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Hello Miss Iss! Good to read your post and know that life moves on for us all, when we're not playing here, even though it seems we're going backwards with restrictions due to Covid. I'm saying my prayers that it doesn't get as bad as last year 😢

Time sure does fly. Hal is 10! His mom just texted me. They are at an outdoor lawn concert. He waved at me from his lawn chair, wearing his Dunder Mifflin Paper Company sweatshirt. He's quite the character and just loves old rock and roll. Led Zeppelin, The Who. His father is very musically inclined so I'm not surprised at his taste in music. The concert they were at was classical music which my daughter said he enjoyed.

I ask him if he likes Dua Lipa and he very emphatically tells me he doesn't listen to pop music. 😜

Can't believe little Lijah isn't so little anymore. 

Is 6'2 still driving a Tesla? Every time I see one, I think of him. You were the first person I "knew" to drive one. Do you recommend?

I've been using Glossier makeup and skincare these days. It's new to me. Also started using Christophe Robin haircare. The shampoo is in a jar, and it feels like sugar scrub. It dissolves in your hair and smells divine. Have you found any interesting health and beaty aids?

Nice to see you Issy. Hello to all hello-ers. Hope Snappy is staying well.

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Hello, has been a while since I have been here, and I had to reset my password and name.  It is Issy375 instead of Issy379.  Hopefully, I won't have to do that again.  


Gee whiz.  The year is just flying by, and I have been really busy.  I am hoping that everything is okay with the wonderful ladies in our little circle. 


Yes, little Lijah started school, and he loves it.  He is going to a private kindergarten because the school that he was originally scheduled to go to had an outbreak of covid.  BTW, Mr. 6'2" is still driving a Tesla, although he has a new one.  I would recommend them but I have to say that the back seat is a little tight.  Of course, I am not riding in the back seat but I did notice it.  To answer your question about beauty, etc.  I haven't found anything interesting lately but your makeup choice sounds great.  I will have to check it out.


Hi, MsLomo.......hope that you are doing well.  Did you find a new "walking" partner yet?  Things have gotten hectic in CA with all the wild fires and super hot/dry conditions.  On some days, I can smell the smoke, although it is far away from where I live.


The community center next door to our office is starting to have more people coming in to be vaccinated.  My nephew, got Covid, although he was fully vaxed.  Luckily, he had a mild case.  He said that he let his "guard" down.  I am waiting to hear about a booster shot, and you can bet that I will be first in line for it.  Simone's niece, also, contracted Covid........she took a job at a restaurant, and that is where she got infected.  She is really sick but is expected to recover.  You have to be so careful, and even then, you can get infected.  This is a very scary time for all of us, and it is taking it's toll on some people.


Things are opening up, andthe  downtown merchants  had a little "welcome back" vendor fair recently that was well attended. 


Hello, Snappy.  Hope that you and your daughter are well.  We really do miss you but we understand how difficult it is for you these days.


Hello, Cute; we miss you, too.  Hello, Lurky, Selah, Rowan, Delaney, NAES, Agnes and QAnu. 


Until next time..........Cheers.  



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Hello, JamandBread.   I just wanted to let you know that I tried the Christophe Robin shampoo, and it is "divine".  Don't know why I hadn't discovered it before now.  I am still using my tried and true standard products but I am open for a change.


I received a text from Little Lijah's mother yesterday.  He woke up Saturday night, and he said that he couldn't breathe.  The paramedics were called, and he was rushed to the ER.  He has an upper respitory infection.  They gave him a steroid shot (I believe) to help him.  He tested negative for Covid but they can't be sure that he didn't have it earlier because the jury is still out when it comes to the children.  He will be five years old in October.  Needless to say, his family was stressed out over the weekend.  It is doubly hard because he also has asthma.  I am certainly hoping that he will be okay.  You can do all of the right things, and still.........things go wrong in a hurry.


Hello, MsLomo........hope that you are doing okay.  I remember when we used to look at the Serious Skin Care and Dimitri James shows on the shopping channels.  I haven't watched anything for such a long time.  We have so many "outlets" to catch our interest.  I will never forget that you were the one to get me started watching for the clearance items on HSN.  Those were the good old days.  


Hello, Snappy.  I hope that you and your family are dong well.  Hi, Cute.  We miss you.  I hope that everyone can stay safe.  



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Greetings Issy, Ms. Lomo, Snappy and everyone else:


It's been such a long time since I've been here; can't imagine where the time has gone.


You are all so sweet, I only wish I had been a regular here when you first started these discussions so I would known you better.


I don't remember if I had mentioned before that I had tried to get in touch with one of the Kindred Spirit ladies a few months ago, actually twice by email and there was no answer either time,  I also found Delaney's email address and keep intending to message her too but  just seem to forget,  I was told by both Bobbie Sue and Jubilant how much they were encouraged by her emails when they were going through some pretty rough days Will tell her you all ask about her when I do write..


So far, no more falls but I can truthfully say that the footed cane drives me crazy Ms. Lomo. Almost fell over one of the feet but maybe that's just me ....clumbsy and often in too much of a hurry....even my mind goes in too many directions!


