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Re: hello

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YAY! Hi, Snappy and Issy. So nice to see you.


Issy is right, Snappy. Thank you for describing everything perfectly. I imagined I was there. What a wonderful day! And aren't you soooo happy it's all in the rearview! Yessss! 


Edited to add: Hi, Cute! We were typing at the same time, so I just saw your posts. What a nice surprise from a friend!




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Issy79 wrote:

Hi  Snappy.  I am so glad that the wedding was a joyful time for your family.  Your description of the activities was excellent.  I felt like I was there. Everything was simply beautiful.  I love that corn on the cob that you described.  


Will be back later, dear friend.


Hi to all of you lovely ladies.  I will have to tell NAES about how I met the homeless man, James. 




If there is _ANY_ way that I can send, through a be whatsoever, I will send many great pieces of clothing without any names. It could be through a church. Maybe we can come up with an idea helping the homeless man. I do know that James can use 

(at least some clothing). I do this, here through either Salvation Army or on a one-one presentation. 


  Any church, even outside of where anyone would live.


I have so much. NAES



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snappyfrappy wrote:

Hi to all you dear friends. Was way too tired on Saturday night to turn on my computer, and yesterday I tried, but I kept getting a warning against the security of this site. I tried getting in and did find this thread once, but then that sign came up again and when it started flashing at me, I decided not to chance it. So I am glad I didn't have that trouble today.


The wedding was a lovely event. All the rain the Lord sent us recently made the lawn out back so green. My son said it had just been dirt before that. They had white chairs with a center aisle. GS built an arbor under which they said their vows, which they wrote.

They had invited about 65 people and I think that's how many were there. She wore a strapless white dress with lots of sheer chiffon. There was a train. It had a narrow purple sash just above the waistline. Someone had done her hair. It was up with what looked like strands of little pearls intwined in it. She wore earrings and a necklace. My GS looked so nice in his 3 piece suit with a purple tie. They only had 2 little girls take part with them.

One carried a little container of flower petals, the other the pillow my sister made from my wedding dress.

They had darling white dresses with purple flowers around the hem and cute little shoes.

My GS walked me down the aisle, then his mom, and then the bride's mom.

I sat there with tears running down my face as my son, who is licensed to marry, did an amazing job of telling what the Word says about marriage and love. The kids had approved his statements in advance. I'm so proud of him and the spiritual growth I see.

They said their vows.  They exchanged rings. They kissed....YEAH. She was stressed. So much fauning over her. They were prounced husband and wife.


After the wedding and after all the picture taking, they sat up round tables with white coverings. She had made the center pieces. They got mirrors at Hobby Lobby. She used mason jars and put white carnations and some purple flower in them. Her bouquet was the same. The food was catered from a mexican restaurant. It was good. My favorite thing was corn on the cob. DD said they brushed it with butter, then mayonnaise, then grated cheese and chili if one wanted it. Delicious.

The younger ones did the slide or shuffle whatever it's called. They had the same DJ who was at my GD's wedding last year.

I met her parents who seem to like my GS and we like his daughter.

Lots of people I didn't know,but all my family including my sis and 3 of her kids were there. It was good to see them.

I'm still very tired and ache pretty much everywhere, but am grateful the Lord enabled me to go. So now I have 6 grandkids and a GG on the way.


DD#1 is coming tomorrow to take me for my pap. I don't get them every year, but do want my estrogen and he's the one who writes that, so I go. Hope we can go out to lunch afterward. Her birthday is the 27th. She will be 61.


I hope you are all doing okay. I'm thankful to have lived to see this event, but glad it's over.

Thank you for your love and support. It means a lot to me.


snappy Heart



        I knew not to expect you here for several days, snappy. 

A Wonderful March 18th for all of us to share with you. 


 Weddings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ah, so much involved, but now your dearest has departed to their honeymoon. Such love and the good news forward as marriage brings. It's ALL going to be just fine, believe me. 

We were just as thrilled as you, and the Happy Couple will have a beautiful new beginning. Love conquers everything..of course you knew that. We are here for you with each and every way with every turn in your life, even that cream...( I have that, too) for emergencies. Glad that's over with...not EVER on my can't wish much longer for update/app't...



