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Hello to all  Well.....just wanted to check in and let everyone know that it is week three for me---going back to work after the accident. 


I am noticing subtle changes in how I feel.  I am walking much better but not like before.  A little slower and more deliberate.  The more I walk, the better it is for me, although, I want to "sit" most of the time.  I am not driving long distances---my commute is usually 45 minutes each way.  I am still at my brother's house for a few more weeks.


Hello, Snappy; hope that you check in soon.  We miss you.  Hi, Cute, Selah, Rowan, Bathina, NAES, Lurky, Hilo, Delaney.


Hi, MsLomo.....miss you, too.  Hope that things are okay with you.  WE are on lock down in CA.  When will it ever end?


Take care and be safe.



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Hello, will not believe this.  About an hour ago, a co-worker came into the office and said that someone hit my car in the parking lot.  I almost had a heart attack.  Yes, someone backed into the right rear fender and dented it but didn't break the tail light (hit and run).


It is always something.  I am just numb at this point.  I haven't even had this car three months.  $1,000 deductible.  For pete's sake.  At least, I wasn't hurt this time.

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Hi everyone, I haven't even thought about coming here for some time. Nothing is as it was, but Issy, I read the account of your terrible accident and am so very thankful you survived and are back at work. Oh so sorry about all of it, and now the damage to your brand new car! 


So wonderful that your brother was there for you and helped you so much. I know you have always been close.


Haven't read other posts, so don't know how things are with our other friends here.

The best thing I can tell you is that DD#2 was able to retire the end of May. The Lord brought everything together to make it abundantly clear that it was time, and He enabled her to have enough income to live here.

Actually, I need her help now. The last few months she worked from home after the school was closed because of Covid 19. Teaching from home as best she could. She's not been able to get any real rest since. She's had pink eye and is still using drops that haven't healed things. It's been weeks, and she sees Dr. Eye Candy  next Monday.


I have't had the serious UTI symptoms for a while, and am SO thankful. I had terrible pain in my arms, so my new PC doctor gave me cortisone shots in both shoulders last week. It has helped tremendously, but I think I may have other reactions to the medication. 

We are not able to see the family, just as you are all experiencing. The little girls are growing up with just pictures and audio/visual text messages. Star is 3, her baby sister will be 8 months old on the 25th and Sunny was 2 on July 3. We were not able to have parties for them, but GS picked up the gifts we had for them and duod us pictures of the girls opening their presents which was a special thing.

We are all wearing masks whenever we leave the house for any reason, but I only go to doctor's offices. DD does all the shopping which concerns me somewhat, but everyone is very careful and things are clean. 

Tomorrow I see my dermatologist which will be sort of scary. I am concerned that the nose cancer has spread over part of my face and perhaps the orbital bone, but I don't know of course. 

I see the cardiologist on Thursday. First time this year.

Everyone in the family has stayed well as far as I know, at least not acquiring Covid, just kids coughs, etc. 


I'm very afraid of having to be in the hospital for any reason, not just because of the panic disorder I have, but because nobody can be with patients these days, and I'd rather stay here away from anyone than risk that.

Issy, I'm so sorry, but so grateful you were spared in that accident. Just terrible. 

I continue to do all my clothes shopping from the Q and all other shopping through Amazon. The packages take longer to get here than before, but eventually they mostly do. 

We think we will be able to have haircuts on Monday. Both of us need it. I'm using scrunchies at night to keep my hair back. 

Hi to everyone. Someday this will pass, but honestly, I don't know how or when.





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Issy, for heaven's sake! Not your new car! UGH. I am hoping that there is surveillance video somewhere on the building or in the parking lot that will show who hit your car so you can file a claim with his or her insurance company. Unbelievable! You have really been through it lately! It sounds like you are making progress and feeling better, though, which is good news. How is Mr. 6'2?


So much has changed since our old posting days. What happened to Joan's dog who was so protective of you? I just thought of that dog and the gifts that you'd give Joan at Christmas (Joyce Boyce, etc.). So sad!


Snappy, nice to see you. Excellent that DD#2 has the income for the house and that she doesn't have to teach any longer. I hope both of you can sleep in every morning! She'd be getting ready to go in soon to fix up her classroom for the new students, and thankfully those days are over for her. How is DD#1 and her husband?


