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A - Sleep! 


I don't love cleaning, but I can deal with it. I'm too picky about what I eat, and I don't drink coffee. 

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B   Tt would be glorious to have a home that cleans itself. I'm fortunate that our weekly housekeeper is working again but there's a lot  daily stuff that has to be done between her visits.  

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D ....  Starbucks is only a block away - and I pass it everytime I go out - and stop in often.  (Could I substitute an iced chai in the warm weather?)


A - I sleep just fine

B - small apt - not much to clean

C - I enjoy and prefer my own cooking



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Definitely "B".  "A" wouldn't work for me anyways even if I wished it!  Our 2 kitties get us up anytime btw 2-4:30 (& anytime in between.)  Woman Wink

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Hands down B
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Without a doubt B

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@CalmInTheHeart wrote:

Easy answer for me --  B, someone to clean my house for a year!  




Only for one year? 


Since we're fantasizing here ....  why not think big .... your home should clean itself FOREVER.   

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B for me too!  I usually do my cleaning on Saturdays.  This Saturday I have a beauty shop appointment and it's a little later in the morning than usual.  So that means, as soon as I sign-off here, I need to get started today (Friday night) with the cleaning as I won't have enough time to get everything done tomorrow.


Gosh, I sometimes get so tired of the cleaning routine.  But, I must admit, I'm very happy once it's done and everything looks nice!

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Re: What would you choose?

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@On It wrote:

I would choose A. I can't remember when I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep for 8 hours.




I recognized early in my life, that I needed 8 hours of sleep, a night/day to be a myth. Some people? Maybe, but not me. Much over 4 hours is just right for me, and has been all of my adult life, and even prior. I have no idea who/when and what study came up with this arbitrary number. In my opinion, too many people seem to think it is essential for everyone, when it is not!