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For Snappy and family, with love and prayers: 




Shirley is now beyond all suffering, has entered blessed peace. She was called Home so quickly after moving to her daughter's. After the many up and downs, it's no wonder that you feel numb. 


I pray for your strength and comfort to make it through these next appointments with good results. 


Much love to you and yours, 

-Selah 💐


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Dearest Snappy




We are all holding you in our loving thoughts and caring hearts as we pray for you and your dear family. 


Ruth Ann 💗

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Hi, Lurky, thanks for checking in with us.  That picture of Smokey and the milk shake was priceless.  Never thought that a cat would like it.  I have been busy and doing a little shopping here and there.  I found a new discount store, so I'm happy.


Missing all of the ladies......Hi Rowan, Bathina, Selah, Waja, Agnes, QAnu (hope that you have healed and feeling better), NAES, Cute (we miss you).  Hi, Delaney.....what is your little cutie doing?  He brings such joy to everyone.  


MsLomo......hope that you are feeling great.  I did order a Chaco Canyon TSV--huge turquoise ring.  It is really pretty, and I am happy with it.


Hello, Snappy.  I sincerely hope that the healing process has started for you.  Keeping you and your family in my prayers. 


So, I will be back ladies.



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Hello, Issy. Nice to see you. I, too, loved the pic of Smokey and the milkshake, but I thought it was a photoshopped "joke" pic. (If it's "for real," it is wonderful!) 


I hope Snappy is doing OK. She has been through a lot in a short time. I know it's hard for her to post, and I understand. I am also hoping that Cute t (Devia) and her family are fine. This thread was hers and Snappy's, and you and I helped keep it alive so we could all stay in touch after the HSN forums crashed. I realize that "life happens," and things change.


We met some wonderful people years ago at the HSN forum, such as Bassetbabe (and many others). It has been so nice to see Bathina here, and, of course, LadyAnn, who rescued this thread after I had started a couple of the "hello" threads that got their footing and then were lost in the Q's administrative "hiccups." The lovely KS Ladies joined us here in support, and each one of them has been humorous, informative, loving, and loyal.


I send HeartHeartHeart and hugs to everyone who has been a part of this loving group. 


P.S. The Scanpans I got at Williams Sonoma are grrrreat (SCANPAN TechnIQ Nonstick Fry Pan Set, 8" & 10" for $119). Many thanks for this recommendation, as well as the one for NAOT shoes!

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Hi, MsLomo......thanks for stopping by today.  Yes, I miss the ladies on the HSN forums.  That was such a fun time for all of us.  I have been doing a little shopping, and Cleo has been hooking me up with some blinged out purses.  I also purchased the Chaco Canyon Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring (TSV).  


Speaking of shopping, Simone is looking for a new house.  This will be her "forever" home.  She drove me by one of her prospects on Wednesday, and then we drove further down into another section of the community, and the homes looked like we were in Beverly Hills--simply stunning.  She looked at a house last night that she said is simply breath taking--could be her "forever" home.  I will find out at lunch time what she has decided.  I am really happy for her because she deserves it.  Simone does a lot in the community.  She helps a lot of women who have hair issues and also donates some wigs to cancer patients, etc. 


Hello, to my dearest Snappy.  Although you are not able to come here right now, you are always loved by all of us.  Wishing peace and comfort........


Hi Cute; we miss you.  Hope that you let us know how you and Mr. Cute are doing.  Hi, Delaney, QAnu, Selah, NAES, Bathina, Agnes, Waja and Lurky.  Hope that all of you are doing okay.


I will return soon.   Take care.

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Hello, dear ones. Thank you for praying for me and my sister's family. Two of her girls have been working hard to go through all her things. Everything that nobody in the family wanted has been given to a women's charity in their community. Her house is clean. Needs lots of work, but will go on the market tomorrow. We are praying it sells quickly so they don't have to pay the mortage next month.

Her special needs son seems to be doing very well living with his sister and her boy friend whom he likes a lot.

He has his own room and all his special things and clothing and is able to continue working where he has for years.

His routine isn't altered. We don't know how he really feels or if something will surface in the future, but he seems just fine. He knows his sister is his "person" now. She has gone to SS and arranged to be the one who receives his checks, and is his care giver.

The son who has been estranged from his mom for so many decades talked with her on the phone and told her he loved her and that this is the beginning of her new life with God.

Friday was the memorial service at a veteran's cemetery.

It was outside under a covering. They keep them brief. A half hour and then you move on so the next group can have the space. They asked my son who has a license to marry and bury to officiate. I was so very proud of him. He made it personal and gave the Gospel. There were unsaved people there. God promises that His Word will never return to Him void, therefore we know that He will use it in the lives of the hearers.

We took my wheelchair which was definately the right thing to do. The Lord granted me grace and strength and I'm thankful. They positioned me sort of front and center. Gave me a corsage. DD#2 put Star, who is more than 2 years old now, on my lap and that little baby girl sat there for the entire time. She said nothing and made no effort to get down. She was God's gift to me. The happiness I always feel when I get to hold her so far outweighed any sadness that I'm in awe of the blessing God gave me in that little girl who is so sweet.

Every single person in my family was there. That wasn't true on my sister's side, so I am thankful for my children, grandkids and the babies. I was so proud of them,

We all went out to lunch afterward and the Lord enable me to do that too.

I met one of my sister's grandsons who lives in Hawaii. His mother who was married to my nephew and he came over here just to attend the service and visit a bit with his cousins then returned home yesterday. I have updated addresses for them and his sister who lives in DC.


