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Hello, MsLomo.....hope that you are doing well.  I am about to go "stir crazy".  Haven't done any shopping but I see a couple of things on HSN that are one clearance.  


Hello, Snappy.......please let us know how you are doing.  Hi, Delaney, Bathina, Rowan, Selah, Hilo, NAES, Lurky, Qanu, Agnes, Dawn and Cute.


Take care ladies; will be back soon.

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Hello Issy , Snappy, Larky,MsloMo, I have not been here for awhile and hoping all of you are doing good.. this lock Down has us staying home but my Hubby is still working.. i will have to catch up on the posts here.. I have not been doing much shopping.. yes I love getting out and Mowing are lawn and Planting flowers.. I'm still at it.. 

We are heading for the 50's today and sunny.. I will sign off and go back and read the posts.. Catch Up time.. BIG SHOUT OUT to all reading this and GOD BLESS ALL.. Stay Safe..BIG BIG thanks for thinking of me here YES all of you have been on my mind.. Thank All of you for the Birthday Wishes.. yes hard to believe how fast these years are going.. Issy I'm So Sorry to hear about your Brother my heart goes out to you.. it never gets easier.. Snappy so so sorry to for your family going threw this with your nephew.. Sad sad Times.. GOD BLESS..prayers..

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Hi, Cute.......thanks for stopping by.  It is so good to hear from you.  How are you doing, and how is your Texas family.  I think about you all of the time.  


I am doing well in CA, just impatiently waiting for things to loosen up a bit.  Wearing a face mask all of the time is kind of hard for me to get used to.  I am going to try my hand at making some this weekend, since I have so much fabric.


Simone--the wig shop owner is not able to come back for now but I talk to her just about every day.  She is doing well, and just trying to wait it out.  


Hello, Snappy; hope that you and your family are doing okay.  Hi, are you?  Hello to Rowan, Selah, Lurky, Bathina, Agnes, QAnu, Delaney and your little boy.  He is probably a big boy now.  Miss all of you very much.



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Hello ladies: Or should I say girls?  My Mom always preferred the latter even when they were al in their 80's.    (just little antique girls)


I'm sorry for  the font size but  I can't seem to correct it   ....  my son usually finds a way t o help no matter the issue.but he's not here now.


Thanks for sharing all the news, both good and bad.  At least we can know what to pray for.   I would assume that t he KS ladies  are now posting somewhere else where they feel free to share much more.  I miss them too.and hope all is well.


I'm not feeling up to posting much anymore  ... usually just on Facebook to keep up with my extended family I don't see often.  Snappy and I are pretty much running neck to neck on our physical problems  but I don't stress out much about myself ... it's all part of the aging process and I tell myself it could b e worse.


My son's cancer has spread now to the lungs and  the doctors are still not certain how to treat him.  All I can do now is pray and leave the results in God's hands.  There are so many suffering today .... praying for  Snappy's  dear relative too.  I understand what a burden that  is for his Mom and the very concerned family members  ....     is the young man aware of all  that is going on?   Will certainly remember him in prayer.


Don't think any of us expected the virus to become this severe  ..... but am thankful for the income provided  to take care of our basic needs. Not  everyone is so fortunate.  It was a welcome surprise too that the car insurance company sent  a  small refund check.  I find it helpful to try to find something new everyday to be thankful for and it surely helps during the bad ones.


I will close now but wanted you all  to know that I'm  thinking about you and glad  you are taking care of yourselves in these trying times.



HiLo      With hugs and best wishes across the miles,



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Hello dear friends. I just  never come here anymore, but today I did and thought I'd leave a message.

DD#2 is retiring on Friday. Yesterday they had a driveby retirement party for her at school. Most of her students' parents drove them by her with signs and honking horns and help out gifts for her. Flowers, plants, lovely hand made cards and signs and she got lots of gift cards from the staff. I am so thankful the Lord allowed me to live until she is in a good place financially, as far as we know in this world. She has been working out of home on line for a long time which made a sort of transition into being retired.

I've had insurance troubles which caused me to lose my cardiologist in March and even though I've been assigned a new one, I've never had any contact with him. So, I worked with the company, and got it changed back so I can see my familiar one again. It means a new PD doc who is a freeway's journey away, but looks friendly in his picture.


Thank you for praying for my grand nephew. Last I heard, he had begun to move parts of his body, his hips for instance and was able to speak a bit. Nobody can see him since all those places are locked up tight against Covid 19 and that is so sad for everyone.

