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Hi Lurky,


My Gs and his wife opted to find out the gender at the reveal along with everyone else. I think almost everyone was thinking "boy" and certainly I was hoping so. But all the confetti popped out pink, so Star will be having a baby sister in November. I'm a bit sad about it for my GS who wanted a boy, but God never makes mistakes and this little one will be a good playmate for Star and make sharing a room easier for years to come if necessary.

Haven't spoken with my GS, but I know he will say it's just fine with him.

I wanted hubby's sur name to go on another generation, but what does that really matter? It's his faith that we want to go on and that's a matter for prayer and witness as we are able.

Thank you for the information about the Azo products. I have some of them and RX for other things. It's a balancing act. Unless the Lord heals me, which He can do any time, this infection will not go away, so it's management. For me, it's dealing with the sore skin from the acidic medication that kills bacteria, and it's not easy some days, but worth it. I see that doc in August. I take antibiotics every morning and evening and probably always will.


Well, you asked about the eye doc. My insurance won't cover me going there any more. I have an appointment with him for this month. I'll pay cash. He knocked $20. off the office visit. Maybe I can see him on this basis regularly. I wanted to talk with him about it.

The insurance company didn't deny the stem cell patch, I didn't need it. I think there may be some pitting in my right cornea, but if I need a patch, I can pay for it myself.

I have a referral for the doctor they want me to see if it's necessary. This is in the Lord's hands where it belongs.


My sister didn't get an infusion today. Her daughter said that her balance issues are such that the doctor wants to do another MRI to see if there is more brain cancer. This is so scary for me, let alone her and her kids. I need to get out to see her while we know there is time. We don't know what a day will bring.


Do take care,

snappy Smiley Happy

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Snappy, dear- so good to see you today and to get the baby news! I do understand the mixed feelings for you and your GS, but how can we not rejoice at another healthy baby girl?! 💗 As you say, too, she can share a room with Star and enjoy all those hand-me-downs. What a savings that will be for her parents. Baby clothes get so little wear the first time around since infants and toddlers grow so fast. Oh, your dear hubby's memory will live on and on, through your GS and all who knew and love him still. Sunny's mom just may have a baby boy and name him after your hubby. How sweet that this GGD will have your name as her middle name! I know November can’t get here soon enough for you. Heaven bless this wee one and I'll pray for an easy delivery for her mommy. 


Oh, Lord.. so sorry that Shirley’s balance problems are worsening and she couldn’t go to have the infusion today. Sad and scary sums it up.. Hope you get there to visit with her soon. Maybe she will be at her daughter's for the 4th of July weekend. A nice time to gather, though this is so terribly hard. I'll pray for your courage and strength through grace. 


Good you know about the Azo line. Was the first I ever noticed it, and since you have to remain on the antibiotics for life; I hope it helps you control the yeast. I've had it a few times and the itching, burning and swelling is awful. I may buy some Azo to keep on hand, or to use as a preventative. I have to ask my doctor if it's safe for me first. I'll see him next week. 


How good of your eye doctor to chop some off his fee for you! This makes it more affordable for you to see him, and pay out of pocket. Sometimes it's worth it. You take care, too and God bless you! ❤️



Hello back to you, dear @Issy379! Best wishes to your friend with her new car. She'll be styling, for sure! 


I'll see Smoky this weekend when I go to visit Tom and family on the farm. I'll try to get a recent picture of him for you. I hear he's shedding like crazy, so maybe he'll let me brush him on the porch. We'll have a cookout to celebrate Independence Day. I'll help my SIL to make the sides indoors. Hoping for no rain so the children can get out and play. I love to watch them and hear their care-free laughter.


Enjoy all those kimonos! I've never had one, but they do look comfy and add color to the wardrobe. I may look for one while shopping this weekend for something to wear to Gwen's wedding. Haven’t decided on a pants suit or dress yet. At least I already have suitable shoes. I'll be thinking of you, and dear @MsLomo, too! ❤️❤️


With Love,

Ruth Ann 

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Hi, @LurkyLoo 

Ruth Ann! Good to see you. Will you wear the Gentle Souls shoes? How do they feel? And Issy, I am really feeling for your SIL, and I got big tears when you said you say hello to your brother when you pass the cemetery while you are driving.


