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Re: Your feet on national TV?

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I would not lol. What is crazy is how much stuff comes off the feet on some of these shows when they use the glass files etc! Sheesh. Moisturize those feet sometime LMBO!

Its gross and the closeups yikessss

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Re: Your feet on national TV?

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@Mindy D 

I was looking at a magazine article that showed celebrities tootsies awhile back and remember seeing some horrid pictures of their crooked toes, corns and all but it did not stop them from wearing shoes that exposed them, yikes!

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Re: Your feet on national TV?

I could def do it after a pedicure. And I'm told all the time by people how pretty my feet are. But what would shock people is that I have bunions on the outside base of both of my big toes. I never wear *thong* type flip flops or sandals so you never see them. They don't bother me at all. I'm pretty sure mine are *inherited* from my father's side AND my mom has them. wasn't because of high heels. It sounds crazy but I'm glad I have the on both feet as having just on one foot would drive me crazy. (I would get it fixed.) I like my feet the way they are!
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Re: Your feet on national TV?



I have a size 8, narrow, flat, thin feet.  I don't wear sandals in public and don't look at other people's feet.   

I hate toenails. 


I've never seen, what I consider to be pretty toenails on any adult, and to me, they just look thick and nasty no matter how well manicured.  I guess everyone has an aversion to something. 


I did love my girl's toenails when they were little though. I loved giving them pedicures.



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Re: Your feet on national TV?

I have been saying for years, that people look at feet! 


I take good care of mine and am easily grossed out, especially by mens feet, that are not tended to!


I have tried to get over it buy cannot seem to! LOL!

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