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A flight attendant.  I do not fly, and I see nothing worth while in being a FA.  At least if I was in the cockpit I would have some control!!


Also, anything to do with heights as many have said.

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Re: a job you would not do

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There are a lot of jobs that I very well could do, but I would not do them. Or at least I'd have to be on the brink of starvation or homelessness to do them.



Flight Attendant


Port-o-Potty cleaner

Garbage truck driver

Wait Staff

Camp Counselor


Hospital patient care staff

Person that empties the blue water from the airplane loo

Sales Rep


There's more, I'm sure.



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@sue311 wrote:

There is nothing wrong with any job. It takes a special person to do them. There are lots of jobs I could not do (teaching, nursing, school bus driver, etc), but on Monday while reading this message board I had to add "Moderator of QVC Board". I could not do it not even if they pay me a million dollars. All these comments you have to read (especially all the whining, complaining, comments about this and that, who, she, he, etc). So what job you could not do?



Don't think it's the whining or complaining probably more like the low pay, job security, benefits and future growth.  You read it  and still keep coming back. That's a really low threshhold.

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Poultry farm


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It's a given I'd hate to suction out septic tanks.  I used to hide when they'd do ours.  


However, I would NEVER be an exterminator, harming animals, or wildlife.  I capture and release, even with bugs.    

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There are lots that I wouldn't or couldn't do.  However since we're talking about QVC, I could never be a host.  It's much more difficult and stressful than it seems.

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The first thing that comes to mind is I couldn't euthanize animals or kill them in a slaughterhouse.  


There are so many I couldn't do. 


But, now that I'm retired I don't want to do anything that requires getting up and going to work.  



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Work in a strip club 

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@pigletsmom wrote:

I'd never work retail again. It makes you realie there are a lot of not nice people out there. Working retail does make you a nicer person though once you know what they have to put up with.

@pigletsmom My Dad, may he RIP, always said that everyone should at some point have to wait on, serve, or work with on the public.  Only then can you truly know what it is like, and then hopefully you yourself will be more understanding and kinder to people that serve and wait on you for the rest of your life.

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Omg some of these are so ridiculously funny! I love getting a laugh from these threads😂