@snappyfrappy, I am thinking it's Sunny who will be getting a brother ... but we shall see! All babies are blessings, but I understand your empathy for your GS who was looking forward to a boy this time. As you and others have said, the three girls will have such fun together, the sisters can share a room for years, and big savings on clothes, too. Depending on her personality, my suggestions include "Sparky," "Sassy," or "Scout." Glad the plumbers and drywall people are gone! Now you can really rest and not have to get up so early. When does school start back up for DD#2? I hope not for WEEKS.


Marcia, how about that Tyler is just about ready to start walking around! Sounds as if he's on the same timetable as DS. When DS started walking at 8-1/2 months, I couldn't believe my eyes. The little guy started out like a "drunken sailor" and then just like that, started walking around, checking out everything. So cute! I wish I could do it all over again, exhausting as it was! Smiley Happy


Issy, nice new car for a glam lady! And how about your new kimonos! Sounds like you've got some great shops for pretty things at fab prices.


I wish I could stay here longer tonight to write more to you sweeties, but I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Take good care ....  Heart

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Hello, dear kindred. Popping by to catch up with you since our travels that weren’t near so far as most for KS-Fest. I have heard that everyone has arrived safely home again, and I give thanks. 


Yesterday I had to attend to our veggie gardens. Weeds are a formidable foe! It's as though they know when we're otherwise occupied and seize the day(s)! I pulled them as I picked veggies, then returned to rake them up for the burn barrel. An all day job, but we're getting quite the bounty now. I'll make good use of some for dinner tonight. Making Summer Squash Melody - chopped squash, sautéd in olive oil and a two pats of butter, with sliced new potatoes, onions, green and red bell peppers, and I'm using sliced summer sausage instead of ham. I add garlic powder, red pepper flakes, dash of salt and sprinkle generously with Parmesan cheese at the end. This goes great with thick Texas Toast. It's sunny with low humidity here today, so the 90° is tolerable. Rain expected for the rest of the week, but I have many projects to keep me busy and I'll be working in the Crisis Center all day tomorrow. 


@HiLo - thinking of and praying faithfully for Rob and his medical team, as well as you and the family today. 🙏🏼 Thankful to read that some things are falling into place. It helps when you have family willing to support one another in whatever way they can. 


@snappyfrappy - our prayers continue for Shirley, you and your family. Hopefully the balance issues are another side-effect of the treatments and not the result of the brain cancer's further growth. Enjoy your time at Sunny's birthday party Sat, if you are able to make it. Sorry you and your GS didn't get a baby boy, but another girl is such a blessing to treasure. Especially in a world where girls are often not wanted in many cultures. I know you already dearly love this little one and the perfect nickname will come to you when you see her. Precious that she carries on your name in the middle! 


@Issy379 - I saw on the “news” that Kim K has named her new line, “Kimono” and had the name trademarked. Will those retailers selling actual kimonos have to call them something else? Enjoy your fabulous collection! I only have two, but wear them more often, as I get a little chilly from the AC in the evenings. They're just right for lounging when you need a little something on your shoulders. Perhaps your talented SIL will some day fashion her own line. Prayers for her and Joan. 


@DeLaney - your little guy is both adorable and so funny!! Mosey (mom's cat) figured out soon enough that he couldn’t possibly catch her - the little “drunk sailor” - that's the perfect description, @MsLomo! She then decided to tempt Tyler at every turn, then dash away. She does like her games, and seemingly never met a stranger. We couldn’t help but laugh at Tyler and Mike on the beach that evening … the look of abject shock on Mike's face as his trunks went down with Tyler's defeated fall. Then what he said: “Woah, it's not that kinda beach, son!” 😂 I believe Selah was ready with her camera in case we got the full Monty. 😉 How is BG? Did she cop a 'tude at being left behind for a week? I know that Dexter, your dog likely attacked you and Mike with wild abandoned affection when you picked him up from your neighbors. 


