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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

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It was definitely the right thing to do, helping that old woman. I wouldn't have perceived her as a danger. I was once in a similar situation. My husband and I were in NYC, taking a lovely walk on the Upper East Side. Across the very busy avenue block, I saw a man struggling on the street. Next to him were a bunch of people waiting for a bus, that could have run him over. The people were ignoring him. I called 911 immediately and an ambulance arrived very quickly. That's when I continued on my way. However, I was shocked that nobody did anything for a man in obvious distress.


Another time, I was in a small city in France. An old man, obviously blind, was looking for someone to help him across a busy boulevard. I speak French so I stopped to ask him if he wanted my help. As we crossed the street he asked where I was from. I said I was American, to which he replied, "Thank you, American. for helping a Frenchman again."

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Re: What would YOU do? Scary situation today (long story)

@homedecor1  I'd have done the same thing you did.


The way I see it, in the end, I honestly believe we will have to answer for all of OUR what I call "shoulda, woulda, coulda.


I also like myself.  I like myself because I try to do good in this world.


I absolutely know I wouldn't like myself very much if I had not stopped to help.


If you knew some of the things I've done, you'd think I was dumb too.


But I'm lucky because I know my 3 daughters I raised would have rescued that lady.


My grandma raised me.  She was1/2 Cherokee Indian.  She taught me to care for others and gave me a strong sense of right and wrong.


There are way too many people who only think of themselves.


I admire people who are firemen and policemen, soldiers and the like.  They get paid but it's not even close to what they risk.


I don't know the OP but she's someone I'd be proud to call a friend.


Wish there were more like her ... we really need them.