I do recommend acupuncture very highly.  It has worked for me many times, especially with a sluggish  digestive system. Donna, my daughter is now completely pain free,because of this method.  She recently told me that she had spent more money going from doctor to doctor and receiving no relief than she did with all 8 treatments of acupuncture.  Mine is now working on my heart which is quite weak. Not all insurance pays but mine does.and Since I live in the NIH area (Md) this is a very common practice here (No, the needles don't hurt. lol...


All my family has had the shots but me so. My social visits are now exclusively to my Doctors. (plural)  One of my reasons for not doing so are due to fear of reactions with other meds but am on the alert to know all that's happening.. 


Thanks so much for your concerns about my son ...the meds seem to be helping his depression to a degree but it's far from perfect.  The doctors are afraid his cancer may have spread more so will be doing more tests next month.  How I wish as a Mother, it was I who had the cancer, instead of him.  All we can do now is hope and pray , treasure the good days we have with him.and pray that the pain can be relieved.  We were quite concerned too about the bills but it seems his insurance has been covering it all, so thankful for that. In spite of complaining about our medical system here, I need to be thankful to live in the USA where we have the options of so many more treatments for various illnesses than in othe countries.  


Finally, what has happened to the Q?  I too remember the good old days when there were many choices and the prices were within reach of those like me.  Today, it's the same old, same old,,few classics and items that will be out of style in a few years. I too, always enjoyed buying clothing on these sites and at some good prices., even though I don't really need them now.  Lately, many of the models are being stuffed into clothing two sizes too small which makes them even less appealing.And some of the older hosts are truly missed.


Take care ladies and thank you again for your kind words and concerns.


With love and good wishes,


Lois (HiLo)


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@cute t 


If you go to the new mellyg proboards forum, you'll see a new hello thread there. Heart


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Hello friends,


Glad to see some of my old buddies here. Honestly, I don't think about posting. The Q has taken positions on things I know to be wrong, so I am careful who I watch and what I buy. Still get all my clothing here. I seldom leave the house.

Mobility is more and more an issue. Showers are really hard. Am so grateful for DD#2 with whom I live. She is 62 now which is mind blowing, and she's my youngest. 

None of us has had covid. We are planning to all be together on Saturday for fall birthdays. If so, it will be the first time since Covid. My 4 little great granddaughters are growing so fast. Star is 4 1/2, in TK doing very well. 

Her sister is turning 2 next month. Is having speech therapy and PT to teach her to not walk on tiptoes, which she does and falls a lot. She may be autistic.

Sunny is 3 1/2, in pre school 2 days a week. She is a sweet girl. Her baby sister is 8 months old, crawling all over getting into things. 

Today my drug store texted that it's time for my booster vaccination. I'll check with my doc to make sure she wants me to get it, but I know she is pro vaccine. 


God bless each of you and meet you in the place of your need. Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas just in case I'm not here at that time. 



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@snappyfrappy !!! YAY! So wonderful to see you. I'm sorry that mobility is an issue and that showers are so hard. I am sending you gentle hugs and lots of love. If you feel like it, you can go to the "new place," but I'll check in here soon in case you post again. I hope you do. Heart


Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you, too, in case we do not see you here then. I think about you when I put presents in the gift bags I got here at the Q, thanks to you. Heart



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Yay.........what a nice surprise.  I always am concerned for your safety, and I am sorry to hear that you have a mobility issue.  It is such a blessing that you are living with DD#2.  Glad that you will be getting the booster shot.  I will at some point, too.  They community center next to my office is very busy now.  It is a vaccination center, and the parking lot is always, full except on Mondays when they are closed.


My, how the great granddaughters have grown.  The time just seems to be flying by.  Star is in kindergarten like little Lijah.  Little Lijah is doing quite well in school and is super smart.  I think that he has adjusted and is interacting with the other children better.  For a while there, he was bossing the sandbox.


Hello, MsLomo.........good to see you, too.  I am just busy at work.  I went to the post office this morning, and two men were arguing outside, and almost got into a fight.  I was sitting in my car waiting for them to stop arguing-----apparently, one of the men owed the other one some money.  This is such a crazy world that we live in, and you never know when something is going to escalate into something violent.  I haven't done much shopping.  I am just trying to chill out.  I haven't been over to the Proboards yet.........but I will.


Hello, Cute, we miss you.  Greetings to Hilo.  I am always happy to see you, too.  I shall return soon.  Take care, everyone.



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Hello, Snappy.   Thanks for stopping by.  The "Hello" thread is still here.  I believe on Page 5 or 6.  We have missed you.  Hope that you come back soon.  Everyone seems to be doing okay.



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Hello, MsLomo........I hope that you are doing well.  We are having beautiful weather in CA----75 to 80 degrees in February.  No rain in sight, although we need it badly.


Things are going well for me.  Just plugging along and trying to stay healthy.  Covid has changed the way that we live.  I don't know when it will be "normal" again.  The community center is still busy next to my office giving booster shots, and the surrounding stores seem to be busier now.


Hello, Snappy........I was so happy that you made the effort to stop by.  I do hope that you are doing okay.  I haven't been doing any shopping lately.  The mask restrictions are going to be lifted in my area but I will still wear a mask.  


Greetings to JamandBread.   I hope that you are doing okay, too!!!  Hi, Cute, Selah, AgnesAnn and Jacob, NAES, Rowan and Lurky.


Hi, HILO.  How is your son doing?  Well, I have a day off on Monday for Presidents Day.  Looking forward to it.  Stay safe, and I will be back soon.  Love to all.