@LurkyLoo - you'll be lovely in whatever you choose to wear to the wedding! I hope Erin won’t have much difficulty while attending. Can’t wait to see Gwen's dress! What wedding gift did you choose? We'll send our cards to you and you can pass them along to the happy couple, if you don't mind. Mom is putting up some of your tomato and spaghetti sauce tomorrow. A good rainy day project and I can't wait to taste it. Sure to be primo! May make Chicken Parmesan with a fresh jar. It's so good of you to take in sewing from those neighbor gents, but careful … Reuben is sure to be jealous! 😉 


Wishing you all a nice week and Independence Day! We'll stay home, grill out (weather permitting) and watch the fireworks over the lake from our front porch. Better to leave those to the pros.


Much Love,

Ro' 😘


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Hello, ladies! Checking in on you while I have a few free moments. It's been non-stop around here since we returned from NC. Missing you KS ladies and your families already! Wish some of you could come and attend the 57th annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello ~ one of America’s most moving July 4th events ~ includes remarks by a featured speaker, a Jeffersonian Open House with free walk-through tours of the first floor, patriotic music and more! My dear friend, Sara and I will be volunteering there again, hosting the tours. Agnes went last year, but has to work this time, as does my DIL ~ Jax's mom, who wanted so badly to go. She has never seen it and wanted to cheer on our newest citizens. Very busy time of the year for mobile vets.


Hey, she learned when we got home that she had been awarded among the Top Ten Best Veterinarians in our state! Also the hospital she works through received the Best award for our area. So happy for them all ~ such a devoted group. We'll celebrate my DIL's achievement this weekend at the resort with a fancy dinner and dancing. I've been helping to decorate there for the patriotic theme for the 4th of July. My boss is naturally having the big fireworks display from the piers around the lake. The boats will be all decked out in red, white and blue lights. We'll enjoy that Sat, after our dinner and dancing. Haven't decided what to wear yet... Will depend on the weather. 




Happy Birthday, America and thanks to the many who sacrificed for our freedom and liberty! 🇺🇸


Rowan, I hear you about the gardening! We had to hire more seasonal help, as usual. Some of the local teens enjoy earning extra money while out of school, though, so it's all good. I have to get busy with the canning and freezing, though! I love that squash dish you made yesterday. It's even good with flaked smoked salmon ~ probably most any meat, poultry or fish. Blessings to you and your team in your efforts to help others at the Crisis Center. 😁 Selah and that ph camera! I would hate to see the secret shots she captured of me, but don’t blame her for trying to get that one of Mike. 😍 I keep telling Marcia he oughta be in the movies. Wowza!! I know he wouldn’t be interested in the least, though. Not the type. He’s a very intelligent man. I stop and listen to what he says. He’s soft spoken, mature, sagacious, engaging, and extremely insightful. Such a loving, attentive father and husband, too. Though adopted, I can already see shades of his and Marcia's personalities in Tyler. They absorb everything they're around! He heard your dad say, “kitty cat” once or twice and picked it right up. That Mosey... she is something else! Gracie adores her ~ would love to kitty-sit if y'all ever have the need. 💜

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In case you ladies haven’t heard yet, Angel (of Q.F.) lost her dear father last week. He was hit by a car, while out walking. Shocking and so sad... There's a thread in Q-Talk, that includes Angel's moving message from FB, with photos of her father. She's requesting prayers for her family, so thought you would want to know. 


I'm also praying for the family of Luis Alvarez, 911 first responder and NYPD Detective who has been laid to rest. Another American hero, who gave his all, and suffered terribly for years. 😪 


Dear, Hilo... we prayed for Rob's surgery yesterday and I hope he's recovering well and comfortably now. I looked up the Proton Therapy for cancer, and it sounds so advanced. Here is part of what I learned for any unfamiliar with it, as I was: 


“Proton therapy is a type of external beam radiotherapy that uses ionizing radiation. In proton therapy, medical personnel use a particle accelerator to target a tumor with a beam of protons. These charged particles damage the DNA of cells, ultimately killing them by stopping their reproduction. Cancerous cells are particularly vulnerable to attacks on DNA because of their high rate of division and their reduced abilities to repair DNA damage. Some cancers with specific defects in DNA repair may be more sensitive to proton radiation.