You explained all details so beautifully, I think I'll go and do a REPEAT......and believe that I'll eat that cream!Woman Wink~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!


 Now, we are on with other adventures in life..nothing boring 'round here.

ALERT! My husband is making homemade spaghetti ----(?) himself.......I love him so very much. Yes, snappy, I am blessed.!~!


I have you, MsLomo, Issy and sweet Cute to keep me on top of Fun Episodes, not this boring non substance on here most of the time. I'm reading, but very seldom go back. These gals love to be argumentative, or naturally nosy~~? Pick a winner, I do not give out personal -too much information, especially where I can be known...that would be so easy "IF" I blah YACKity stuff. These women love this stuFF! PLAIN OL' NOSY.....


I'll close off, now, knowing you will bounce back by the week's end.



  Sending much LOVE to you and my girls. NAES

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I fERget that @ sign...summmmtimes.

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Hello MsLoMo and Thanks for the CHAT !! i bet Snappy is still tired from the Wedding , but i think she was having Company.. !!

Yes a nice sweet Lady sent me BIRTHDAY Presents from Florida !! her Grandparents were into the Kentucky Derby and the cameras always went to them as they were Dressed SO Fancy, Her Grandmother is the Lady that Always wore a Fancy Big Hat !! at the Kentucky Derby. her Hats our in a Museum i understand, as her Grandparents have passed on now.. but so many wonderful memories, as The T.V. Cameras were always on them..As what a Beautiful Couple So when she told me the Story of her Grandparents It's Like WOW !! i saw that couple but i had No Clue it was her Grandparents  and her and i have the same BIRTHDAY as one day apart.. small world..

Well i shall sign off and get ready for bed.. WE were in the 60's today and sunny and Windy..

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@NAES, I am hoping your dear husband is making enough for all of us and Sashay, because I am going to rent a van and pick up Snappy, Issy, and Cute t, and head your way! I'll bring the grated cheese -- and how about some lemon ice for dessert. I'll bring a treat for Sashay, too.


The wind and rain right now are unreal. I just saw lightning, too. Hey, maybe we'll just blow on over!


It was so hot today. I think it hit mid-80s this afternoon!


Tonight I made stew. I cut up top sirloin in small cubes, put in a heated "Dutch oven" on the stovetop, and sprinkled generously with ground ginger and some ground fresh pepper. I browned the meat on medium-high heat, then lowered the heat and added 1/2 cup of red cooking wine and 1/2 cup of water. A few minutes later, I turned down the heat even more, covered, and simmered for a couple of hours, adding a little water when it cooked down a bit too far. When the meat was nearly fall-apart tender, I cut up potatoes and carrots and added to the pot, sprinkled a bit more ginger, stirred, covered, and 45 minutes to an hour later, dinner was served! DH had two bowls!


OK, ladies, get ready ... I'll be tooting the horn shortly out front!


Wouldn't that be lovely? Woman Happy (Wistful sigh) Heart


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I can ( I believe) @MsLomo

                                             ` make the delicious 'yum' dinner from my copy if I stay focused on each step by step, so I will tape your instructions to the wall and glance over, as I go.


 Honestly, I (once) - have cooked with some type of wine; could have been red, a holiday gift, but nothing like what you had mentioned. I have a deep skillet that I ..hope..will be better than doing in a large pan(??)


Can't wait to try this. Will be going to the store this weekend, hoping (I'll ask someone) to find where this particualr wine is shelved >>where`?


The spaghetti, oh so much. I have some tums on the counter.

I thought of the frozen garlic bread but have to 'wait_ until I can choose a new oven.


 Don't you just put these appliace purchases off until you are forced..almost. I rarely need any type of oven but really would like one of the new (whatever you call them) flat top stoves... If you saw the tribute to Robert Osborne [ loved him on TCM ] when talking to Ernist Borgnine, he told everyone his wife, Tova called the kitchen _that little room that she rarely goes into..that would be me.


  Definitely thought everyone would be here by now, so I'll freeze until you, & you & you + you are at my door.

 I always make too much, so my husband, now, makes more than me. Smother that with the grated cheese...mmh so much better, well just a little.