Covid has kept a lot of families and friends apart. I am thankful for FaceTime. 


We are experiencing a surge in Covid cases where I live. It irritates me when I go in a grocery store and some customers aren't wearing masks even though there's a sign on the entry door that masks are required. Today I went to Aldi's -- first time in a long time, and only my second time ever -- and a family of five and one couple weren't wearing masks. I moved as far away as I could from these people while I felt my blood pressure go up. 


I usually shop at Publix, and nearly everyone wears a mask there, although some people let the mask drop to below their nose. When I see that, I say something to the person to remind him or her to lift the mask to cover the nose. Everyone (so far) has thanked me for the reminder. It's obvious that I'm a woman of (very) "advanced youth," so hopefully that is what stops someone from yelling at me (or worse) when I say something about the dropped mask.


Another annoyance for me is (some) others' failure to observe the one-way traffic in grocery store aisles. It did take me a week or two of wrong-way cart driving before I realized the signs on the floor, but when I jokingly said to one man as he tried to squeeze past me going the wrong way in a narrow aisle, "Uh oh, you're going to get a ticket for going the wrong way," he glared at me and said (loud irritated voice), "I KNOW!" And he didn't back up; he just kept on slowly going the (wrong) way he was going. So I said, "Oh, that's great. Real nice." At that point, I wanted to bop him on the head with a roll of aluminum foil (the big roll, heavy-duty), which was to my immediate right on the shelf. I did not do that, but I'm thinking grocery shopping is not good for my mental health and that I have lost my patience and some of my filters/inhibitions! 


Take good care! 

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Hello, Snappy lady.  I am so happy that you checked in to give us an update on what is going on with you and your family.  So sorry that you have been experiencing some pain in the shoulders.  I am so grateful to still have your friendship after all of these years.


It is so wonderful that your daughter was able to retire and be with you every day.  I know that she was anxious about the situation but it has all worked out.  I hope that Mr. Eye Candy can help her with her eye problem.  That must be so frustrating.  The both of you need a good rest.  Happy to hear that the babies are growing and thriving.


A co-worker told me yesterday that "since your accident, you have been very quiet".  Give me a break.......I am tired and not quite myself yet.  Besides, life is different now.  The Covid-19 has changed the way that we live, and for me, it is just too much of a hassle to do certain things.  We have to improvise, and nothing will ever be the same.


I want you to know that I love you and appreciate your friendship very much.  Try to take care of yourself.

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Hi, glad that you checked in, too.  I hear you about the shopping.  It just seems like such a hassle now, and you know, I usually love to shop.    Mr. 6'2" is doing very well, and he has helped me a lot after I had my accident.  BTW, his first name is "Jay".  


To answer your question about Joan's dog, (Sunny), she passed away last year.  Joan's husband got another dog, a pit bull and I don't like him at all.  He brought the dog across the street to introduce me to him but I sort of backed up from him, although he is a puppy, I don't trust that breed of dog at all.  I can't for the life of me understand why he chose that one.  He says that the dog is very affectionate but I am not taking any chances.  I miss hearing Sunny bark when people would get close to me.  She was a very sweet dog.  All she wanted was for you to pet her and give her a treat.  I enjoyed her so much.


OMG.....I almost forgot to tell you something.  I sent a text to Simone about someone hitting my car in the parking lot, and she sent me a text back......she had a car accident the very same day that I had the incident in the parking lot at work.  The pictures show her beautiful, new black Mercedes dented in from the left passenger side on back to the back fender/flat tire, etc.  She was going across the intersection (had the green light), and a jerk ran a red light and hit her.  She wasn't hurt but she said that she was totally disgusted.  Can you imagine that?


Hoping that you and your famillia are doing okay.  These are very trying times for all of us but I do appreciate your making the effort to check in.  


Take care, dear lady.



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Hello, Everyone.......just checking in.  It has been a whole month that I have been back to work, and I am kind of getting into the swing of things but I am doing some things differently.  Walking better but I still have pain.