Because of their relatively large mass, protons have little lateral side scatter in the tissue; the beam does not broaden much, stays focused on the tumor shape, and delivers only low-dose side effects to surrounding tissue. All protons of a given energy have a certain penetration range; very few protons penetrate beyond that distance. Furthermore, the dose delivered to tissue is maximized only over the last few millimeters of the particle’s range; this maximum is called the Bragg peak, often referred to as the SOBP.”


I sure hope his healthcare will cover it, and his follow-up care.


You are never one to complain or gripe, this we know. I never consider requests for thoughts and prayers as that at all. We are instructed to do so, and I feel honored to comply. I think you are coping so well, under such stress and if you have some down moments... that is only human. Bless your dear aunt! Nothing like attending to the practical needs in a crisis. I'm comforted to know that Stephen will soon be available to assist you with his brother ~ sweet Lauren, too. What a wonderful family you have! I'll patiently await your update here or by email. 💜



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Dear, Snappy ~ you and DD2 have sure been busy with the leaks and home repairs. Hope that is all behind you now. Another baby girl to soon arrive! I think the reveal party was so cute with the pink confetti, though I’m sure little Star didn’t know what to make of this news. Awww... she was all set for a baby brother. She'll bounce back, though, and just wait until you all see her!! I'm glad her name is so beautiful and it is indeed an honor that your and your DIL's names will be combined for her middle name. I wonder what you'll call her here... I must confess that I love “Scout” offered by dear @MsLomo. An all time favorite character of mine from To Kill a Mockingbird. There are many other sky-themed names you could go with, too. Or Skye, which works for a girl or boy. I have a niece named Skye who is beautiful inside and out. Has 3 children and runs a daycare center ~ loves, loves the little ones. 


My DD and her husband have decided to adopt a little girl first. She figures she may then after give birth to a boy, since I had two and her hubby's mom had three. That's no guarantee, but I think she wants their potential son to have a big sister. History repeating itself, with her spoiling our youngest son! Well, she may learn a thing or two, should it go that way. 😉😏 It's not so cute, over the long haul, from the parental perspective. I will just sit back and giggle to myself! She's being interviewed at the marine biology lab next week. Can't begin the official adoption process until she gets a different job. 


I'm so saddened regarding Shirley. There is no making sense of it this side of Heaven. I pray you can get there soon and spend some quality time with her. 🙏 


So thankful the coconut oil is helping your symptoms! Makes sense ~ it's so hydrating being full of fats and so slow to oxidize or go rancid. Maybe I should try a little on my feet. Heels especially tend to get so dry. I just ordered more of the Beekman's Heel Polish. It does a good job when I remember to use it. Love their soaps and lotions, too. (Note @LurkyLoo if you haven’t tried those.) 


Time to get dinner served up. Hubby is done cutting the hay and will be “starving” you know.


Sending lots of love to each of you dear ones! 💜

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Hello, sweet friends! Been thinking of you, while busy with work and chores since we got back. I thank each of you for the safe travels wishes. They worked! There was naturally a lot of traffic on the way to the Outer Banks — many pulling boats that slowed us down, but we saw no accidents, PTL. 


The neighbors to the right of the beach house our group rented were loud — young, rowdy types. We didn’t sleep too well, which is annoying after paying premium money to stay. Unfortunately we couldn’t get our rentals in a row this time, but I think everyone else enjoyed quiet evenings. I'm no good without at least 6-hrs of uninterrupted sleep, but dozed on the way home. 


Luke has been slow-smoking his “famous” baby-back ribs since last night. They'll be falling off the bone tender. Tasty with mainly his dry rub and dipping sauce on the side. I'm simmering some brats in brown beer with a few drops of apple cider vinegar. He'll put them on the grill just long enough to get a good sear on them. Will have those on buns, topped with mustard and sautéed onions and peppers. Better even than those served at the state fair! Having that potato salad I posted here as the side. Sliced watermelon tonight for dessert while we watch Capital Fourth on TV, if it’s not rained out. Our own local fireworks are sent up later. I may not still be awake and they are far enough away to not be disturbed by them. 