 >Have to be - non - responsible< for anyone's cholestrol spiking.


In the event that ( that @snappyfrappy ) does come on this afternoon, I know snappy you are very tire and need to be UN _overwhelmed from the gala from last Saturday. I believe..just believe that I have been to {maybe} 6 weddings in my entire life.


Most were when friends from my class: high school or college, and our son's guy friends' ...I DOs.


Even then, I was tired from the dancing, or did the feast come first? Reunions is another tiring (you betcha) event. Enough of those -safely in my home hoping everyone is or has run out of ideas.


Sashay is now an authenic escape artist! I opened the entry door, knowing she was sound asleep, when I barely cracked the door and (I did NOT see her) out she went.

Knew she would be back instantly, she knows she has a new huge box (online) of CheeZy Temptations. I know she has gained 4+ lbs, and the vet is going to chitchat away about less food, but she is 8-9, and I want her to have the best life possible+ all the comforts of      Cat Very HappyPET paradise...believe she's thereCat Wink~ "ahhhhhhhhhh, you know me"...


 I went back into the other room and noticed she was gone...searched everywhere, even opened locked door

 ``( desperate here) and called her over & over, even went down to the lower level thinking she may behind a large chair.

 About one hour I opened the door to check mail and in she flew.......................!


 I rest my case, she is an artist in squeezing out when there is only enough room for 1 leg-- mine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?


  WEATHER: oh no, not again, down to 18 by tomorrow then back to 70 within two days. I have changed clothes more than a circus performer. Still somewhat damp -ish in home but sunny and breezy out.


I di want to come and sau 'hello' to get away from the TV news from London. I had no idea until two hours ago, but never shocked from anything, anymore. God have mercy and let's hope for peace.


  "will check back later, around night, then can pick up from there"...........

   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,F O O D, oh great day",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NAES



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Hi Issy, I appreciate your kind words. Now that I look at pictures, I see that the flowers were white roses and a purple blossom I don't recognize by name.

I saw that NAES wanted to know about James.

It's cooler here today. 68 right now. We had rain yesterday that started shortly after we got home from my doctor's appointment. It concerns me that DD has to drive in it, but she got home safely.

Good to see you,


snappy Smiley Happy

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Hi cute, thank you for your interest in the wedding. It was nice. I know the kids are home from their short honeymoon and I think he went back to work today.


Sounds like your SIL is having help with the social activities, but they are still exhausting.

There's a mental and emotional fatigue also. I'm beginning to feel almost like what passes for normal these days.


Yesterday morning I knew I had a UTI and was SO glad I had a doctor's appointment.

He checked and said Yes that I had one. So I left his office with RX for my estrogen and an antibiotic and am better already. DD#2 will pick them up on her way home after work.

So grateful for them.


We have a brown bunny with a white tail who has been seen twice in our back yard in the last few days. Don't know what he was hoping to find here, but he was welcome.

At first DD was concerned it might be another gopher, but not.

Glad your lawn looks good. Ours are green also.


Oh, the people who bought Tom's house are almost finished with it and it looks so much better. It's painted almost the same color as ours...a soft beige. The trim is white, they painted the siding near the front porch a sage green, and made a sort of pergola over the porch. It looks nice and they are out in the yards putting the sprinklers into working order and I'm sure they will either plant lawn or the drought tolerant plants that are becoming more popular.


Have a nice evening,

snappy Heart

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Hi MsLomo, I'm really glad I got to see all the grankids married, but yes, glad it's in the rearview mirror. It requires so much effort to stand up that my calves tremble and almost have charlie horses (sp) in them for days. They feel that way all the time, but I don't usually have to stand so much. Everyone was good to me and the Lord helped me get through.

I tell you, I was thrilled that I got that UTI on a doctor day! They usually happen on weekends, or at night and it's at least a 45 minute drive to the ER where one has to wait sometimes for hours around people with real sickness and maybe pick that up.

So, having the antibiotic on hand is a much better way.

I put a roast out of the freezer last night to make for dinner and forgot about it until a few minutes ago. Well, that will be tomorrow and tonight I'll make something else.


Good to see you.


snappy Smiley Happy

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