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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

@idahogram, Thank you so much for sharing this information with us! I went to the ABF Freight website and followed the link to their moving services. I filled out the info. for an instant quote and received one right away. To receive the estimate, I wasn't even required to reveal address or phone number. Their rate estimate is a fraction of what I was expecting to pay for a professional mover. Thank you again for the very helpful tip!!

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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

I've moved many times over the last several years within the Chicagoland area, and have always taken those opportunities to weed out unnecessary items. I moved from the Chicago suburbs to southeast Florida a little over 2 years ago. I really had to pare down before going to Florida, as most of my belongings were in storage in a garage. The most economical method I found was the PODS storage containers. You can load them yourself, or hire someone to do that for you. The company picks up the POD(s) and delivers it/them to the new destination where again you can unload them yourself, or hire help.

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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

It has been our experience that unless it is valuable or has sentimental value, it is easier and cheaper to buy new rather than moving the old.



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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

I have moved my furniture Ohio to S Carolina to Florida. Not interested in purchasing new furniture in destination city because I have antiques and sentimental family pieces. Also have some large pieces, like china cabinet, and lots of glass, so moving with a DIY like PODS is not an option.  Used Bekins from OH to SC. Can't praise them enough. They are headquartered in Indianapolis IN and don't operate in every state, but if available in your area get an estimate. Mine was a storage move, and our belongings were stored for several months in the same climate controlled warehouse where Cleveland Orchestra stores their musical instruments, so we knew it was a good place. No damage/losses upon delivery. From SC to FL we used Atlas. Excellent service on the loading end, but terrible service on the unloading end in FL. Damage to several pieces of furniture that were packed incorrectly in truck.  You never know what you're going to get on the unloading end. I love my older cherry and mahogany furniture and will be moving it back to OH in our final move back home. We will be using Bekins for  that last move. Good luck to you.....moving is an adventure for sure!

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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

@kittyloo wrote:

so this is the thing.  i am currently living in Oregon. wanting to move to probably Louisiana.  

just started looking in moving cost. $$$$$$$ to put it mildly. 

u haul, to rent the largest truck one way is 5k.

 we're thinking we will need at least 2 trucks, each towing a vehicle. oy! and then another trip to rent a van to transport pets. 

i'm thinking maybe it would be better to hire a moving company?  u haul, is close to 6k for one truck, one way.  not to mention, gas, extra insurance, and motel. it's about a 3 day drive. you could probably push it hard in 2, but i'd rather not.

van for the pets to get down safely another 1200, plus the extras (gas, motel, ect) 

it's just a little overwhelming. i've looked at trying to get some kind of quote from movers, and they all want a phone # along with email. 

not really quite ready to start dodging the calls.  anyone have some experience/knowledge with this?  

any insights will help.  TIA

 we are probably going to do this move in stages, not all at once. way too much/many pets, vehicles, and stuff. lol


I moved from California to Georgia 5 years ago.  It cost, I think, about $15,000 to $18,000.  What a moving company will give you is an estimate at the beginning.  They do weigh it.  It could be more or less.  We also used a professional car moving company for 3 historic vehicles and a POD storage to clear out clutter and place our dining room set in (we were having our hardwood floors refinished).  So the estimate I gave you does not include all that.  You don't get to choose your truck.  And the estimate the moving company gives you can go up or down depending on how much it weighs.  Plus, it's very rare you get a moving truck with only your stuff on it to yourself,  It's usually shared with at least one other person/family.  I don't particulary think we had a lot of stuff.  I really don't think we had a lot of stuff.  I do agree with other poster, get rid of what you can.  I donated a lot and tossed a lot.  Looking back, I should of sold my washer and dryer to the buyers,  they wanted it but they were still pretty new at the time.  If you're thinking you'll be wanting new furniture, ry to get rid of your old stuff.  But to me, that's a double edge sword because if you're like me, you do at least need to hold you over.  Plus, I like to live in the house for a while before I start decorating, painting, etc.  BIG TIP:  DO NOT sign manifest when your belonging arrive.  The truck driver tries to pressure you to sign.  He comes out of the truck and that's the first thing he wants you to do because anything missing comes out of his pay.  When you are packing up, your boxes will be numbered and written down on a sheet.  When your truck arrives, your should get that list first thing and be checking off the boxes as they come off truck.  If you choose the moving company to pack, that's an extra expense.  I don't think breaking up your move is going to save you any money.  I think a moving company will charge you more doing it little by little or even by doing it yourself will cost more doing it little by little.  Kind of like contractors, they don't make money on the small jobs, they want the big jobs.  You may not want to open that door and start getting quotes, but you should.  You'll get an idea of how busy they are.  I locked in my date for moving about 3 months in advance, to be moving in June.  You'll be surprised how booked they get.  Research, research, research.  Look on line for companies with good ratings.  Google what you should look for in a good moving company.  What to do, what not to do.  Protect yourself as much as possible.  

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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

After my last move, in hindsight I should have sold what I could, donated what wouldn't sell, and buy new in my new location.

I will never, EVER, move furniture more than across town again.

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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

We did when we moved from SF Bay Area to New York.  It was a long time ago - 1989.   We really cut down on what we took with us - some things are cheaper to buy again than to move!  We generally took stuff that could not be replaced.  The people who bought our house in CA said it was okay to leave the stuff there.


At that time it was around $2000 - no idea what it would cost today.  


We used United Van Lines .... the local rep was a member of our church .... easy decision.



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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

My daughter is moving soon from Buffalo to CA (east of LA)

She doesn't have a lot.


Estimates have run between $10K to $15K!  CRAZY.  That didn't even include shipping her car (she wants to fly)


All said she would be mixed in w/ other ppl.  All said they will give you a TWO wk window when your stuff would arrive.


None of that would work well for her to start her new job on time.


Renting a Penske with the car hauling trailer w/ insurance will cost $3000.


My DH and his friend are going to drive it...3 days. But even with hotels and one way flights home...this will still be cheaper than anything else we could find.


Why didn't she pick FL?  There are trucks moving there every single day!


BTW  @Kachina624   your town is #2 stop if you can recommend a nice, inexpensive place to stay!

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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

We moved from NJ to SC. I packed most of our belongings except my antique mirrors and artwork. The guy who was driving the moving truck lived locally came in and packed those.


While we did sell a lot of furniture to the buyers of our home, it was a good size home and we had plenty to move.


They also put my corvette in the truck at the very end.


Pets (2 dogs and 1 parrot) came in the car with us.


Saved us a lot of headaches - nothing got broken and they set up all the beds for us. 


FYI - mark your boxes as you pack them - saves a lot of time when you unpack.

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Re: anyone hired a moving company for cross country move?

a big thank you to all who replied. i got some good information, and also food for thought.