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how your bills don't get lost in the mail but your packages do?

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Or if you buy something, your credit card is charged immedialy but to get a refund takes days or weeks???!!

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you ever notice when you have things you want to buy there is no free shipping and handling.. but when there;s nothing you want or need thats when they have it free. lol...  than to top it all off when they do have it, the item is sold out  ha ha... just had to say that..

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LOL!!!!! Loreeb you are so right.

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how something is on clearance and shipping/handling is $5.50 or more!😱
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That you can cancel your order at just about any other store/website other than QVC?

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How your stapler only runs out of staples when you are using it?

Blowing out someone elses candle does not make yours burn brighter. (unknown)
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They will state in large print FREE SHIPPING... and in the fine print say with a"$100 order"....

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@LoreebYep --   as stupid as some thieves are, I have yet to hear of one stupid enough to steal our bills.

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You need 3 things and can only remember 2?