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I never really used to mind her that much. Sometimes she was really funny and sometimes when it was too much, I just had to change the channel.


But yesterday, and I don't remember what she was presenting, she started crying because she got herself so worked up about women not believing they are beautiful. She caught herself at the end of her crying jag as she started "preaching" about the Lord (preaching was her word, not mine).


I believed her tears as much as I think wearing a shirt that says "Life Is Good" makes people have a better day.


I may be jaded - but those tears - I don't think I can ever, ever take her seriously again. It was just over the top and I was really, really turned off by her "performance". It was just overdone and too much to be believed. 


This doesn't mean I wouldn't buy an article of her clothing line if I liked it a lot. There are other designers whose personas I don't care for (LR is a bit full of herself and Renee's constant fixation with butts come to mind). If they make something I like, I'll purchase it. I just won't watch them.


I'm sure there are other designers, whose clothing I have purchased over the years, who I wouldn't care for if I knew them personally. I try to keep it separate and just change the channel if a host or vendor is annoying.


I give them all a lot of credit for doing what they do, though. I'm sure it isn't easy to know that you are live in front of all those cameras with hundreds of thousands of people watching your every move and listening to every word and every mistake you make. I can't even imagine what people would say if I were to be on QVC, HA HA!



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If you thought her and Nick Chavez were too much together, imagine Kim and Mally together. That would be a screaming fest. I would need to mute the TV.  LOL!

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Not a fan. I find her a but crass, but we don’t all appreciate the same things. I can see how some might be drawn to her energy If she makes you feel good, that’s all that matters.
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Someone needs a sense of hmor!

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@Allegheny wrote:

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I have tried to watch her [Kim] but I can not. I find her phony, southern down home style tacky and brash.



@apple1964  As a southerner myself, tacky and brash has nothing to do with her demeanor. I find SG and Rinna also loud, phony and abrasive...Dennis B. also...not southern. 

Whatever! I find her as phony as a 2 dollar bill, And her clothing line is as lack luster as she is.

@apple1964  I agree.  I find her presentations too over the top for my reality.  But you may want to change 2 dollar bill to 3 dollar bill.  The US Treasury still prints $2 bills.

I will change to the 3 dollar bill....have not seen a 2 dollar bill in decades [LOL]

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I don’t care for her or her clothes.  Kinda like Jeanne Bice was.

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Looking at all the different opinions in this thread.

QVC seems to be going for louder show hosts and vendors I guess it's selling and working for them. Seems like a trend.