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thank you so much.  i am really having a very difficult time with this.i cry every night.  i know that i have to wait it out, but sometimes, i just feel so helpless and at the mercy of the world.  i am not feeling sorry for myself or having what i call a pity partry.  i just want to get over this

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Re: it was an angel

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@LilacTree wrote:

I’ve told this story before but can’t remember if it was here or not.


I was in the hospital about six years ago, probably for another collapsed disk, I really can’t remember.  However I was there for a considerable length of time.  Unfortunately, no one had seen to it that my bathroom needs were taken care of, not even me.  That said, I became intestinally blocked.


one day it was really bad and I begged the nurses to help me, give me an enema, anything.  They said they were not permitted to do anything internal.  I was in a room by myself at the time.  I just laid there moaning, the pain was very bad.


after many hours, a young man walked in with a suit on and a white doctor’s coat over it. No one else was in the room.  He asked my name, and said he was there to help me.  I gave him permission and followed his instructions.  Within five minutes he went to work and removed the obstruction.  It was very painful but I just held onto the bedrail and gritted my teeth.


as in giving birth, the pain was immediately gone.  he said “all done” packed up his instruments and turned to leave.


astonished at this and at myself, I said very quietly under my breath, “sometimes God does send angels,”  he heard it, stopped, turned around and and walked over to me, saying nothing, but just put his hand on my arm very gently and left.


I am not spiritual.


later i asked the nurse who the doctor was who helped me.  She said “what doctor?”  She knew nothing about it.


I’ll never forget it.


You did indeed have a visitation from a angel. They appear in human form to help us. I remember my husband and I were traveling back from California our tire blew out and that is before cell phones.. we were miles away from the nearest town. My husband said I will start walking back to the nearest exit  I noticed a cafe off the highway. as he started to walk a man in a pick up truck came it was strange because i forgot to mention we were off the beaten track no cars for miles. He said can I help you folks. My husband and I looked at each other wondering where did he come from? He was so nice smile beaming. He said okay I will take your car to the garage its only about 20 miles I will tow it. My husband and I got in and the man towed our car to the garage to fix the tire. The man said you folks will be alright now. We offered him 20 dollars for his trouble,  he waved it away.. we went to pay the man at the garage for fixing the tire. And our friend was gone and so was his truck. We asked the garage man if he saw a man in a pick up truck leave? He said what truck what man?  That is how we knew this person was more then a man. I will never forget this either.



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Holy smokes, @apple1964 , that story gives me chills.