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Re: homeless in america



PS - Now the township/county are getting involved. They want to regulate the meal preparation, bathroom facilities and sleeping set up. So they told the church it is going to have to build a separate building for the homeless. The new building is going to have to have a kitchen and bathrooms and bedrooms.  The church priced out what this new building would cost. And it will have to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars that it had not planned on. 


The church is not sure about the future of helping the homeless.

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Re: homeless in america

my son had a homeless man living inside his front doorway  in ca homes have gates and vestibules in the front door. These were built that way to keep vagrants from inntruding but had the opposite effect.  Once ensconsed the homeless wee difficult t move. in ptreparation for my first visit to the apartment, my son gave the homeless person $50 to stay away or 5 days.  This was way back in the 80's. The homeless man was respectful and stayed away.  They called each other by first names and the homeless man looked out for what he said were  intruders in the evening. 

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Re: homeless in america

  There are many reasons for being homeless.Many blame the wealthy .Should they live below means and hand out money on the streets? At some point we are responsible for our own lives.If there are mental issues or substance abuse issues,no one can force treatment on them..Until we take our own lives in hand,how can one take up the worlds problems? Simply posting online doesnt change anything....