyone else again), but because i'd like to collect a check for not knowing anything.


i would imagine, you should be able to get a credit for phone service not working.


i remember years ago, they were running some special, if you signed up for their phone service. i asked the guy what happens when the cable, internet and phone all go out at the same time, how was i suppose to call tech support? as he had no answer, i said, that's exactly why i will never have all 3 services with the same company.


they really need to hire grown people that have a clue, otherwise, the cable and internet companies will be in trouble, when jeff bezos realizes that the industry is having a problem. his team will step in and build a new cable company - LOL