Girls, did you realize that this most recent episode of PURE was the season finale? We didn’t and will miss this show until its return. The decision Issac had to make! 😳😓 


Joy, I would have loved to have been able to attend the Naturalization ceremony! I've never been to one. Sorry Agnes had to work. Did she miss Jacob in the parade on your son's fire truck with the dalmation then? I hope Darrell could attend and film it as he went by. TY — I have checked out the cordless vac you mentioned. I may choose that one after I pay off my cc at the end of the month. Don’t like to have a balance owed to pay interest on. 


😂 Your DD is hoping their daughter will behave as she did with your youngest son, but she may be surprised to find that the little girl will be entirely different! Maybe even jealous of her baby brother — or sister. We get what we get! I do believe it's all pre-determined, but not by us. Best wishes with her interview. I’m sure that should go well. She attended to most lab work on the ships, after collecting the samples. 


Thanks for sharing here the tragic news on Angel's father. I found the post and will add her family to my prayers. I watched the part of the services aired for Luis Alvarez. Prayers for his family … and all those still suffering for their brave efforts due to the 9/11 attacks. 


I didn't capture that shot of Mike! It all happened too fast, but I was thinking after the fact, that Marcia could probably use a new screen saver. Imagine opening that at work! 😜


I loved Tyler trying to catch the baby crabs at night with his little pinchers. I kept telling him they pinch back! He just said, “naaaa” and went about his business with the sand bucket. Luckily he's not quite quick enough yet to learn the hard way. I thought he was trying to say, “Selah,” but then realized he called us all, “she” but the h is silent for now.


Congrats to your DIL and her veterinarian hospital! 




I will have to send her an e-card. I hope you have nice weather on Sat for the big celebration. 


Happy Independence Day to you and all our friends here! 




I hope Snappy and her DD didn’t feel the long, rolling quake in their area. Especially not while driving to Sunny's first birthday party. Happy Birthday sweet girl! 🎉 I bet she is talking up a storm now and opening her own gifts. 


Many prayers going up for Shirley, Erin and Rob. 


I'll return later to catch up more here. 


Hugs to all! 🤗



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Hi Lurky, so happy that you are able to be with your brother and see Smokey again. Hope he is willing to be brushed.

I'd like it if I were a kitty.

Yes, it's good for Star to have a little sister. I'm amazed at young moms these days. They go on line and sell baby clothing all the time, and even bottles! They throw away the nipples, but sell what is left.

If Sunny has a brother some day, the last thing I knew, they were going to give him her mom's maiden name as a first name.

My sister's MRI showed no new lesions in the brain, and the one there is shrinking. The radiation is what caused the balance problems and can't be fixed. She will begin the twice monthly infusions next Wednesday. It's not to cure, but to buy her more time with her family which she wants. The side effects are bad. They are weaning her off the steroids. I hope that helps her in some way.

DD and I are alone today which is what we wanted.

She painted the areas in the living room where the new dry wall was put. There's another area behind "command central" where I sit and one in the garage. She'll do those soon. Time is going so fast with things not expected so she hasn't really had any time to just "be". It's the way things go in this life.

I'm doing okay. Each day is a blessing.

I keep losing posts, so I'll send this while it's here.

Hope everyone here has a great 4th.


snappy Heart

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Hi MsLomo, hope you and your hubby are okay, especially him. Healing and staying upright!

You could be right about Sunny getting the brother.

As for Sassy...well, Sunny's parents call her that!

I found an outfit on Amazon that says "Little Miss Sassy Pants" on the top. They laughed and put it on her right away. I think one of the ladies here found that some time ago. I lost this post again.....

Saturday is the birthday party for Sunny. She was one yesterday. I pray I'm able to be there. Need to hold the little girls.

DD did some painting today where the new dry wall was put in. She has about 5 or 6 weeks before school begins again. I have 5 appointments this month so she has to take me to them. Two more in August...that I know about.


We are enjoying the delicious apricots from our tree!!! Thankful that the Lord sent us rain this year!


I'm not sure what's happening here today, but I'm going to send this....take care, stay well, and be safe. Enjoy the day. I'm enjoying listening to our President and seeing the tribute to the armed forces. God bless America!