So......I was driving down the street the other day, and as I approached the intersection (the light was green), I see out of the corner of my eye to the left.......a big, white SUV traveling very fast and I realize that he is going to run the red light.   Well, he comes barreling through the intersection, and then, I hear sirens.   Two police cars were right behind him, in hot pursuit.  So he was running from the police and almost caused a very serious accident.  Lucky for me I was slowing down and stopped, along with the other cars.  What is wrong with people?


Hello, Snappy; I miss you very much.  Hi, Cute, Delaney, Selah, Lurky, Agnes, QAnu, Rowan, Bathina, NAES and all who read here.


Carry on and take care.

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Thanks very much for the name! Jay is so much easier to type than the other name!


Yes, it's hard to believe how many bad drivers there are on the road these days! It's pretty much good luck that we can make it back home every day without some mishap. Today, I was in my lane going straight, and the next second, the person (I believe a male) to my left sped up and swerved into my lane and missed my car by a hair. No warning, no signal, nothing. The tag said "Mississippi," so maybe it was a guy who wasn't familiar with the location. "He" didn't show any awareness of what he had just done. No waving "sorry" or ANYTHING! All I could do at that moment was brake to avoid a collision and shake my head. I didn't even have time to blow the horn, which is probably good, as, who knows, that could have sent the driver into a rage.


Was there any surveillance in the parking lot or other information about who hit your car and also Simone's? I hope so!


Sad that Sunny has passed. That dog sure loved you. I understand your reaction to the new dog. 


Nothing happening here. All of us are continuing to try to be careful to stay healthy. 


Sorry you are still in pain. How are your knees? Is the bruising gone?

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Hello, happy to see you.  Wow, you, too had a close call driving.  I am noticing it more, I guess because of my accident. 


There were no cameras in the parking lot, and Simone was hit by a young twenty something girl, going too fast and not paying attention.  Simone said that she kind of felt sorry for her because the girl sat down on the curb and started crying and apologizing profusely.  Her car is still at the repair shop.    BTW......she just sent me a text saying that she bought another car this past Sunday.  She already has a black S550, and now, she purchased a  black E350 Mercedes, which is smaller.  Plus, she has a white Mercedes SUV.  That is her car of choice.


My right knee is still a little swollen, and there is still a little pain but the bruising is gone.  I did get a big red spot on my right knee because I was using the ice pack directly on the knee---without wrapping a towel around it first---like a freezer burn but it sure did feel good at the time.  I am walking better.  BTW, my ankles and feet were swelling up, too.  I was feeling a little unsteady when walking.  I won't be running any marathons any time soon.  I never realized how much damage a car can do until you get injured, and I was lucky.  


How is your son doing?  We are all here in CA just trying to stay healthy and out of harm's way.  The face mask mandate makes me paranoid.  I can't stand that thing on my face for very long.  Went into the bank yesterday and could hardly stand it.  Luckily, it was around 2:30 p.m., and there weren't many people in there.  They only let five people in the bank at a time.    I don't think that this thing will end any time soon.  This is a new way of life.  Simone said that she found her car online, paid for it and had it delivered to her door.  I do love that convenience.  


Hello to Snappy, Cute, Bathina, NAES, Lurky, Rowan, SelahG, QAnu, Agnes and Jacob, and Delaney.  Hope that everyone is safe.  See you soon.





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Hello, everyone.   Just checking in.  It has been quite a while since any of us have posted, and I miss all of you.  I am feeling much better now since my car accident but I still have endured some residual effects.  I am going back and forth from my brother's house.  Sometimes, I don't feel like making that 45 to 1 hour commute, so I just stay at his house.  This may be the "new normal" for a while.


We have had horrible fires in CA, and the past two or three weeks have been awful for so many people.  We are not in the danger zone but can smell the smoke from far off places.  Plus, trying to stay healthy during the pandemic.  I haven't been out shopping at all.....just buy gas when I have to.


Hello, Snappy; hope that you are doing okay.  Hi, MsLomo......hope that you are fine as well.  A big shout out to Cute, Bathina, Qanu, Rowan, Selah, NAES, Lurky and Delaney.  I think about all of you quite often.  Hello to Hilo.  Would love to know how you are doing.


So, I don't have any big plans for the Labor Day Weekend.  Hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday.