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Snappy, bless you this evening, dear. I'm so glad the article helped you to at least know a few things you may want to ask your doctors about. The CMT could likely play a role in the CHF- it would make sense. It's all so confusing, so I try to learn in small doses so I don't overwhelm myself. Still, I sometimes feel like a lot of Jenga pieces flung into the air, bringing down this old house of cards.. The new body is sounding better every day! 


For pity sake.. I know your daughter is absolutely beside herself with the theft of her gorgeous rings! Woman Sad She called the officers in time, so I pray they can investigate those who were at the doctor's office in the short span of time. Praying she gets those back! 


I sat with a bedridden friend this evening, after hearing nothing on Martha all day. I can only pray that no news is good news. I do know they do still remove the veins, as you guessed and it causes a lot of pain. She may not be aware of that yet. I thank you for praying, dear friend and will let you know when I hear more. She is 78- one year older than me. Osteoarthritis is her only other major ailment, hence the hip replacements. 


My brother Tom will pick me up in the morning. I'll be home again after going to church with them on Sunday. I hope it's cooler there in CA and the fires are out by now. It's been cold here at night- all the better to draw the gnats to the warm water! 


Good of your sweet DD to pray for MsLomo, too. I updated our prayer thread and got many replies promising to keep her uplifted to our Lord. 


Wishing you all a nice weekend. 😘

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Hi DeLaney, thank you for your post. Sorry your dad's medication isn't helping as had been hoped. I don't know what a TENS unit is, but if it helps him, I hope they do let him take one home. Nobody wants to think about having surgery. We continue to pray. I have to remind myself that my body belongs to the Lord and He can do with it anything He wills, and it will be the best thing, if I could but see that. It's only possible through faith.


Your memories of your dear brother and his wise words is very touching. And so true.

All he did leave behind was the suffering. Same with my hubby. We were relieved when he was free. We believers are part of His body, His bride. The things that divide us here are temporary and don't extend into eternity where we are positionally even now.

Ah for the day when the faith becomes sight and all that we now see through a glass darkly, will be face to face.


I'm encouraged that you and others see connections between emotion/mental disorders and neurological conditions. I've had both all of my conscious life. Going back to age 4.

Had no idea in the world, couldn't articulate what I felt to anyone, so didn't even try, but God knows and I trust that He had a plan and is working it out for His glory.

I've always had a problem knowing I need medication. DD tells me it's because of some chemical imbalance and that's not a fault. I suppose I hope that's true. In any case, it keeps me able to function in a more or less normal way, and I'm thankful for it.

My insurance company has decided I shouldn't take it, so it's up to me to pay, but thankfully, it's very inexpensive. So I'm blessed all over the place.


Thank you for the sweet words about my darling GGD. Her parents and my GD and her hubby are in Vegas this weekend to attend a memorial for a personal friend who was one of the victims of the killer there. I pray they stay safe and that the Lord gets a hold of their hearts. They left the baby with her mom's sister, who has 3 children.


Good to hear a bit about Anu. My memory of her is dim, so I'll be glad when and if she is able to post here now and then.

I'm grateful to hear that 40% of the power has been restored in PR. Praying for your hubby and the others working there, and of course for the people living there without power...ah, yes...Power. I know there will be many opportunities to share the Truth while they are there. These events always lead many to faith.


DD sent me an email last night. She is thankful that only "things" were taken, not her hubby or home or doggie, but I know it's a trauma. We are praying that someone will be convicted about what they did and find a way to return them even secretely.

The wedding set was insured and can be duplicated, and will be, but her granddad's ring can't. It's not that it had any intrinsic value, but great sentimental meaning to her.


I know the Lord will take care of DD when He calls me Home. She would want to stay living here where she has spent more than half her life and where she can see both her dad and me everywhere and she could. But I think at some point, maybe in hr 70s she will get tired of caring for the place and being responsible for it and the upkeep.

I don't see her ever wanting to live near her sister, but I don't know that for sure.