His mother is my niece but isn't good about news and it isn't always understandable, but I considered that as being very good and hopeful.

The baby girls are all growing up so fast and I'm unable to see any of them. Star will be 3 on June 29th. Her baby sister is 6 months old, rolling all around, walking in her little walker, laughing, bald. Sunny will be 2 on July 3rd. She's got lots of beautiful hair and talks a lot. Got a darling video of her yesterday.

I may have to have an outpatient surgical procedure to bypass my bladder. I've had the last effective oral antibiotic that works, and that I can tolerate, but it is very dangerous and has probably caused damage by my muscles and even tendons. Lots of pain in the low back and my arms and shoulders, but it could be so much worse.


HiLo, oh so sorry to hear about your son's condition. I stopped to pray that the Lord will show the doctors how best to treat him. It has to be so very difficult for you.

I'm 86 now.

Hi to Issy, hang in there. We have quite an assortment of face masks. Nobody needs any makeup now which is good.

DD#1 has learned how to do rudimentary sewing to make her own and finds other people who are doing the same.

My DS has to continue to work. He's 66 now, but has no retirement income other than SS and his wife is taking care of Sunny full time while her mom works from home. Star's Daddy and Sunny's daddy are also working. I pray for their safety out in the public all the time.

Cute, we are all aging, and it seems to have happened so quickly, doesn't it? You must find being at home hard since you are so social.

Hi MsLomo. I imagine this pandemic has kept you from travelling for your work, so maybe you are thinking more in terms of retiring.

Hi to the KS ladies.


snappy Heart

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Hello from one of the "Antique Girls"! 

@Hilo, I love the name. Such a perfect description (or it WILL be in not that many years from now, lol). 


HiLo, I am so sorry to hear about your son. Extremely hard on you. So stressful. I am hopeful that the doctors will succeed in arresting the spread. I also hope that your son is not in pain. Prayers for you and for your son.


Snappy, glad to hear that DD#2 is retiring in a week. Is she relieved and happy? What a cute driveby retirement party for her. I hope that the two of you can go on a little drive every week to pick up those Panera sandwiches with turkey and avocado! She can now relax without having to worry about a short summer vacation with workers coming at the crack of dawn to do one thing or another! Both of you can stay in your PJs all day! Sorry to hear about your bladder issues. That antibiotic sounds scary, so hoping you can get off of it soon. Good work on getting your cardiologist back. 


The great-grands sound so darling. I think about your grand-nephew -- such good news that he has started moving again, albeit slow progress, but here's hoping for a gradual return of everything moving. What a nightmare for him and his family.


The years 2018 and 2019 were probably the most difficult of my life (so far!). It was only at the beginning of 2020 that I felt the sensation of emerging from a dream -- a rather bad one -- so, it was a relief to get through it. My DH's care continues to consume a lot of time, so my "other" work came to an end. I miss it, but whenever I think of picking it up again, I am forced to realize how unpredictable and random the demands on my schedule are.


DS is wonderful and has a serious GF. I like her a LOT!


I also hope the Sweet KS Ladies are doing fine. They seem like a dream, too. Were they really here? It's like a vapor. I imagine they are on that other site -- Delphi? -- where they can communicate more easily than here. I do miss their lively conversations, their recipes (including my fave, shortbread!), etc. I think I was so distracted and out-of-it that I may have been inattentive and missed a lot of the details (unfortunately). I wish they'd pop in and say hi if they get a minute. @LurkyLoo @Q-Anu @DeLaney @SelahG (what the heck ... I just quickly threw out some names! One of them might see this and respond!)


Has anyone seen @bathina?


Issy, how are you doing? How are 6'2" and your fashionista friends? I'm picturing Jimmy Durante, "Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are," as I ask if you know how Bistro Boy is doing!


I still look at Heidi Daus's fashions at HSN online, and I recently bought another of her "Luxe Be a Lady" jackets on her own website. It was discounted a lot, which is always a good thing!


The world is wild right now. Around here, we all wear masks and gloves at the grocery store, and we keep our distance. It's a strange time ...


I wish everyone the best. Heart Very nice to see your posts.

