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Hello Lurky an Good too see you Here !! we have the baby bunny so cute an Tiny !! i do-not know how too get around on here yet.. i feel lost.. like on an island wondering where is the land.. as all i see is water.. !! we had more RAIN today an YOU got it No - Lawn Mowing !! A Fuuny sight for sure Ladies, as YES SUNNY this Morning, so here i GO / PUT on my Sun Lotion, got the Lawn Mower ready Too go RIGHT !! well ladies about that time i kid YOU NOT Sun is Gone / POURING Down RAIN Just that FAST !!! an it looks Like RAIN EVERY DAY here until next week.. i guess we will call in the SHEEP, COWS, or what ever as i don't think this Baby Bunny can EAT All of this clover here !! Heres Hoping your Night is a Great One !! an Please Everyone don't be strangers here !! thank-you Lurky !!

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Hello Snappy, an yes glad Bobbi sue is doing good !! an Snappy i think maybe our Baby Bunny is now a MOMMY.. as such a CUTE Baby running around out here in our back yard.. an WE Have More RAIN !! an You got it no lawn mowing.. but i tried as it was SUNNY out here this Morning an then WHAM O just that Fast Sunshine gone pouring down rain ...does not look like i will be mowing for the next few days.. i guess we will have too find some SHEEP, Cows, as i do not think this Baby bunny can eat all of this clover.. THANKS so much for the chat here !! too ALL of YOU..

well i shall sign off an I Love the chats here !!


an THOUGHTS an Prayers too All Involved in the Shooting at S. Carolina.. so sad..


Issy , I saw chris was on there with the hangers YES a lot of people our Complaining as they won ITEMS from Chris an Guess what They never received the items at all.. an she is still giving away items LUV it by Chris on her face book page !! What is WRONG with this lady ??? an i hear you Issy, as it's a lazy hazy day here.. Great day for DUCKS..

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snappyfrappy said:  AnikaBrodie, you are kind to remember Bobbisue. Thank you.  