She is a very strong believer, and will be okay, but  I can't deny that it will be hard for her. Thank you for understanding that.


Thank you for the link to the Cave. I'll check it out.



snappy Heart



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Hi Lurky, good to hear from you. I hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day. We haven't been to church fo months now. I hope the ACE inhibitor kicks in and I can see being able to walk from the parking lot inside and back again without panting. Last time we went, I got out ofthe car and just knew I couldn't do it, so we came home.


I also need to learn things a little at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. I asked the cardiologist if there can be a connection between the CMT and the CHF. She didn't know what CMT is. I am convinced of it, but it doesn't really matter. Nothing can be done about it, but if my heart function improves, it will be easier to deal with.


Hope you hear soon about how Martha is. I think no news is good news. I remember how hard the PT was for hubby, as well as the pain in his leg and chest. But he never was a complainer.


I haven't heard from DD#1 today. I know she planned on taking pictures of the rings to some pawn shops just in case, but as she said, the thief could take them to other cities or even AZ in  a few hours. She knows it wasn't her hubby, or house or doggie, just things, but very expensive things. Maybe a man took them for his "wife". Look honey at what I got you today!!! The officer told her not to give up because some people get a conviction and take them back. I pray that happens. They can be duplicated and nobody would see any difference, but she would know. We shouldn't take our rings off in a public place. That's the moral of the story.


My computer's battery is down, so I'll sign off for now.

Hi to everyone missing today. Have a wonferful weekend,


snappy Cat Happy

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Peeking in to say hello 👋 to you ladies! Thanks for the tip, Lurky. It slid by so quickly I would have missed it, if I weren’t looking for that Q-card ad. 


I'm home with an abcessed tooth - need a root canal when the infection clears up. Fun, fun. 😖 But nothing to compare to what some of you are going through. I've made a note of all the prayer requests on this thread going back several pages. There is nothing more comforting to me than to know that I’m being prayed for. 


Sorry your memory is sketchy of me, snappy. I'm not surprised, though. It has been a very long time since I read or posted here. I never did all that much to begin with. I was your CA native neighbor - from Santa Barbara before relocating to the Dallas area due to my husband's work following his transfer. Took me quite a while to adjust, but I love it here now and we travel back home quite a bit to visit family. Once, immediately following our visit this past summer, my whole family had to evacuate due to fires - while we were spending the following week in MT at Delaney's. Very tense time, but no property damages, TG.


Our two children are doing fine. Busy with school, scouts and volunteering through our church. I have fallen in love with your GGD from your descriptions here! 😍 The hair band trick is too much - what a little diva! Enjoy your time with her soon and give her a kiss from me. 


Hugs, prayers and best wishes to MsLomo. 

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Hi, Anu....thank you for helping me remember something about you. Ah, Santa Barbara is such a lovely spot. Hubby and I spent our wedding night at the Miramar hotel. Then we went north and visited around Sacramento as well as San Francisco and Oakland.


I'm glad you are now enjoying Dallas now and that your children are settled into activities.

So grateful your family didn't lose their property to the fires. It was a terrible thing.


It's cool here and looks like rain. Indeed we are supposed to get some, and we so need it. Our family is all coming here on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the fall birthdays.

We also will draw names for Christmas gifts. I already have some things for my little GGdaughter!. Thank you for mentioning her. Her mom sent me 2 videos today. In one, she is turning over from her back to her tummy. In the other one, she is up on her knees looking like she is about to crawl. She is 4 months old. Her mom thinks she will walk at 6 months, but that's quite early. I can hardly wait to get my arms around her, although I do have to share her with other people.....hmmm.


It's so wonderful that you and the other KS ladies are still together and I'm really happy for agnes and Jacob. Joy is such a precious person, blessing so many others. So glad she has a little grandson.


Much love to you and all the sisters. Thank you for stopping by.


snappy Heart

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@snappyfrappy wrote:

Happy birthday, DAZZLING DAWN! Wowzer.....matching sparklers. I'd never want to do a bit of housework ever again, or gardening, etc. I mean, who would want to take those rings off in order to do such mundane things! The bird feeders are nice also.


Glad you are feeling a bit better. Praying for you to get all better soon. It was good to see you in MsLomo's pocket. I guess it was too dark in there for your "bling" to shine, which seems almost impossible....she's certainly in our hearts and minds and prayers.


If you have  Michaels in your area, I think you can get acid free paper there....and probably on Amazon. Free shipping, etc.


Sorry all of you have those awful gnats! Maybe it's too hot out here for them. But, DD is doing serious battle with spiders. They have places outside that they just love to spin teir webs. Last night they got the RAID treatment.


I'm so glad we are together again. I miss home!!!!


Hi to Lurky, and DeLaney...praying for your needs and your loved ones.



snappy Heart

Snappy,Sorry I am just now getting back to post.I have not felt the best,plus lots to catch up on at home .I have also tried to get hubby's Christmas bought.


Thank you so much about my rings.They truly are gorgeous and hubby got 2 gold stars for them.I am very blessed.Woman Very Happy..Plus thank you for my birthday wishes.How sweet of you.Woman Happy


I am so sorry about your daughter's ring.It gripes me  to no end when someone steals that way.Woman Frustrated


 Since I have not seen any of her posts,I sure hope MsLomo is OK.Missing her,cute t and Issy and hope to see them soon.


We will have a cold night,see no gnats,then when it warms up in the day,back they come...I hope your meds are helping you to feel better.Heart


I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.Hugs from your friend,Bassetbabe/Dawn.Heart

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@DeLaney wrote:

Happy Friday, ladies! I’m pasting this edited version back here again. Many interesting posts to read since I last tried. . .


@Dawn01 glad you got a chuckle from my Gram's barnacles come-back! She dreads the physical exams more than anyone I know. Not that any of us enjoy them. The over-washing of your hands sounds like a solid cause of crepe to me. The hand sanitizers dry mine out, too.


You certainly scored bigly for your birthday! 💍💍 What a loving husband you're blessed with and I’m glad you're feeling better now, too. Lot of respiratory infections going around here, with increased asthma. Likely due to the smoke from the fires — add to that the cold snap. Perfect recipe for colds, flu, pneumonia — gah.


I love cashmere and I checked out those sweaters with the ribbing — gorgeous! Too bad I missed out on the TSV. Enjoy! I live in a colder climate (MT) without many moths, but I store my sweaters in a chest of drawers with cedar bottoms. I slip a lavender sachet in each. Keeps things fresh and wards off most insects, I’ve alway heard. You can also buy the spray mist that contains the lavender oil. You could use that on the acid-free tissue paper that Lurky and MsLomo we’re recommending. Unless it is that you're allergic to lavender like my mom.


Good luck with them — I’m enjoying your posts and getting to know you! 😊


Before it slips my mind again. . . Anu sends her love and assurances of prayers to you ladies. She will be checking in when she can. I believe her nic here is @Q-Anu. Said she can only sign in with her old cell phone that has her password stored. Since it is encrypted, she can’t see what that is, but will try to change it soon. She's read a bit recently on her breaks and has the thread saved.


@MsLomo you'll be interested to know that Anu returned to Corp. Law classes this semester! So she’s only working part time now, because as you know all too well how demanding those classes are.


Another commonality is both she and I attended Catholic schools like you! Anu in CA — myself back in IRE. I got the scholarship to Trinity in Dublin and stayed back there boarding at Gram's after my grandfather passed over. That really was perfect for her and myself as I could drive her where she needed to be, and she could enjoy cooking as always for my friends and myself. But then it was in my 2nd year that my brother took so ill with leukemia. . . I had to leave all that and come here to help my parents help him. Was meant to be, but such a painful time for the whole family. My brother remains a hero of mine and always will. I didn’t really get to grieve normally for my parents' sakes, because as hard as it was for me; it was triply so for them — losing their first born that way. Enough sorrow. . . We struggled through and I’m thankful to be here in the U.S.A., but all that — plus the house fire due to a gas explosion is what set me back in my career for a few years.


Wanted you to know we have the educational experiences in common — among so many other things, I’m sure. I'm fascinated with your work and how you combined your talents! Wish more of those writing mechanics, as well as some creativity would rub off on me! I'm more of a research nerd 🤓 — always loved science, as well as theology. Some see that as an extreme polarity, but I never did.


Thank you for filling me in on the amazing @NAES and her teaching of nursing skills. Much needed in this world! Hope she can check in with us again soon.


They did not yet send Dad home with the TENS unit, though did try it on him in the office. They upped his Gabapentin dosage and it hasn’t helped at all sadly. He will return in another 3 weeks and we believe — if all his tests came back looking good, he will leave with the unit this time. He can’t take Lyrica and so many other drugs due to the aneurysm problems. So few really combat nerve pain anyway. A last resort would be the permanently deadening that nerve. A complex situation. We'll cross that complicated bridge if and when we come to it. Like with your polyp. . .


As I said yesterday, I pray no radiation will be required at all. Wish you didn’t have to wait so long — that is the hardest part. We'll be saying special prayers for you (and snappy) at church during Sunday services. 💞 The Lord knows our deepest fears behind the veil and addresses them from within. Blessed we are to have the Comforter in our darkest hours. When we were trying to say our “goodbyes” to my brother, he kept reminding us that we're already a part of Eternity, thanks be to Christ. Nothing could truly divide us or change that sacred togetherness in Him. He wasn’t leaving us, just the suffering that is a part of this existence. Still, it's hard. . . and may you and yours not face this pain for a long, long time, my friend.


I would not deny the fear, but use that energy up in planning for the “what ifs” for whenever they eventually come. . . and to have yourselves the merriest Christmas together ever. You already know what the most important things are, so you likewise know how to celebrate or honor your time together during the holy season. Don’t I wish we could all be together, if just to share a cup of cocoa! At Selah's or anywhere at all. I'll be back soon — when I can only read, I’ll heart you all. ❤️ This time of the year is unfortunately the hardest for many of our patients. . . Much love to you!


@SelahG right you are. The FBI are there in P.R. investigating. Some of the complaints is that mayors of local municipalities — or people associated with them — are giving their supporters special treatment. While most continue to go without. My husband, still in Bayamon, tells me that donations are being sold at super inflated prices out of markets. Requires R.I.C.O action. Then there is the truckers strike at the worst possible time. Mike is okay — using a sat phone now to stay in touch. Thank you and ALL here for the prayers! Progress remains slow, but 40% of the power grid is up now. Love to the family and ministry. Will chat more with you privately soon.


@snappyfrappy I'm giving thanks that Bob's home was spared!! Blessed rain — thank the Lord. Any new updates on Autumn yet? Have prayed for her healing and her reunion at home with family. I do understand these things take time and she must be safeguarded from infections, too.


I did study CMT online a bit — rather rare. Didn’t see the foot you speak of yet, but I wouldn’t worry that it will progress in you in that particular manner anyway. I also have long, narrow feet with somewhat high arches. Seems, as with Lupus and so many other disorders, CMT is extremely variable. You've lived a long, good life with it — not knowing its name. Now you are better acquainted so at least you know what you are dealing with. Wish there was a cure, but its progress in you has been slow — merciful. I pray that remains so, and if there's anything in particular you'd like to know pertaining to our research with neurologists, just ask. It's well documented that many emotional and even mental illnesses have organic origins. DNA studies have located many such links — markers of mutations. Of course environment can never be ruled out entirely either in all cases. That “nature vs nurture” debate is ongoing (can be both) — in addition to prenatal factors like viruses, contaminants, etc. Finding the source of the troubles is our greatest hope in finding cures. Many times traumatic events in our childhoods can result in lifelong PTSD. It's not only our veterans who suffer this condition. 


