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any thanksgiving storys

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years back my parents wanted to go to a casino for thanksgiving . i wasnt happy about it but i said ok. i work in a supermarket and got home after working until 11 pm. my father tells me my mom has the stomach bug and we wont have a thanksgiving. so i was back at the store shopping for thanksgiving day im up early cooking everything.then my mom gets sick in bed and im between cooking a whole dinner now im doing tons of laundry. good thing i can cook clean and do laundry and my moms son.

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@Pooky1 ~ And a good one at that!  She would do the same for you.  God bless you and your good heart.  I'm proud and blessed to say my son would do the same for me💕

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Sending everyone,

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This is a great idea. I'll be looking forward to the Christmas ones too.

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I don't have a specific story of a particular Thanksgiving, but a montage of memories.  My mom always did the cooking, even after my sister and I were grown and had our own homes.  She loved it and was excellent at good down home cooking.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, all gathering together.  What I miss so badly is pulling into the driveway and seeing my mom in the kitchen window working away.  She always had a big smile and wave. Then a big hug and kiss when we walked in the door.  We lived in the same town and saw each other often, but she was always so happy to see us.  What I wouldn't give to pull into that driveway again and see my mom and dad in the kitchen window.  They were the best parents and gave us the best memories.

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Re: any thanksgiving storys

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the story i have of thanksgiving is:  we didn't have a thanksgiving for 19 yrs. i found this out several years ago, but back then we were young (grade school young). he would bet on a football team that played every year on thanksgiving day and for 19 yrs our football team lost, my dad would get all angry drink a triple brandy manhatten, and go to bed. little did i know he was betting his whole paycheck for the week on that thanksgiving day game. 


I can chuckle now about it, but back then, we couldn't walk,talk, anything because it would set my dad off on another wild tangent.


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I have three Thanksgiving horror stories although all ended well. The first was when my now son-in-law promised his parents he'd have Thanksgiving with them but he also promised my daughter he'd be dining with her family. Somehow he thought he could swing it, hoping time would permit eating in two places. It didn't work out that way so he told my daughter what he had done. She was furious since our entire family expected to meet him. He did manage to show up for dessert and apologized profusely. We still tease him about the two Thanksgivings.


The other two disasters are dog stories. The day after a sumptuous feast at my home, I prepared a wonderful luncheon with yummy leftovers. I placed a platter of turkey on the table but turned my back to get something else. Within seconds, my daughter's dog gobbled up almost the entire platter. Within minutes he got sick, running from room to room in my home returning the turkey from both ends. We called our vet who prescribed Imodium and my daughter shampooed my carpet.


Finally, a few years ago, the family was going to a country inn for Thanksgiving dinner. My granddaughter left her large box of chocolate covered raisins in a plastic bag on the kitchen table. When we came home, the kitchen floor was covered with bits of plastic and wrapping from the candy box. My beagle had eaten every chocolate covered raisin. Since dogs cannot tolerate raisins or chocolate, we rushed Maddie to the emergency vet where she spent the night after being given meds to induce vomiting. She was fine but I can't say the same for my bank account. I learned that you cannot trust dogs around food, even if said food seems out of reach.