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🙏 Updated Prayer List:
—Cute's granddaughter-in-law who is being treated for thyroid cancer. Also her daughter, who recently recovered from a stroke.
—Snappy's sister, Shirley (urgent—cancer has now spread to her brain and treatments have failed against this very aggressive type). Shirley recently fell and broke a vertebra, has a blood clot in her lung; will require PT and will soon be moved to her daughter's home, probably under hospice care. Her special needs son is there now and we pray he can adjust to his new home. 


—Snappy herself, as she struggles to deal with and support her sister and family. Relief from her incurable bladder condition with chronic infections and some depression.


—Snappy's youngest daughter who must decide when it's best to retire from teaching. She worries about leaving Snappy alone while she works. May the Lord guide her and provide her with answers.


—Snappy's pastor's wife who is still battling cancer, as she yet serves our Lord.
—Issy and family during their grief at the loss of her brother, J.M. and two cousins. Also her dear friend and neighbor, Joan who is under hospice care. ETA: Sadly Joan has passed away, leaving her husband, son and many friends - including Issy - who will miss her. May the Lord comfort them all. 
—MsLomo's husband who suffers from severe balance issues and other serious health problems. MsLomo and their son as they care for and support him. May the Lord grant them strength.
—Joy's DIL, Suz' being treated for lupus, and their family as they care for and support her. Joy's family as they mourn the loss of her aunt Cynthia.
—Gloria's daughter, Darla for healing and an end to severe pain from EDS. Also protective prayers for Darla's twin girls. May they both be spared this disorder. 


—Gloria's daughter, Lori for endurance as she adjusts to her new nursing job at night.


—Gloria's sister, Ethel (92) with severe sciatic nerve pain. Her age and medication makes surgery too risky. May she find safe relief through acupuncture.
—LadyAnn who is mourning the loss of her much beloved dog, Toby. 
—Ruth Ann who suffers with advancing RA and CHF. Her cousin's young daughter, Erin diagnosed with RA and must seek different employment, if possible.
—Hilo's brother, Don who suffers with advancing MS. He awaits in faith, the results from recent surgery.


—Hilo's son, Rob—having survived an 11-hr surgery for thyroid cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes and lungs. We pray the next phase of his treatments will heal him.


—Hilo, herself, for good health, courage and strength as she helps support and care for him.


—Hilo's grandson, Ryan, as his emotional difficulties increase.


—Hilo's dear niece who suffers from blindness and has now been diagnosed with lupus.
—Agnes' mother who continues to suffer with severe pain from osteoarthritis, mobility issues and reoccurring cysts.


—Agnes' dear friend, Michelle and family for comfort and strength as they mourn the loss of baby Martin. Giving thanks for her and her daughter's safe shelter and support through loving sponsors!


—Agnes' special needs son, Jacob who struggles with some classes in school, making his Autism symptoms worse.


—Agnes' husband, Darrell who is being treated for a hiatal hernia and stomach ulcers.  


—Selah and Rowan's youngest brother, Nosh and his troubled girlfriend. May she be moved to seek the psychological help she needs.
—Marcia's father-in-law, who has developed prediabetes. BabyGirl's birth mother, who suffered a setback - and this precious foster child in the care of her grandmother, Marcia and Mike.
—Jubilant who is going through some of life's difficulties, and must be away from these boards for a time. Giving thanks to the Lord that her situation is improving!
Thank you, and please add any other petitions that come to mind. God bless and keep you all. 🙏🏻


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Blessings to all here. 💗 


Thinking of you and your family today, as you hopefully are spending some time with Shirley, Snappy. Prayers for your safety and strength, and her absence of pain. I hope her son has settled down and in a bit at his sister's now. 🙏



MsLomo, Heaven bless you! How I wish you'd been with Gwen and I yesterday. Could have saved us so much time and trouble. 3 different places we went to find my size and shade of panty hose, my lipstick color has been discontinued- and then my nail polish to blend in, but not stand out too much on my gnarly hands. I guess I'm warmed toned, because the deeper, blue-based reds never looked good on me. Much too stark, and more so now at my age (79). Poor Gwen.. she said I was putting too much thought into it, after trying many samples. This would have been easier, if not for the concern of the family photos. 


Settled on this Revlon lipstick: 



“Super Lustrous Blushing Nude” - hints of coral. 


Couldn't find a suitable shade of Revlon polish, so got this: 




“Tulip Pastel Salmon.” Never used it before, but Gwen gave me a manicure when we finally got back, and I like it very much. Wore both to church this morning and my friends approved. Good enough, I think. Do you like it? I value your opinion very much! I'm so happy you like the shoes. 😊 


At Williams and Sonoma, I decided to get Gwen and Steve the SCANPAN Pro IQ Nonstick 9-Piece Cookware Set: 




Because, she's so good to me- like a granddaughter and for all I know.. it could be the last thing I ever give them. A nice starter set, and on sale, plus I used the code. I hope you will enjoy your new skillets! Later, I just may get myself the covered sauté pan. The one I have is beginning to stick so badly. Very hard to clean. We only live once on this earth.. I want to enjoy cooking for as long as I can. I know you love it, too. 


I got Gwen's mother this hostess gift: 




“AERIN Figural Leaf Cheese Board”- she collects things with birds, and can add to this set. I'll get some nice local cheese to go with it. 


My goodness, my cardigan! Had no idea it was going to be a Prime Time Special.. When I bought it a couple of weeks ago, it was on Clearance for under $50. $44.95, I believe. I see now, the price (still called Clearance) is up over $50. That doesn’t seem right. Maybe I should leave well enough alone, but I so appreciate your efforts to inform me at the time! What a treasure you are. ❤️ Wish we could still share email addresses here, but you do, at least already know my first and middle name. 


Thanks to Agnes for trying to contact me. Sorry I wasn’t at home, dear. Thank you, too, for updating the prayer list for us. I loved reading about your birthday party! I knew those ladies would see to it that you had a good time- plus dear Darrell, of course. Have fun making your own ice cream. Hug Jacob for me- what a precious gift he made you! ❤️ 


See you all again soon. 

With Love, 

Ruth Ann 


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Ruth Ann, you got a good price for the Halston cardigan when you bought it, so I am relieved about the Primetime Special price -- not that much difference -- whew! I would like to buy the Susan Lucci velour top that goes with her velour pants that I bought at a good price. (It's an exercise outfit.) I missed the top when it was a Primetime Special -- I was too late when I tried to buy it. I think it was a difference of about $20 -- a lot -- so I've been stalking the PT Specials ever since, and that's how I noticed your cardigan. I may just go for it if the quantity gets low.


I am so excited about the lipstick and nail polish. That's exactly the shade I pictured if you are warm-toned, which it sounds like you are. You are certainly ready to go and will look like a million bucks! The nine-piece set -- wow, what a generous gift. They are going to LOVE it. And that hostess gift is adorable; perfect gift (and with cheese, too!). You are very thoughtful. 


@agnesann, I'm happy something good came of the Primetime Special cardigan alert! The hoodies sound excellent for the weather that is on the way (will be here before we know it). How about the recipe you posted for those Dijon pork chops; did they look delicious in that photo or what? Thank you for that, because I am going to make them. Thanks also for the updated prayer list.


I watched the Apollo 11 Moon Landing special last night. So interesting to see the hairstyles, cars, fashions, etc., of 1969, as well as the most impressive landing. I was just days away from age 22 when I watched it live, and the memory is very clear. Everything certainly has changed since then -- amazing. Every day as we go along (including today), we think whatever we're wearing looks "normal" and that in future pictures of today we will not look "dated." (Well, HA to that!) Woman Wink


Heart to all

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Hi, good to see you here today.  I have been missing you and all of the other ladies.  Busy working, and doing a little shopping.  I finally managed to pick up Heidi's Dragonfly Jacket on HSN.  It arrived last week, and I love it.  Don't know yet what I am going to wear with it.  Simone is now a Heidi Girl.  I sent her a text last week when Heidi was on with her Today's Special.  Simone had never purchased any Heidi jewelry.  Well, that has changed.  She went a little crazy, but in a good way.