You are correct in that both disorders and gifts can skip generations. Won’t it be wonderful if your GGD inherited the musical gift? Can tell already she is resourceful and positively brilliant! So good-spirited, too. Her environment is one of love and adventure. That will help her develop a great sense of curiosity and courage. She has you to help teach her the deeper things, so blessed she is to become a well-rounded person. She just may someday lead her parents and others in faith. He works in the most mysterious ways!


Your youngest daughter is only 2 years older than Joy. Yes, anything can happen, if she is open to it. Not all want to marry and that's definitely okay, too! I have friends and co-workers of all ages who never have and never intend to. Most are quite happy in their independence, but admittedly they don’t live with either parent. If you pass over before she does, she will have to adjust to living alone. . . as well as mourning the loss of her mother. We will pray for her guidance and the Lord will answer. Maybe lead her to living in a retirement community closer to her sister, once she can retire. One thing is sure; she had the very best upbringing with the foundation built solidly on faith. Thanks for reminding us of Who our security rests in and so that can never fail! This world would disguise that truth, or plant doubts in the most sophisticated, deceptive ways.


Discernment is vital and praise-worthy daily. Yes, sadly even in charity so as not to aid corruption and feed greed, rather than those in need. Can’t be a bit surprised when this takes place even in the name of our Savior. Weren’t we warned of just that?


You speak wisely regarding all those gifts with constant solicitations sent by various charities. It reminds me, too, of all those ads on TV — knowing the costs for airtime. Not only charities either, but the drug companies. . . How much of that could better be spent on research? The price of pharmaceuticals being carried primarily by Americans is obscene. Heard today that Amazon is going to merge into those sales now, too. Hope it will be helpful to consumers, rather than just furthering that global monopoly on. . . practically everything now. You should be able to grocery shop with your one-click soon, if not already. When it comes to fresh food, though, I still prefer to go and make my choices. Great opportunity for those less mobile, though.


Here's a link of the Cave of the Apocalypse that contains other links for more info on Pátmos:


Has a few pics, too, until Agnes can make it back here.


😰 Oh, no. . . Just read about DD1's stolen rings!! Will pray that they are recovered and returned to her swiftly. So good of DD2 to gift her with her own family heirloom.


I'm missing cute, too. Hoping she is okay! 👌Would wager she is busy, wherever she is. No moss will ever gather on her, Joy or Issy for certain!


I’m thankful to see Lurky enjoying her time here again and that she's such a comfort to you, as she is to all.


Ruth: I will try borrowing Dad's newest Kindle Fire here this weekend to see how it performs against the gremlins. Will let you know my findings.


I'll be back when I can, friends and praying for you all until then! 💚 Have a nice, safe weekend. 


DeLaney,Thank you so much about my rings and my husband.He is a very special man and I feel blessed to have him each dayHeart.Plus the rings of course.Woman Wink


Thank you also for the info about storing the sweaters.I have asthma and chemical sensitivities so I wonder if the lavender would bother me.HMMMMMM.


I did pre-order Josie's TSV so I hope the unscented does not bother me and it helps this crepiness too.Until now alll I have used is her oil which I like.


So nice to get to know you too and I hope your week is good.Woman Happy

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I know all you  ladies are sweetheartsWoman Happy and I wanted to ask a favor I do not think I have posted about.


2 yrs ago today ,2 people very dear to me as I was growing up(and reunited with them a few yrs ago) were very brutally murdered in their homeWoman Sad.It was supposedly a safe little neighborhood but sadly it was not for them.The police have arrested noone and many  people seem to have forgotten it happened.I hope the police have not.


So please join me in prayers that the loved ones left behind feel comfort from God  during this very hard time.Plus that those who committed these horrible senseless crimes are caught and held accountable for their actions.


