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Prayers for your swift recovery, @cherry — may it go smoothly. 

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Take care and return soon.

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@cherry thank you for replying,it probably isn't easy for you.  If you do need surgery,  I hope you get relief from the pain. Check in when you can....I'll be looking for you!👓

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Re: are you?

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@cherry wrote:

Hi, my dear friends. I just am checking in. I won't be chatting but will give you an update. My arm is somewhat better, but they told me I have 2 ribs out of place, at the PT appointment. I have another session tomorrow, and am going to an orthopedic Dr. on Thurs. If he reccomends surgery I am going to get it


My PCP told me my bone spur is quite big, from looking at the Xrays.  If I have surgery, I will try to tell you when it will be. It really hurts my arm and hand to type


I miss you all ,like I miss my breath. Thank you for thinking of me. My Dr appointment is Thursday morning.  I got a haircut today in anticipation of surgery..I figured it will be easier for me  to have a couple inches off..god speed..Heart


            Thank you for the update, @cherry.   I've been looking for you since your thread in "Wellness," and glad to hear from you but sorry about the new discoveries that might involve surgery.   You continue to be in my prayers.   I miss your posts, and look forward to seeing you back with us.❤️   Thank you, too, for the thoughtful thread, @MoJoV.❤️



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@cherry  wishing you . a full and speedy recovery.

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Thought and prayers are mwith you.


Speedy recovery.



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You are missed, @cherry.  Praying for your health and looking forward to you being able to post again.

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@cherry... I really miss your presence here. I will be praying for you that you will be pain free and able to join us here very soon. Heart

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Sending you lots of prayers!  Miss seeing you and reading your posts.  You are a true gem in these forums.  Get well soon my friend Smiley Happy xo

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Praying for your strength through this painful process of healing, cherry. 🙏