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Re: You local postal carrier?

I write on it.

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Re: You local postal carrier?

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Oh this subject hits home.  We very frequently get the wrong mail delivered.  Way too often that I got so tired of delivering mail to my neighbors.  I've also received mail from streets that were no where near my address. I get to see the female carrier on my security camera and she constantly has head phones on and, at times, throws the mail over my fence.  I've left large handwritten nice notes next to the mail saying wrong mail delivered here please take, etc.  The mail carrier just ignored the notes and would leave the mail for the day right next to it. I've went to the local post office in my area and the woman behind the desk would not take the wrong mail I received and asked if I could take it to the next post office nearby since they would take care of it.  Seriously?  LOL!  Now any wrong mail I get I just put it in the first mail box on the side of the road I see and get it rerouted back.down to the main post office to be delivered again.     

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Re: You local postal carrier?

I got a text today from my cousin



   "my mail lady wants me to let you know I live at 148 not 146 she's tired of correcting your mistake"...


My cousin has lived at this address 20+ years & Ive used the "wrong" street number all these years, yet, she has always received everything.  The day before I sent her a big box of goodies ....hmmmm...they were delivered with wrong #.


She told  me this has been her mail lady years & she has decided she's going to "ignore she knows the correct address" and mark NSN & return to sender til I learn her address!" 


What!!!! The mailboxes are side by side style it's not like 1) she doesn't know mycousin name & 2) doesn't have to get out of her mail truck!


We hada good laugh but my cousin is furious with her attitude...she is going to main post office which only has 1500 people in this delivery area to speak to postmaster about her attitude🤔