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Like both! There is no video to see. Trillion cut 4.00 Cushion over 6.00 both very reasonably priced Trillion 270.00 Cushion 250.00. Thoughts please. TIA.

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Trillion hands down, no contest.

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I'd go with the cushion cut if I were buying it. However; the stone in both rings appears to be quite pale to me. I'd hold out for a much richer colored, darker purple stone. 

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@Sweet_Serenitytrillion.... reasons: carat weight, design elements, wearability

Which ever you choose,enjoy!

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@Sweet_Serenity Both rings are lovely but my personal preference is the trillion cut. 

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For me it would be the one on the right.

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I wish I could create one ring from the two.  I love the cushion but so love the look of the band of the trillion.  Buy both maybe?

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Love the gold flowers on the side of the cushion

but the trillion really is pretty.  

Oooooo....decision, decisions!

Have fun wearing, @Sweet_Serenity!

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cushion for me. I like that it shows a little of the gold on the band, and a little more stone presence.  IMO the stone "frame" around the trillion, with wearing, will appear dirty if not squeaky clean, and make the ring look dingy. 

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Re: Which Ring?

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The trillion would be my choice. To me, it's much prettier and the other just seems to have too much going on... 

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