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Good morning ladies.  Was  finally able to adjust the font size so  the post will be more visible.     I want to thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers.  This  journey we are on with my son has only begun. He was living with me  until about a month ago when he suddenly decided he wanted to be his  own.  My younger son takes  him  to all his doctors'    appointments and oversees every thing else because  his brother's mind is not  the same. He is so depressed and it is hard to know what to do. They have  a doctor's appointment at Hopkins this afternoon to learn what the genetic testing showed.   And will treat  him  according to the testing which is not very promising.


I've never been one to concentrate on my age before but when  we see  our children are already having physical problems themselves, it finally hits  loud and clear.   My youngest son has always been a go getter  and thank God   he still is able to do so much for us. 

Daughter lives  far away and is dealing with her own health issues now but  she is always here when there is an emergency.


 Seems you are all holding up  during  the virus surge.It is so nice to be able to  order groceries and have them delivered, even if it  costs a bit more.  My current social calendar   consists of mainly  doctors' appointments ...  just a bit nervous of getting teeth worked on yet though.


Do any of you order from  Amazon ?   My son shops there for everything  and now it has become a habit  for me as well. The only  problem being, there are so many choices there ...  QVC is so slow with shipping these days,  my items are usually in process for about 2 weeks and our PO is   neglectful in its delivery. Some of my orders have been sitting in the  PO, undelivered,for as much as two weeks until I finally contacted the Post Master..  Most of my orders from QVC  these days are from the Lunchtime specials.


Issy,  has your workplace opened up  yet?  We  are in the second  phase here in Md. and the virus seems to have slowed down.  Much of the problem is reported to be that young people without masks  are bringing the virus home and affecting older people they associate or  live with.  This was certainly the case in NYC  where there is much overcrowding.   When you bought your Honda, you bought the best.   Will never forget the days  when I owned  one myself  but the time is quickly coming when I won't be driving anymore  but things do change.


MsLoma:  Sounds like your husband is doing as  well as can be expected but  when we are younger we never dreamed  that the good old days are not  meant to last. If he is blessed with a good disposition, that makes  all you do for him a lot easier. It's  hard too, when you have to give up a job you have enjoyed  ....  especially missing        the association with all kinds of people.


.  I suppose someone  could even title a  forum   .....   " calling all little  antique  girls'.   Lol!                                   


Snappy:   It's  a shame you  can't see the children these days  .....   I know how  much joy they gave you but  let's   hope  that your visits will resume one day soon .  I had been wondering whether your daughter would retire from teaching this year.  So glad she has  finally bit the bullet and decided  to do it but no doubt she will be  missed. Experienced  teachers are certainly hard to come by.  It's  been sad to realize that some many of our young people  have not been taught history. When my grandson was in the 8th grade his Dad used to  take him to the local library to try to educate him on our past history.. As I glanced through his school book, I found only 4 pages each on the lst  and second   WW's. There were numberous pages on the Civil War though.    I think our children need to know about all the sacrifices our military has made to give us the freedoms we  enjoy today.Can    think  back a little to WW2  and that my Mother  would take me with her to get our ration stamps.  Many things we take for granted today were in short supply then  but  nobody complained.  Our great country needs all our prayers!


Snappy, I will  be thinking and praying for your great nephew   .... such a burden to bear. And may I ask,  how is Shirley's son doing?  I know he misses his Mother but  has he adapted to living with his sister?  Children with disabilities often bring much joy to  their families;  I've seen it happen many times.and  my own little  Downs granddaughter taught me lessons I would never have learned any other way.


If I hear anything from or about any of the KS ladies, will let you know.  Hopefully, someone will visit here soon.  Frankly, it's all I can do to  post here and there these days.


Meanwhile,  try to take care of yourselves;  that's the only way we can help  those we love. 


So thankful for your friendship and prayers for my son! 


Much love,


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Hello, glad to see you here.  Thank you for making the effort because we are all living in strange times these days.  I am sorry to hear about your son.  It is very hard to see a love one go through these things.


I haven't been here for a long time because I had a bad car accident on May 5th.  A truck hit my car head on.  I was on my way to work.  The truck dragged my car two lanes to the right.  The air bags deployed, knocked my hairpiece off and my earrings.  I hit my knees on the dashboard.  The front of my car was all smashed in, and I am lucky to be alive.  My knees started to hurt immediately.  After exchanging information and talking to the police, my brother came and took me to his house, and that is where I have been for the past two months.