There is an air of unreality about it all, but aside from fatigue, I'm okay. Not sleeping well yet, but enough.

DD#2 has been back at work for the past few days. Tomorrow is the first day for the kids. She's teaching K. A morning group and one in the afternoon, overlaping at mid day. She's afraid to leave me, but I think I'm still okay alone. It's harder to shower and do other things, but the Lord shows me ways to make things easier and I'm glad.


I can tell you now that the new baby on the way was going to be Willow, but that name has gone the way of Oliver. So, now I know what they say her name will be, but my son says not to get anything monogramed until I see the birth certificate. They are giving her my middle name as hers. So, guess who is glad about that???


I hope I can get back here more regularly. It takes a long time to get out of bed, washed or showered and dressed, and bed time takes time also, but at least I can still do those things. Everyone has something, or will.

I hope MrLomo is doing better. And HiLo's son, and everyone else.

Thank you for your prayers. God was SO gracious and kind to all of us.


snappy HeartHeart

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Oh, Snappy, soooo good to hear from you and read all of the wonderful and touching events. Dear Shirley, her special-needs son (blessings on his sister who is caring for him) and her estranged son (thank God), your entire family at the service, your son officiating, baby Star on your lap ... all blessings. When you described Star on your lap and how she sat there so still, I think your DH was there with both of you.


Thrilled for you about the soon-to-be baby's middle name -- ALL RIGHT! I am praying the house sells quickly. I hope DD#2's overlapping group is a good experience -- nothing overwhelming. She'll find out soon. I wish her peace and that she doesn't worry too much about you during the day.  


With everything going on in your life, I am very touched that you would ask about Mr. Lomo. You are a sweetie, Snappy! Well, Mr. Lomo seems to be coming back. I see glimpses of his old self now and then -- on some days a lot of his old self. I read somewhere that the hardest thing to do is grieve the loss of someone who is still alive. That pretty much says it. I live in a state where tears are "right there," ready to burst out full-on. I spent some time pushing them away, but now I don't. I realize that it's healthier to quit trying to tamp down feelings, because they'll pop up somewhere else (and it may not be pretty). Of course, I do tamp down if I'm in the grocery store or somewhere else public. But when I'm alone, I let myself go.


Well, glad to see you back here!!! We'll all come back when we can ... no pressure ... just HeartHeartHeart.

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Hello Snappy:

So glad to see you back and that the Lord provided the grace you needed for this very difficult time in your life.  A sister is a wonderful gift but they like all others in our lives are only on loan for awhile.  But we are all too human to actually think like this.


Was so concerned for her son but am delighted to see that he seems to be settling in well with his sister...he will miss his Mom but will adapt with time, such a blessing to have a man around that he likes.too.  How wonderful he is able to find a job he likes!


I can see how your little ggrandai would be such a fortunate it is to have all your family so near.and your son presenting the gospel. That is a wonderful opportunity to share with others who may never have the same opportunity again.


Praying that the house will sell soon and at a good many extra expenses are involved when a home is on the market for a long time and the family doesn't need any more expense.


Was Shirley buried or did she choose to be cremated?   We choose burial but I understand and don't object to anyone doing it the other the end God will put our bodies back together again anyway.


It was tramatic to learn that my son's thyroid tumor has spread to the brain but after our latest visit to Hopkins we left encouraged.  Seems they are offering a new treatment for brain tumors, especially if they are not large, called Cyber Knife.  This is a treatment that Hopkins choose instead of the Gamma Knife they formerly offered. Radiation goes directly to the tumor and doesn't  affect any other tissue. It only takes 1 or 2 hour long treatments; you not not put to sleep and have no pain.seems you can drive home by yourself too.  The only after effect could possibly be headaches but in spite of that downside something has to be done.  He has not had RAI for thyroid removal yet, this is the thing I must fear because this treatment is known to possibly bring on other tumors.  Your own children, Snappy, were some of the exceptions  to this possibility, thank God., even the doctors aren't too positive about good results for their patients anymore.  I would ask for continued prayer to make wise decisions in all the upcoming events.  So far, everything has fallen right into place, schedules, I know God has been in charge.


As Ms. Lomo posted, please take care of yourself and post when you feel up to it....that's about all I can do too; Lauren has left but now there are 2 men living here and 2 dogs..  Only do the minimum around my house anymore....I didn't understand how my Mother felt at the time but I sure do now. there is little desire left to go out anymore and have suddenly developed a dislike for driving more than a short distance from home.  My neighbors who are the same age, also feel this way. The world is in such a state, it's upsetting to try to keep up with current news.  Remember in that song "The King is Coming" are the words "my redemption draweth nigh", either way we can't lose.


Love you and hope to write again when I can.; know you will do the same.


Blessings to all the other ladies who post here too and my utmost thanks for all the caring and prayers.







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Ms. Lomo:


Your feelings are perfectly natural, Ms. Lomo.  Watching a loved one fail is one of the hardest things in life. Sometimes when trying to hold back the tears it feels like one is actually choking.  Whenever possible, it's best to let it all out.but I'm sure you understand all this.


Want you to know I am praying that God will give you the grace and peace you need to get through this most difficult time in your life.  Been through it all myself, so I do understand.


God bless you, Ms. Lomo.



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Dear HiLo, thank you so much for your kind note. I really appreciate it. 


Johns Hopkins is a wonderful place, and the Cyber Knife treatment sounds very encouraging. I am praying for your son's health and for your wellbeing as you both face the future. Positive thoughts going up. Heart