snappy ... Several years ago Bobbisue started a Cancer Support thread that I was part of (as a cancer survivor & support person).  Even though that thread is no longer active (a very long story) to this day I follow her posts and wish her well.  That includes prayers for her when she is feeling poorly or having serious health issues and special thoughts when she is doing well.  I consider Bobbiesue a special friend. 

~~~The Silver Fox~~~ In tribute to our beloved angel, Anika, 2-1-05 - 8-1-16.
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Hello ladies,  It is cool here today.  I hope all here are well.  Thanks Anika for your reply to me.  Have a nice day....

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cute, it does feel very different here, but we will figure it out or they will make changes. Staying together is what matters. Sorry you can't mow the lawn. Too much rain. We have none, and soon there will be no lawns in need of mowing. Wonder what we will do about our gardeners. Hmmm. Love the idea that baby bunny is now a mommy. Maybe you will see them together sometime. It's in the mid 90s here. Just turned on the AC. Yes, praying for the loved ones who are grieving in So Car. Today I heard their impact statements, and they offered forgiveness to the man and told him how to be saved. I pray he will turn to the Lord. Will you be doing anything special for Father's Day? My GS and his wife are having a BBQ, and everyone will be there except DD and me. It's one of the hardest days for both of us, so we aren't going. Makes me cry to think about it, but I feel torn between wanting to be with the family, and wanting to ignore the day.


AnikaBrodie, I remember the cancer support thread. Right after my hubby went Home, I posted on there and was directed by someone to the Widow's thread. Did they take down that thread? Seems to me there's a great need for it. So many are either dealing with cancer themselves or caring for someone who is. Bobbisue has been a blessing to lots of people here in many ways. Hope you have a nice day.


Hi to everyone, hope you all are okay.


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Hey Snappy; so happy to know that DD#2 has the summer off.  Hope that the two of you slept in this morning.  I understand about you not wanting to go to the BBQ.  Every person is different, and sometimes, it just hurts too much.  It is rather warm where I am, too.  The median strips are turning brown, and lawns are drying up.  I, too, wonder what will happen to all of the gardeners.  We certainly won't need to have our lawns cut.  Economically, that could be devastating to a lot of people.  My heart goes out to the people in S. C.  It is hard to imagine such evil, and to what purpose?  It solves nothing, and so many lives are ruined forever.


Snappy, did you hear anything from your DDIL about her tests/treatment?


Hi, Cute; good to see you here.  Guess that our bunny is a "mommy".  That is so cute.  You better be careful because you might have quite a few bunnies eventually running around your yard.  One of my neighbors used to have a rabbit, and he would get out and eat the petunias in my garden. 


Hi MsLomo........hope that you are well.  Hi Delaney, Lurky, Bathina, QAnu, Agnes, Hilo, Selah, Rowan and all of the wonderful ladies of the Q.

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Hello ladies.  How is everyone?  I'm sending my love.

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Hello Snappy an Issy.. Yes I understand Snappy about fathers day as being a SAD Time , an You an Your dd choose too stay home that day !! we do not have any plans only just staying here at home.. we have got soo much rain, an flooding in some sreas.. some our loosing there homes here as in flooding.. we got 2 inches of rain today on top of what we already had.. SAD for all as some have no RAIN an Others our OVER WHELMED with Rain..

So Good too chat here, but ladies it took me an HOUR too get signed inn !! YIKES.. Hoping All of you have a Great Weekend..

This FRIDAY, Hubby an i ate Lunch out !! but we stayed home here for supper as not getting out in ALL this Dampness !!

Issy the Bunny is so cute !! Yes A Mommy Rabbit, the 2 of them,our hanging out !! " Lucky got too see them, as so CUTE.. an he did not bark at them.. just got so excited though..

Well i shall sign off an get ready for bed !! Hoping that it will get easier Signing on here !!

GOOD NIGHT dear Ladies an THANK-YOU so Much !!

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By some minor miracle, I managed to drop anchor here. Hello, dear friends!! I โค๏ธ you all in this crazy hearts game. Found I can at least use the emoticons on my iPad...

The screen is now jumping on my iPad even while trying to type, I'm getting constant errors messages when posting -- and I'm sure to time out again and have to resign in. I'm typing this to Notepad first, and praying it will paste here. Left a little note on KS yesterday. Which by the way, any interested can "float" to the top of that forum. The feature is in Topic Options on the left-hand top of each thread page. Makes locating it much easier.

IF they ever get the site in working order for mobile users... to where it's not like trying to text in a tiny, jerking window... to carry on a conversation, I'll restart KS here. No one is much interested as things remain, and AFAIK, HiLo still cannot sign in due to password issues.

MsLomo, if you ever start a blog, be sure to invite me! I love your clever musings. Wit, brains and a beautiful soul, too!

Issy, I tremble in terror just reading of what your poor friend was put through!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ How is she? I'm sure I would need sedation of some kind. Talk about overkill! My heart truly goes out to those victims' families in S.C., too. Just unimaginable!! My daughter, Lindsay lives down there and we were both in tears on the phone. When you can't even go to church for Bible-study without fear of insane gunman... Lord hear our prayers for peace.

Cute, congrats to the bunny family!๐Ÿ˜ป How precious. We're getting near daily rain with storms, too. The gardens love it, but so does the grass -- and WEEDS! I pray the flooding will not reach your area. Stay safe, dear lady!!

Snappy love, my brother and his GS arrived safely and the GS is already in the pool! Eddie is taking a nap. ๐Ÿ˜› We will have a cookout here for Father's Day. Low key, for Eddie's sake... and I say again, I hope you and dd have a little something planned together to help you both through the difficult anniversary.... Caleb's wedding is next Sat in Williamsburg. There's the dinner party Friday evening, so we'll leave here on Friday morning. Hugs and much love to you.

I'll keep checking back here in the hopes that things soon improve. The other ladies are posting on Delphi and emailing for now. You know it's not personal... they all miss our chats here, too.

Hello, Bobbisue! I'm so glad you can read the posts now. If you have more problems use that email address to the Social Team I sent you. They are paid to be there to help, and they know many members are having these technical problems.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear ones. Be back soon! ๐Ÿ˜˜
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Hello friends...It is a rainy day here.  Not much going on.  I hope you all have a good evening.  God bless you all.

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