My knees were swollen and bruised and I couldn't walk.  I was getting around in a wheel chair.  About two weeks ago, I had another x-ray, and my doctor said that my knees were good, and he released me to go back to work.  My car was totalled, and I bought a new car---a Honda Accord, black on black.  I just drove it this past Friday for the first time.  I am back at work now, but I am still tired and right knee is aching a little.  It will take some time to completely heal.  I wanted to get a new car, but not under these circumstances.




Hello to Snappy.......we miss you so much.  I thought about all of you while I was out of commission.  Hi, Delaney, Cute, Bathina, Selah, Lurky, Agnes, QAnu and all who read here.  Love all of you.



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Issy! So that's where you've been since early May!! Although I don't come here often these days, when I have "checked in," you hadn't been here -- and that's unusual. I can sure understand why.


What a horrible experience you had! The truck was coming from the other direction and crossed over to your side of the road and hit you head-on? (Was it that stretch where it's beautiful and hilly, with cows grazing?) You are so lucky -- nothing broken, no soft-tissue injuries? (other than knees)? Just amazing. What car were you in -- the Chrysler? (Sorry, my memory might not be "all that"!) Your car seemed to protect you very well.


Did you have to go to the hospital and get checked out before they released you to your brother? I bet your family and Mr. 6'2 are very thankful that you are on-the-mend. Whew, what a traumatic experience. By the way, I love Honda -- so dependable and reliable -- and the Accords are beautiful. 


Hello, HiLo! Founder of the "Little Antique Girls"! Glad you were able to adjust your font size. I make mine "3" because Snappy said that size was good for her (again, if memory serves!).


So sorry to hear about your older son. I happened to stumble online last night on a Ted Talk by a Dr. Daniel Amen. The topic was Brain SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography). It was very interesting. Johns Hopkins is a wonderful place, and I will continue to pray and hope that something will improve his condition, and soon. How great that your younger son is so helpful to his family.


I've been to the dentist -- all of us in the family have. I felt good about it because of all the precautions and sterilizing that goes on.


I also started buying from Amazon, especially when I couldn't find certain items at other online stores or locally -- and I'm not going to walk into a store anytime soon, other than grocery stores and the UPS Store. The Amazon shipping is very fast and I don't have a "Prime" membership. I'm taken aback at how slow other shipping is, especially the USPS "Innovations" -- I think that's what it's called. Just terrible. Whoever "innovated" that needs to take a seat!


I hope Snappy and Cute t are doing fine. I hope they check in to say hi. 


HiLo, if you do hear from any of the KS Ladies, please give them my best if you get a minute.


Heart to all


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Hello, happy to hear from you and to know that you are doing okay.  It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I was driving my Chrysler on my way to work.  Just five blocks from my house.  As I was driving down the street, I saw the truck driving in the opposite direction coming to the intersection and the light was green.  As I proceeded about half way thru the intersection, the truck suddenly tried to make a left turn to get up on the on ramp to the freeway.  He was a young man, and he was speeding.  I literally didn't know what hit me because I had the right of way.  The police report determined that he was at fault.  The truck dragged me across the lane that I was in and the right lane and then my car stopped at the curb.  The steering wheel was jammed, and I couldn't turn off the car.  Stuff started leaking out of the engine, etc.  The complete front end of my car was smashed in.  Windshield cracked.  I did have on my seat belt, and I had both hands on the steering wheel at the time. 


I didn't go to the hospital right then because my brother came and took me to his house.  He lives about 45 minutes away from me.  My knees were hurting and by the time that I got to his house, I was starting to limp.  I was hoping that I could "shake it off" but that was not the case.  Mr. 6'2" was freaked out  and livid.  He was really mad at the negligent driver who hit me.  Of course, the young man lied about how the accident happened.  I can't believe it.  Everyone is grateful that I walked away from that accident.  I literally couldn't walk, and was getting around my brother's house in a wheel chair.  Putting ice packs on, etc., following the doctor's orders.


I am back at work, and driving my new Honda Accord, which I love. It does take getting use to though.   I was tired this morning but I have to get back into the swing of things.


I have been using HSN lately to get makeup, etc. because I just don't have the energy to go to the stores, besides you can't go to some places.  We have to wear a face mask in public.  My brother uses Amazon all of the time.  His wife is a shopper, and those boxes were coming pretty fast.  She has the groceries delivered every Friday, and "Hello Fresh" comes on the weekends.

I have to admit that it as great service to have these days.  Nothing will ever be the same after Covid-19.


Well, you take care, and check in again soon.