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my family is all gone except for a brother that I have not spoken with in over ten years and i do not wish to speak with him at all


it is not jjust the job but the way it was done.  and my eye is really making me feel terrible. i feel so alone and i am scared of what tomorrow will bring.  if i could just stay in bed and never get up, i would  do so. 


this is not something that i want but i have to deal with and everything is just so hard and i fell that i can't do it.  i feel that i have bene abandoned by the world.  everyone seems to know wha tis best for me and as for therapy,  i can not afford it right now.  the copay is beyond my means.  i can't keep running up medical bills.  i have spent over $4 ,000 out of pocket right now and there seems to be no end in sight


 everything is so hard and takes so long to do.

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You’ve sure not been abandoned by all, as you can tell by the replies on this thread.  People care!  Try to get some rest tonight.  Things seem tougher when we’re tired and in pain.  



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Re: i am at my wit's end

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Life throws us some pretty heavy punches at times, often coming at one time.  Somehow, we gather the strength to go on.  


Do you have anyone you can talk to close by.  Friends?  A neighbor?  Do you belong to a church?  A cat or dog you can hold on to?  If you live alone, maybe, you shouldn't be alone, now.


Life looks pretty bleek now, but maybe you can find a way to get another job.


I will pray for you, for strength to get through this very troubling time in your life.  

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What about watching a favorite old movie and just "vegging out" tonight to take your mind off of things? One of the posters mentioned getting some rest; with the stress you've been under that might help, so you could wake up in the morning with a fresh view and new ideas with new plans for them. If you feel you need to talk, clergy people don't cost money and could offer a bright perspective. People who care are all around you and here, online.

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@shortbreadlover ...I am so very sorry for what you are going through. I totally understand. It feels like there is no end and no answer. I am not really into religion, so am not going to do the preaching thing to you. 


Please find the inner strength to hang in there and deal with it. Find someone to talk to. Don't give up. Keep fighting. That is what I do on a daily basis. I know it's hard, but you can do this.

I promise to remind myself every day that I am strong, courageous, and resilient.
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@shortbreadlover @Please just sleep on it and in the morning things will be clearer.We are all here to show you that you matter and we want to help you.I know that it is a disappointment that you didn’t get the job but it’s better than losing a job...that means that you still have employment.What happened to your eye?I will pray that you wake up feeling better in the morning and that your eye will be healing.I am certain that someone will offer good advice on affordable medical care if you need that.HUGS

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@shortbreadlover  We are are here and listening to you and are concerned.  We have all felt helpless at times, please remember that you are very special and your job is only a job and a means to pay your bills. 


I always joke if my job was so great, then I would be a volunteer, but let's face it, nearly all of us aren't volunteers and do it for financial and medical reasons.  And the first time the check isn't there every two weeks, I would find something else to do.


If your job doesn't appreciate you, there are always other jobs you can do.


You are NOT defined by your job and the people that are in charge.  You do a job to the best of your ability, and sometimes that is all you can do and even though you may not be appreciated by those who you work with, I'm sure the people that you help day in and day out appreciate you.


Just remember to take each day one at a time, and try to get outside and do something....take a walk, plant some flowers, go to a dog park and enjoy watching the dogs, watch a comedy show or movie, go to the mall and people watch....whatever you enjoy.  Don't be alone in your disappointment and reach out to speak with someone if you need to.  It's not weakness, we are only human, and not perfect and need help every now and then.   ALL OF US NEED HELP AT SOME POINT, and it always gets better.


Remember - it's a job, and only a means to pay your bills - you are so much more important and special to let any job make you feel bad.


......You look like I need a drink.....
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@shortbreadlover   It's late, and as others have suggested, maybe try to get some sleep and you'll get a new fresh outlook in the morning. 


I wish only the best for you - take care. 

......You look like I need a drink.....
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@shortbreadlover   Take some deep breaths and step away from what seems overwhelming.  Get back some perspective.  


~You still have a job, a place to live, food.


~There will be other chances for promotion.


~In a few more months your doctor will know more about your eyesight.


If you just are patient and ride out the storm things will be better.


You work in a library so you are good at tracking down resources.  You need to find some free short term counseling to help get you over this temporary emotional slump.


Maybe not getting the promotion is a blessing in disguise; just watch and wait-- there are other opportunities that will turn up for you.


Please try to focus on the positives you have instead of what you believe you are lacking.


You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Hang on.

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You sound as though you are very depressed. Please get into therapy and get some help so you can get out of the negative space you are in and find a way to move forward.Smiley Indifferent