I do have some sad news to report.  My friend, and long time neighbor, Joan, has passed away.  For those of you who did not know......My family has known her family since I was about 5 years old.    My mother always said that Joan was a very happy child.  She also went to school with my two brothers.  As our families moved around the city, we ended up living directly across the street from each other.  She loved gardening, and a lot of her plants were "transferred" to my yard.  I have a huge bird of paradise in my front yard that came from Joan.  She helped me so much when my mother passed away--with the flowers, etc. 


BTW, we exchanged many birthday and Christmas gifts over the years.  I used to give her skin care products, mainly Serious Skin Care and items from Joan Boyce.


Joan was the lady with the big dog that used to bark at people when strangers would get too close to me when I was outside in my yard.  She will be missed by all that knew her.  She was the life of the party.  She leaves a husband & son and many friends who loved her.


Thank you all for your support over the years.  



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Dear Issy, such sad news about your friend, Joan. I am so sorry. I don't know why I didn't realize she was married with a son. I pictured her living alone with her dog who was protective of you. I also didn't realize that you and she knew each other since childhood. How nice that you ended up living across the street from each other. I remember the Joan Boyce and skincare gifts from you. 


Glad you got the Heidi dragonfly jacket. I think of you when I wear mine because I wear it with all black underneath -- what you told us you do when you wear a colorful jacket, Marilyn Miglin-style! I got the Heidi jacket from her website, black reversible to turquoise, but I usually wear it on the turquoise side (especially with all black underneath). Simone is going to love Heidi Daus ... I'm sure you'll tell her about the Heidi deals on "Off Fifth" and on Heidi's own website. I also bought the Heidi short jacket ("Luxe Be a Lady") in wine color reversible to a nice shade of green. Simone might love the jackets, too. 


Good to hear from you, Issy. Again, my condolences. Heart

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Hello, sweet friends! I've been following along and trying to post for days, but things keep popping up. We've been helping our aunt and uncle to get moved into their new place. Can you believe how quickly and smoothly it all transpired? They are all set, other than the landline phone. He has his Jitterbug cell ph for emergencies and keeping in touch. They are as snug as two bugs over there. She's even planted a few shrubs and flowers. 


Selah and Luke are in N.D. for a week. No sooner than they left, it cooled down here. 😆 Rainy and 71° right now. They had to go before Luke's granddaughter comes to stay next month, and she'll be attending Daniel and Harper's wedding, too. They decided, with some persuasion from their uncle Joshua to honeymoon at the Emerald Isle here in N.C.. Yay! We're chipping in so they can enjoy two weeks, rather than the one. I have everything ready for back to school, other than helping with the book bag drive next week. Summer is sure flying by! I guess because we've been so busy.


I have been helping out at the Crisis Center 3 times a week. Days, mostly, but some evenings, too. Had a tragedy on Friday evening on the res'. A murder/suicide. He did this, killed his wife and then himself in the presence of their two children. The son is 8 and the daughter is 11. They are with their grandfather for now, but will need more care than he can give. Looking into placing them with another family, as they undergo counseling. 


Issy, I am so sorry for your loss of Joan. A long time family friend sharing such a bond ... it must be almost like losing a sibling. My prayers are with you and her family. 🌹


MsLomo, I hope you get a good deal on the Susan Lucci top. Does she still come to the Q? I never seem to catch her, but I have one of her zip front jackets, light weight, with the thumb holes at the bottom of the sleeves. It's coral and it wears well. I spilled iced tea down the front, but with a little Spray & Wash, it came right out. We watched several programs on the moon landing, too. History making stuff, including - yes - the fashions and hairstyles of the day. The men here always note the vehicles and try to call out the make and model. I like to study historical fashions from photos and paintings. Some seem so bizarre now - across all cultures. I'm sure some day, people will be amazed at what we’re wearing now. Especially some designs seen on the runways! I often do a double-take when thumbing through the magazines. Took Mom yesterday to the hairstylist and we both got trims, then manicures. Some of the bold, edgy modern hairstyles in the mags had us giggling away. Just picturing ourselves with most any of them. 