My deepest thanks to each of you for your prayers.Heart

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@LurkyLoo wrote:

Dawn, please don't worry about mixing up names or who posted what- that's bound to happen to us all. I think you do a nice job with the quoting! Half the time when I try, I can't get my larger font to work and when I use the @Dawn01 it doesn't highlight as when others do. I therefore just try to start each post with the person's name and hope for the best. 


Just post however you like, dear. We'll find it! 


Sorry you are plagued with gnats in your area, too. MsLomo posted the best advice plus a handy link a few posts back. 


What a blessing your husband is to your life and what a birthday you've had! Another dazzling ring and the bird feeders! I'm so happy for you!!




How very sweet of you to make me feel better about my posting...Yes,my husband is a keeper for sure and thank you about my gifts too..I hope you have a much more restful night than I have.Woman Wink


I better head back to bed now.Woman Happy

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Hi today, snappy! Finally made it back here after wearing myself out.. doing nothing much, really. I guess it is the pain with the least bit of exertion that takes all my energy. Enjoyed myself at Tom's- his daughter and her family were also there. His wife made her famous pumpkin purée soup with braided bread. I rather doubt cave people ate that, but I did and it was delicious. I've ordered her a new bread maker for Christmas. Since her old one went out, she's been doing it all the old-fashioned way. Since she makes many loaves for bake sales and donations, too.. it's a lot of hard work. She has a pace-maker. It was one of those that recently had to be replaced. Recalled since some of that model were hacked. Can you imagine? Why on earth would anyone even think of hacking those? That is pure evil, like those who tampered with medicines and food sources, etc. And needless to say, like the one yesterday who plowed over innocent people in NYC. God be with those still being treated and the loved ones of their dearly departed. 


I always enjoy going to Tom and Elsie's church, though it's not Moravian, but a nice Baptist church. Very friendly people, wonderful uplifting sermons and a beautiful choir. I hope that once they increase your second med, you will be able to return to your church, snappy. I know how much you must miss it. Tom rolls me in in my portable wheelchair and parks me at the end of which ever aisle they sit on. There is a ramp on the side enterence and I'm not the only one who has to use that. Here at our small chapel, I can drive my chariot right in. But once a month or so, I like to visit my old, bigger church to see everyone. Someone has to help me then to load the chair in and out of their car. Usually that is Gert who lives here in this community, but in a nice house with her husband and mentally disabled adult son. He is a real handful for them, but their patience is commendable. Thank goodness Gertie gets around as though she were 50 years old, though her poor husband has a lot of arthritis in his spine. She refuses any money I offer her for gas and trouble, so I buy her little gifts and stash them here and there on my way out. Ha! 


They tell me Martha is improving, but having a lot of discomfort and still only immediate family can see her. I wouldn't try to go anyway- afraid I might take some germ in with me. You never know if you might be carrying a cold or something before symptoms present. I thank you so much for praying for her, dear friend. She'll be moved to know when I can tell her. How is Autumn, or have you heard? 


True, sometimes we'll never understand exactly why we develop the troubles we do, but we're thankful for any help we can get with the symptoms. What little I understand after reading about CMT, it does cause the breathlessness, too, but regardless of the source(s) I'm praying the new pills will help you. It's a terrible sensation and so limits us. They may add a diuretic- I don't know if you need that yet. I was already on one by age 40. Standing on my feet all day at the school, my ankles and feet would swell so as to just ache. I have to limit my salt- really supposed to avoid that as much as possible. It's in everything you know. But then some people require the iodine and you may, so ask your cardio. I wouldn't want to give you the wrong information! 


Bless your dd.. we know the rings are "just things" that can be replaced, but wedding rings- engraved are as special as things can be. I hope the thief is convicted to do the right thing and return them. 


Does sound like your computer needs a new battery- that should be an easy fix, at least. And you have your kindle for backup if you need it. I will move along now- have a lot of email to catch up on as well as my Delphi friends. Makes it hard when I fall behind since I'm such a slow typist. I hope your day is going well- God bless you! ❤️