Lurky, you will be the belle of the ball! I love all your choices, and like you ... the important family photos make me tense, too. It also usually shows in the photos! Try not to think about it too much. When you’re posing, think of something funny - like Smokey enjoying his shake. Gwen and Steve will enjoy the nice pots and pans for years. They'll think of you each time they use them. 😍 I hope it doesn’t rain on their wedding day, though it's supposed to be good luck. Just such a mess for all in their formal attire. When Selah returns, she and I are planning another trip to Moravian Falls. Do you recognize this? 




Makes for very happy 🐝 🐝 🐝! Our father needs a couple more of the larger ones for the crops and fruit trees. We'll be sure to pay a visit to your friend's quilt shop, too. 


Anu, I finally watched the ending of Little Big Lies. Much saddness, and I thought what a perfect closing song: Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Speaks to the ambivalence for each character and their situations. I suspect there will be a season 3, if all of the main cast will return. We're left wondering what becomes of the ladies after the confession. Also … I was expecting Mary Louise to have another accident. She was so distracted while driving in the heavy rain. 


Agnes, I'm so happy you enjoyed your birthday! One can’t help but relax at Joy's - and in all that good company. I'm going to marinade some chops soon and let Chay do the grilling, according to your recipe. I have one for lobster salad - an oldie, but goodie. I dug it up when Nosh brought us, and steamed 4 fresh lobsters over the weekend. Had lots left over, but no matter. When it comes to lobster and crabs … it's like the mother ship calling me home! 😋 Not sure, but I think Darrell should be able to have this, as his stomach continues to heal. 


For any interested, Build-A-Bear has a nice selection of Lion King figures: 




Selah's daughter, Tanya and I helped chaperone a group of the children from the res' to see the movie … then we took them, with donations from our church, to make their favorite character to take home. 


We'll be holding a craft fair as part of the book bag drive. Lots of edible goodies too that Mom and our aunt will contribute to. I've made up a few of these with the children's help. 




Wish us well, please! I'll be thinking of each of you, and praying, of course. I hope Snappy's visit with Shirley went as well as possible, and that Hilo's son, Rob continues to do well post-surgery. 


Love to all,

Ro' ❤️


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Classic Lobster Salad




1 pound lobster (cooked and diced; about 3 to 4 (1-pound) lobsters)
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup celery (thinly sliced)
4 to 6 tablespoons mayonnaise 
Kosher salt (to taste)
Freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
Mixed salad greens (or lettuce leaves)
Optional: 1 avocado (peeled, quartered, and brushed with lemon juice)
Optional: tomatoes (sliced)
Optional: cucumbers (sliced)


Toss the cooked, diced lobster meat with lemon juice and the celery.

 Gently stir in mayonnaise and then season with salt and pepper, to taste.


Mound the lobster salad on lettuce leaves with a wedge of avocado. 

Add sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.


This lobster salad can also be used as the sandwich filling for a lobster roll in a sweet bun, or in traditional toasted hot dog buns with lettuce.

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Issy, thank you for sharing the sad news of Joan's passing and the lovely tribute in her memory. What a special lady, wife, mother, neighbor and friend to you and your family. I'm very sorry for all who will miss her so. I have edited our most recent Prayer Request post to reflect her transition into Heaven. 




Love and hugs to you, kind friend. 💜 


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Hi, friends - I hope your Wednesday is going okay. I'm thinking of Snappy, too, with all those medical appointments this week. Praying she can make it to all of them and that they result in relief for her symptoms. 


It turned much cooler here - a welcomed reprieve. Has me in the mood for cooking. Maybe even some baking. A pineapple upside down cake sounds good to me. Could have been inspired by Rowan's pretty wreath. Thank you for the lobster salad recipe! Yes, Darrell can have that and he will, when we get some fresh lobster. I'll save some back to make this to have on rolls. I'm wishing you all well with the backpack drive for the students, and so happy for your aunt and uncle!! Peace in their retirement cottage at last, after all they've been through. A safe trip back for Selah and Luke. Lucky Daniel and Harper! A two week honeymoon on the Emerald Isle! Darrell and I would love to go, for just one week, or a long weekend and take Jacob before school starts back. I've looked at Becky and Josh’s photos - such a beautiful, tranquil place to relax. 


Those Build-a-Bears are so cute! Something for the children to cuddle. Are they giving proceeds to save the wildlife? I may get a few to give as gifts. Jacob has outgrown his love for stuffed animals and he doesn’t seem interested in seeing the remake of The Lion King. There are children still waiting to be adopted through our church's program who are of the age to enjoy these. I visit about once a week and take mostly the essentials and books that Suz and others read to them. One kit has a set of hand puppets to act out the stories in the books. They really enjoy that. I wish we were in a better position to adopt. I'd love to have a daughter. Maybe later, if hopefully Jacob continues to progress and mature emotionally. His emotional IQ is still pretty far behind his academic IQ, as those of you who know him realize. Typical for most with Autism, but the more he is socialized, the better he advances. Baby steps.....Gracie has been a Godsend. I think she's something of an empath, like her Nana-Joy. She is able to not only relate to him, but to kind of predict how he will react to situations and head off meltdowns. Prepares him, helps him to calm down during activities that cause him stress. To focus and just “chill.” It wouldn’t surprise me if, in addition to her many varied ambitions, she goes into teaching or treating special needs children some day. She would be a natural! 


God knows.....I am so sorry for the double tragedy and those poor children who have to live on with this: the sudden and violent loss of both parents. I pray they have extended family, there on the reservation or elsewhere, who can provide them with a stable home life. Thank you for doing what you can for them. 🙏


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Ruth Ann, you're welcome. Sorry it reached you too late to take advantage of further savings. I especially love that color of nail polish. Subtle, but still a nice little pop of color! I badly need a manicure after so much gardening, etc. Time for a haircut, too! Glad you have your wedding gift shopping wrapped up! Now you can relax and prepare to enjoy. Don’t forget to stuff your handbag with tissues! You and me....we always cry at weddings. ☺️ 


You should be recieving the K-Fest photo prints today or tomorrow, along with Gwen and Steve's card. 



MsLomo, I hope that you and your family enjoy the chops! I'm finding all kinds of uses for the spicy mustard now - other than on a ham and cheese sandwich. I still await my hoodies (and my ice cream maker) but that's okay. I need to clean out my fall/winter side of the closet this evening. Getting rid of things I just don't wear. I'm developing a real problem with sensitive, itchy skin to lots of materials. 


I wasn't born until '73, and though I have seen much of the footage of the moon landing....these anniversary shows were so poignant. We enjoyed them very much and I couldn't help but cry a bit, too. 




The courage and dedication it took, for that “one small step” is beyond me! Then, too, imagine hearing your husband’s (son's or dad's) voice and actually seeing him from so very far away. Then wondering and worrying if they'd make it back. 


Must have been so awe-inspiring for all of you fortunate enough to witness it LIVE for the first time!


Ha-ha....I did notice my mom's and her sisters' hair styles and very close to some of their fashion picks, too. In fact, I’ve seen some of those fashions come back around lately. One of my aunts wore the mini skirts, those half-blouses that sort of hung loose above the belly button and white go-go boots with fringe. Her hair was teased up on top with big flips at the bottom. Must have used a ton of hairspray! Huge hoop earrings and love beads. She was the “wild child” who attended Woodstock and was very counter-culture. Used to worry my grandparents endlessly. Get this; she ended up married to a Pentecostal preacher and they had 5 kids. They are still together and still do mission work all over the world. You never can tell where life will lead us. 


Now I'm picturing you looking like Susan Lucci - who is such a living doll - in your workout clothes and smart shoes, of course! Have fun and all my best to your hubby. 🙏


❤️ to all from Agnes